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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Diz: No... it doesn't sound quite right...
Lex: Needs to be softer?
MaoMao: You need to shorten the "a" sound, and let the "o" speak for itself.
Lex: Maoo....
MaoMao: Closer...less "o" now.
Lex: Mao.
MaoMao: More enthusiasm.
Lex: Mao...
Aelys: Stupid cat boy..... (pulls out fugly looking mask) Booga booga booga!
Lex: Myaaagh! O___O
MaoMao: Better!
Lex (under breath): This is soooo Bitner....
Diz: Intro time, I suppose....
Lex: I'm Lex "Wanna-be CatBoy" McCloud.
Diz: I'm Diz "Kitty-chan" Maxwelle.
MaoMao: I'm MaoMao "Koneko".
Aelys: And I'm Aelys "We like to kick neko boys" Hibiki.
Lex: o_o
MaoMao: >^_^<
Max: =3
Syndelin: -_-6

Ha ha, we here at Random Lunacy love our Neko-jins....some less than others, I see. Ah well, Aelys doesn't really like anyone....

Aelys: You all suck.

Why thank you. And that Public Service announcement was brought to you by Rabid Feminist Bitch Aelys Hibiki.

Aelys: Let's see you be sarcastic and humorous *your* next period.

Good thing we got Ashton now....or not.

Not too much of an update today, kiddies. We all hope you liked our lil expose on "The Ring", as I'm sure our aforementioned Ashton Crow did, along with Aro and Dio. I hear they're pedophobic.

Lex: They're afraid of feet?
Dio (slamming Lex's face w/ a shopping cart): No stupid!! That'd pedaphobia.
Ashton: Or pedophilia?
Dio (meancingly): You wanna shopping cart too, Ash Boy?
Ashton: ^_^

Anyways, the homework has been collected and the prizes will be awarded shortly. Thanks to all the submissions! Watch this space for the winners....oh wait, here they are: Light (Moogle-man), and Aise. Thanks! Reward time!

*Till next time Lunies!*


Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Today, we'll cut straight to the review, as this will most definently run long, like the first review. Take it away Syndelin!

Warning: MAY contain spoliers. I apologize in advance. Gomen!!

Syndelin: This month's movie, albeit a lil late, will be "Ringu", the original Japanese version of "The Ring". For those who may have missed the premise to "Ring's" franchise, "The Ring" is a movie about a mysterious video tape that is rumored to kill anyone who watches it in exactly 7 days. A reporter, whose niece was purportedly killed by this tape watches it and then tries desperately to unravel its secrets before her time, as well as her estranged husband's and her oddly self-aware son's time as well. The reporter's search, Rachel Keller in the American remake, and Asakawa Reiko in the original, leads her through the sorrid life of a famed psychic and her daughter Sadako (Samara in the remake).

I have to say that, like most movies with remakes, it is almost required to view both movies. And, inevitably, the first one you watch is the one that will influence your views on the other movie. "Ring" is one of those movies that will influence your opinion one way or the other, depending on which order you watch it in. In this humble viewer's opinion, I would recommend watching the Japanese first, the remake second, especially if you're used to American horror and suspense more. I also recommend finding a very GOOD quality version of this film, as we obtained a Hong Kong VCD with mediocre sound, very washed out color, and painfully tiny, white subtitles that would often get cut off on the bottom of the screen.

Remember: Original Japanese first, American Remake second. You'll thank me for it.

Now, when I first watched the remake, I wasn't expecting much, except some horror jump movie like "Scream" or something. No, no, we were horribly wrong, as this turned out to be THE scariest movies I've ever seen, and that's counting "Resident Evil" (we hate zombies) and "Thir13en Ghosts" (as we hate vengeful ghosts). It was more than the scary and downright disturbing special effects (which *did* help), it was the realness that the characters had and the plot. It was paced quick in some places, as most Amerian films are, and in others, the pace was slow (ie, it took 5 mionute for someone to walk 2 feet). The hook in what made it so frightening was the fact that this could happen. Well, maybe not, but the plausiblity was good enough to keep me up for 7 nights straight, even turning the TV in my room (which faces my bed) towards my wall. ^^;;; Eh heh heh, so maybe I'm a lil gullible but it was that damned scary.

Now, the Japanese original was the closest of all the movies (American "Ring", Ring 2, Ring Virus, Ring 0, and Rasen) to the original novel by Suzuki Koji. Sometime this next month we will have obtained this book and will tell you if what we just wrote was true. But according to a very reliable source, its pretty close. So, whatever. XD "Ringu" starts out creepy, complete with a vague opening, creey text and unnervingly scary music. What the American movie lacked in set-up was ambiance; the creepy set-up created a mood that followed through the rest of the movie, wheras the American had to build it up quickly in the first scenes. Admittedly, when the first death occured, it wasn't anything more than a trippy color flash on the frozen screen and "Psycho" like music riffs, yet it was just enough to get us to jump a bit, despite our viewing this in broad daylight. ^^;;

The effects in the movie were of the usual Japanese horror fare, not too flashy or indeed impressive, yet it fit the mood perfectly. What I liked about "Ringu" was the fact that despite the remake's super-scary special FX, it still was a scary movie without them. Well-placed music riffs and quick and quirky camera angles, kept us guessing on what would happen and where. Plus there were tons of things that mystified us in terms of why that was there or what that small white thing was. Despite that many of these small details were left unexplained (the woman who met Ryuji, Amakusa's estranged husband, on the bench, or the hooded figure in the video), the story still followed through faithfully, solving some of the mysteries that the movie first presented us with. Consequently, the other mysteries had to be solved in the next few movies, something I assumed were all taken care of in the novel. But the details left unexplained were minor in size and could be left alone to enjoy the rest of the movie.

The characters were, for the most part, believeable. Except in the small instances where the acting fell through (to me, as they didn't seem real in certain situations), I was very impressed with it. Though Ryuji seemed really unemotional at some of the most dramatic points of the movie, I did end up liking him later, especially when he was trying to keep up Asakawa's spirits as her time inched ever closer. I also thought the boy who played Yoichi (Otaka Rikiya), Asakawa's self-aware son was very creepy, tey real at the same time. His calmness throughout the movie, despite having his mother fall apart in scenes, was creepy in itself, espcially when he said he'd viewed the tape simply because his cousin Tomoko (the niece) told him too. When I saw the remake, Aidan was just as scarily calm and composed, yet I wondered why both Yoichi and Aidan were so self-aware and in tune with the spiritial world, espcially with Sadako/Samara. While this never got explained in the remake, this idea was semi-addessed in the subsequent sequals of the movie in Japan. All in all, I enjoyed the acting and how real the fear and dejection felt as the movie progressed.

As a new fan of Daveigh Chase (aplogies fr misspelling her name in an earlier post, as corecting old posts on this is hellacious), I am amazed by her range, going from Samara to Chihiro (Miyazaki's "Sprited Away") to even loveable Lilo (Lilo and Stitch). For the first time in my life, she made me AFRAID of the TV; not even "Poltergiest" did that to me. That said, I must say that Chase did more than hold a candle to Inou Rie's portrayal of Sadako; she equalled in performace and in some ways surpassed. Besides an unearthly fear of zombies, decomposing ghosts and HP Lovecraft style monsters and demons, we here at Random Lunacy hate porcelain dolls and creepy little girls. Now, with the sequels, we see that Sadako was a teen/grown woman (don't ask how, I suppose you need to read the novel or watch the movies) with creepy make-up and the eye.... No no, let me rephrase that: she had the EYE. There is no concieveable way I can describe exactly what Sadako's EYE is, you'll hafta see it for yourself. Now, while I do find that immensely scary, escpecially with that walk-shuffle she has, Daveigh Chase had the make-up, minus the EYE, but had the creepy little girl aspect. Dunno why that scares the bejeezus out of me, but there's that certain jais ne c'est qua that scary little knee-biting girls have, especially ones that are DEAD. Anyway, bottom line is, in our opinion Chase was the better vengeful girl, yet Inou had the walk and the EYE that scared me into keeping a light on whilst I slept.

Another note: the hooded man also scared me, cuz I keep thhinking he's gonna pop out and stand there forbodingly. He never really did anything, just stood there and pointed but, damn it, anytime you can't see someone's face is cause for intense, pants-wetting fear. Thus, Sadako, Sanara, and the Hooded Man. I know I don't want no person stranding behind me with a towel over my head, pointing meancingly. Damn you Hooded Man, damn you.

The cursed footage is also different, though sharing similar shots. The remake had more disturbing visuals, like twitching severed fingers, writhing maggots, a corpse coughing up rope, and had more images of horses, as Samara was raised on a horse ranch. Yet the original had disturbing images in the odd and vague unexplainable department, with the sentence about erupting volcanos in different layers on the screen (as if the sentences were repeated and placed in different distances from the screen), people writhing in agony on some random beach, the Hooded Man pointing, and the infamous EYE with the kanji "sada" reflected in it. The original was substancially shorter. Both versions had the shot of the well at the end, yet throughout the original, it was longer, eventually showing that something was coming out of the well. The vagueness of the original and the unnerving-ness of the remake made us think twice about wanting to see this film all the way through. There was enough weird and scary footage to make one swear off scary movies for a long time.

The ending to the Japanese film was more disturbing and frightening. I can't tell you as it would be the biggest spoiler ver, yet I must say that it was a far better ending than the remake. The movie will just keep you guessing, especially if you'd never seen the movie before in any form. Despite me knowing how it'd end, I was still surpried by its final scene. It is something you just need to see.

I could rant on and on abbout more facts about the movies and franchise, but I'd just be ruining the experience for all of you, plus I'd be delving into the sequels, of which I haven't seen yet. There's so much to the story that you have to see everything, sequels, novel, etc. For a small bit of trivia, the character Zappa from Guilty Gear XX is a poor soul possessed by many malevolent spirits. One of them looks strangely like Sadako, and is in fact a parody character by the name of S-ko. See, we all knew it was her. ^_^; For all your "Ring" needs, and for my credits, check out the website "Ringworld" a fan site dedicated to the franchise:


and check out the site. There be spoilers, to I warn so tread carefully, and be sure to stop by the fanart section as there are some pretty neat (and sometimes humorous) takes on our favorite vengeful well spirit Samara/Sadako. Dark Horse is to be putting out the 2 volume manga soon and a sequel to the American remake, a totally fresh and original story, is in the works.

All in all, I enjoyed the movie, despite being scared out of my mind seeing it for at least a week. I'd say that it moves a little faster, yet doesn't have the punch that the remake has sometimes. But it still is more than a solid movie, its a great classic that I urge all fans of Japanese cinema or horror buffs to check out. We give "Ringu" 5 1/2 severed fingers up....or down whichever....^^; Check it out. I guarantee it'll make you jump at least once. Sweet dreams and happy viewing.

Samara: Congradulations are in order for you! You
are Samara. You are a dead child who can kill
people by having them view your disturbing
movie and then, over a period of 7 days, you
show them the scenes from the movie in
inconspicuous ways and on the 7th day, you
murder them! Your not harmful.. you just want
to be heard!

The Ring Character Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

Do I? Do I just want to be heard? Or....

*Hell is real...Lunies....*


Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Kawaii-chan's Word of the Week:

Innuendo (n)—1) an indirect remark or gesture that usually carries a suggestion of impropriety. 2) an interpretation of words that are claimed to be libelous where the meaning is not obvious, in a legal action for libel or slander. 3) an explanation of a technical legal word, usually given in brackets

Myu hu hu. Well, let's get to the meat of the story, namely Inha's book review. In light of recent events and laziness, the reviewed book will not be "Harry Potter and the Orderof the Phoenix". In its place we present "How to Be a Villain: Evil Laughs, Secret Lairs: Master Plans And More!!!" by Neil Zawacki with illustrations by James Dignan.

Inha: Well, Zawacki's interesting and humorous "how to" is short, around 160 pages, with stylized illustrations and quick and frank instruactions and advice on how to be the best villain you can be. The book wants to take itself seriously, yet has a light-hearted approach to things like gathering a group of lackies to finding the best secret evil lair. In reality, its more of a farce on most "how to" books, complete with do's and don'ts, even a fill-in secret plan to overthrow the earth.
Its strictly tongue in cheek, so don't be overly paranoid. That's just what every villain aspiring to be great wants you to think, Zawacki included. Its steps deep into the world of evil villainry and asks important questions like: "Should I spring for the ninjas or flying monkeys? Red or black? Shall I use the overly large death ray or try something more subtle like fiend takeover with the Necronomicon?" If there's any book one needs on how to be deliciously evil, this is it.
Every chapter has a quote from famous villains, from the ever terrifying Darth Vader, to the dimunative yet powerful Pinky and the Brain. Every section provides tips, tricks, tools and even advice on gathering youir minions, collecting your tools of destruction and what to do in the event of a swashbuckler hero or a superhero team crashing your dasterdly deeds. Stuck on how to impliment some mental torture on your arch-nemisis? Try sticking him in a hall of mirrors, seal off the exits and then fill it with water or drowing agent of your choice.
The illustrations are sharp, clear, humorous, and downright appropriate for such a book. Dignan's pictures are fun, in the stylized evil sort of way, reminding me of the usual drawings in the advice columns of teen magazines with a 50's flare.
"How to be a Villain" is quite easily one of my favorite books, one that shows uniqueness (seriously, everyone may think of it, but how many are actually on the market?) and insightful humor that no one, heroes, villains, lackies, and wanna-bes alike, should be without. Its an easy read, not many pages, with largeish print, and lots of pictures. I guarantee you'll be rolling on the floor at least once. I give "How to be a Villain: Evil Laughs, Secret Lairs: Master Plans and More!!" a five star treatment, six if I can go over the preset 5-star ratings.

Ashton (reading book): Interesting..... (takes notes) Hadn't thought of *that*.....


You're lovely and desirable; everyone who sees you
wants you and none can resist your charms.
You're the master of the ways of the flesh and
of the mind; seduction, temptation, lust and
passion are your greatest tools. What becomes
of those you draw into your sticky web of
pleasure and excess? Only you know, and you're
not telling -all- your naughty secrets, are

EXAMPLES: Dracula, any incubus, any female
vampire/succubus, most evil femme fatales.

What Kind of Villain Are You?
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*Till next time Lunies!*


Monday, July 28, 2003

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:

"The silence, the terror, the pain, the horror, as your mom comes downstairs....."
--Opening to Barenaked Ladies' "Enid"

Aro: Well, good afternoon, morning, evening, whatever your time zone.
Dio: Welcome to another installment of Random Lunacy.
Kozumi: Today we're posting from home, good ol' Random Lunacy Head-quarters, to welcome a new member to the cast....
Aro: Dear God, hide me.....
Lex: I find it rather ironic that we ukes are doing the presentation and we're adding a permanent seme to the group....
Diz: Hey, at least he isn't some insane homicidal manic doctor.
Aro: At least he isn't some crazy Collector with revenge, torture, and sex on the brain.
Kozumi: At least he isn't your significant other's sadistic cousin.
Kozumi: What?
Aro: Dude, you come from one messed up comic series.
Kozumi: Wha'd you expect? Its the sequel series to Neo Black 9.
Lex: Well, anyway, we'd like to introduce our new permanent seme, ex-sniper turned Science teacher, Ashton Crow.
Ashton (gazing at Aro and Kozumi): Thank you, thank you.
(Kozumi and Aro shift to the side uncomfortably)
Ashton: I'll see you guys later.
Kozumi: Fat chance, we're still on loan to Aisu, along with Rya and her son Tsuzu.
Ashton: Kinky. (gets some random shopping cart to the face) Ouch.
Lex: So tell us about yourself, Ashton.
Ashton: Well, I'm an ex-assassin, 22 years old, graduated from college w/ all my credentials in....about 2 years.
Aro: Why science though? You seem well versed in english, as I've seen.
Ashton: I get to work w/ potentially dangerous chemicals. Plus I try to stay away from collegues who have deathwishes.
Bridget: Like me, I suppose?
Ashton (to Kozu): She's not a permanent too, is she?
Kozumi: Heavens no. We have too many female ukes.
Ashton: It's not an uke.
Bridget: Who's an "it"?!
Ashton: ..........
Kozumi: I'll handle her, you guys continue. (exits w/ a very peeved Bridget)
Ashton: Think I'm gonna like it here.....By the way, who's the cute raven-haired Japanese kid with green eyes?
Aro (growling): He's my partner, thank you very much.
Ashton (patting Aro on the thigh): That's ok too. I like it when bishis come in pairs.
Aro: O_o Can we kick him out now?
Kozumi: Fat chance, I think he's staying. Seems like he's the only true seme here.
Aro: We're doomed.

Well, welcome, Ashton. I'm sure we'll all be seeing a lot of him from now on, 'specially with the plans I have for his chara design.

Ashton: Should I fear?
Diz: Well, at the very least you should ph34r.
Ashton: Ok then.

Not much happening at the ranch folks....Inha's book report should be happening tomorrow, as Syndelin's movie review of "Ringu" should happen either later that day or the day before. So keep checking to see any new things popping up, especially with lil ol Ashton.

Ashton: That's right. Keeps those peepers peeled. Now, on to introduce myself to that cute bishi over there...what was his name, Kage?
Aro (cracking knuckles): I'm gonna enjoy this more than when I kicked out Yugi....

Ha ha ^^;;; Better get going. Here's this session's homework assignment, kiddies! Have fun with it!

Homework Assignment: Ok, so the quotes of the week are a lil odd.... So this time, send me your guys' oddest music lyrics you can find. I'm not looking for Engrish, so no Two-Mix, sorry. I want English phrases or lyrics that are weird simply beacuase they are written that way intentionally. A good place to start (and to see what I'm looking for) are the bands Barenaked Ladies or They Might Be Giants. Happy hunting! Prizes for 1st place and most unique! And others, possibly.

*Till next time Lunies!*


Sunday, July 27, 2003

Pum..... What to write....

Hey! Good news here is that lil ol me got contacts! Yes yes, the host of RanLune finally got the guts to try the things out. And you know what? They're fisking awsome. I don't have much of a problem putting them in and taking them out but I do realize that this is a major step for me. Since I'm on a week trial, I'm considering my decision to get contacts for every now and then occasions (like for days when I go on rollar coasters). I'll still have my glasses, but I'll be using contacts too. For people who have seen me sans glasses, tell me what you'd prefer.... If all goes well with my parents, I may get colored contacts, possibly in purple.

Dio: This is just one more step into anime cosplay assimilation.....

Damn right. The concept scares most of the cast....dunno why.....

Well, for all you guys who wonder what goes into a RanLune post, here's a lil insider info. Usually a blog post will start off with the usual month-to-month, or week-to-week business chores, letting my usual gang of idiots run with a rant or two, then be followed by a report, a personal rant, or some lil news flash about what's been going on lately. Usually such info comes from 2 sources: 1) a recent even, or 2) something I read in someone else's blog.
Before I do an actual post, I usually cruise about and visit some of your guys' blogs. Not all you readers, just by closer friends. If, say, Eve posted something that day about Harry Potter or Pirates of the Carribbean, I'd read and perhaps post a small blurb on said rant or opinion (if I haven't left and adequate comment in the comment box). Or, if Ryori-san had posted some infor regarding an anime, or TenTen had left a comment about a get-together, I'd give my lil report on it.
Other people's blogs are my newspaper, in a nutshell. If I missed something regarding someone's feelings on a fanfic, or someone's favorite muusic, I'd hop over to one of those blogs for some insider info. Since I no longer attend school with some of you, I feel that the blogs are my network in keeping me abreast with current events.
That said, I'm wondering if people do the same with this space.... I admit most of the smack that goes on here really is nothing more that what the title is--random lunacy, but I do try to put things on here that may be of interest to my readership. Basically I don't have a large circle of friends that I hang out with, prolly just Denali and TenTen, and his lil bro. So, if ya'll see something that did interest you (be it a monthly story or perhaps a topic of debate), please don't hesitate to tell me what I do right and what I do wrong. I may just read and disregard, but I *do* read, and, most of the time, consider.

Thanks to both Tsubasa (AKA Ryori) and Moogle-man (AKA Light, new nicky!) for their submissions for the homework assignment. As of now, there is no pass or fail grades....'cept you CloudZero, cuz I have the power to say so. Nyah nyah, Gackt style =P (U+K, Mars album) XD Anyway, prizes are awarded to Ryo and Light for 1) the fastest response and 2) the most unique submission.

Dio: There were only 2 entries, though.....

Exactly! Now! To the winners, congradulaton--a winner you are. To everyone else, thanks for a comment! Sate! What will the next assignment be...?

You're a Bishonen Catboy!!! You're so pretty...you
put catgirls to shame. *_* You tend to be
sorta quiet and timid, but with people staring
at you all the time, you have reason to be.

What Kind of Catboy are You?
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*Till next time Lunies!*


Friday, July 25, 2003

Kawaii-chan's Word of the Week:

Verboten (adj)--1) German word for Forbidden. 2) Cuz anything in German's gonna sound threatening and thus more cool, no matter what it is.

Rya: Jee-ya Police!!! ....................um, that sounded stupid.....
Lex: Dammit, I thought I would be the first one to be here......
Aro: Wow, a profile-thingy...we're so high tech.
Syndelin: Ph34r my l33t masta skillz!!!!
Rya: And Eve's and CloudZero's too.
Syndelin: Random Lunacy's goin' up....maybe not so much as cosmetically, but up nevertheless.
Aro: Because if you're at rock bottom, there's no where else to go but up.
Syndelin: .......Bite me.
Aro (nibbles on her elbow)
Syndelin: O_o OW!!! (beats Aro)
Rya: Intros? Or screw im?
Duo: How does one do that?
Rya: I'm Rya "Anime Avatar" Li St. John.
Lex: I'm Lex "Masculine Side" McCloud.
Syndelin: I'm Syndelin "MacHead" Valentine.
Aro: And I'm Aro "Resident Drunkard" of Swords.
Lex: How'er you holdin' up, Aro?
Aro: X_X

We're all watching the "Top 200 Pop Icons" on VH1.... He he he....Cartman! CARTMAN! And Beavis and Butthead. I dunno why that smack is funny, but two badly drawn teenagers commenting on videos and saying things that would never normally come out of one's mouth....."Shut up Dilhole!" OMFG, its pure genius....or not, but still funny in that "Jackass/Ed, Edd, n Eddy" sorta way. I'm so easily amused by people calling each other names and blatant physical humor.

Well, yesterday TenTen brought over a Chinese action flick by the handle "2002". It was left over from the weekend in SF, a movie that we didn't get to see, due to contenders like "Ringu", "Thir13n Ghosts", "The Eye", "The Birdcage", and "Old School". 2002 was kinda a cross between Yami no Matsuei and Leathal Weapon, with supernatural detectives in a mismatched duo who soon warm up to each other and become the bestest friends. Plus the main character, Chie (sp?), was HOT. He looked like an Asian Dante (DMC), what with his spirit gun (w/ a special mechanism that covers his bullets with his own blood), long trenchcoat, flyaway feathery haircut, and badassed presence that only takes a dip into angst when faced with losing important people. My God, that man was fine...and so was his partner Fung for that matter. Man, two hot supernatural detecives fighting vengful ghosts.....its like YamiMatsu only live action...... Daaaaaammmmnn.

Well, production for "Ecstacy Education" has started, taking the ideas from a short lived fanfic idea that involved the cast from Final Fantasy 7 being teachers, with kids like Barret's daughter Marlene as students. Taking the archetypes formed by the characters and the situations that may or may not have a grain of truth in them....(=P), I've developed Wildwood High, named for the amusement park that Matt of X-Entertainment frequented in his Bulbasaur Quests. Go soon, if not now, to X-Entertainment and partake in his site, as we here at RanLune constantly promote. Wildwood is something like the dump school, a place where the district sends the worst students, or students who couldn't cut it at the normal public schools. To deal with the unruly students, the district sought and found the most deranged, insane, odd teachers they could summon, stopping just short of those that were homicidal and instable mentally. And some are simply inches from that requirement. With a school w/ a kelpto art teacher, a Mafia thug for detention, and a seasoned assasin for science, the students must do all they can to not only terroize these intructors, but outshine them as the most outrageous situations blossom in the school.

Kozumi: They say that the incoming seme is from this series.....
Raz: "They" say a lot of things....And who is this diabolical "They" to which we keep referring...?
All: Lex.
Lex: Damn right.

Hey, CloudZero's the only person who's actually done his homework, and he actually got something for it. So....get to it! I can get another assignment, one more easier if people need it. So here it is:

Homework Assignment: I like Chobits. Who wouldn't want a persocom, even a laptop? I sure as hell want one, perhaps a cute bishi, or a really cute girl...maybe an uber-kawaii laptop. In short, Chobits is much more than Chii and the Chobit program, its also about the other persocoms. So, you're homework assignment is to locate me a pic or two of OTHER persocoms, whether it be fanart of someone's dream com, or a panel from the comic or screencap from the anime. Get me a pic of a random com, and you'll get a pretty from me. I promise! Send links or pics to e-mail, or put the link in the comment box. Now get cracking!!

*Till next time Lunies!*

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Thursday, July 24, 2003


CloudZero has been making some changes...so if ya'll see something different, don't panic--

Kage: --These changes will continue.

Damn right. Now, enjoy the revamps as they come or we'll come to your house and make you watch the most horrible dubs imaginable, starting with "The Slayers" dub. Fear us.

*Do your homework, meat!*

Perhaps I should be working on Pot Sticker, or at the very least, getting my scanner to work so I can send my Koi the production sketches for a manga we're working on. In case anyone's wondering these are the comics I'm currently working on:

Pot Sticker--An undead private investigator, his high school aged parner and his ghostly twin sister investigate paranormal crimes, perform exorcisms and generally have a ball in San Francisco as only dead people can. Shounen Ai.

Neo Black 9--In the fantastic world of Pun, there existed a group of warriors sworn to protect the peace of the land. This is not their story.

Neo Black 9: Second Rush (production title)--Ever wondered what would happen if the crew of Neo Black 9 had kids? Ease your wondering people, its happened! Complete with a story! Horrors! Shounen Ai.

Room 102--Joint project between Ryo and myself, Rice is an art student who meets his roommate Eli...in a...um, odd sorta way..... Life, School, Love, and Shonen Ai, all in Royce Hall's decrepit dormatory. There's a time and place for everything, and its called Art College. Shounen Ai warning.

Possessive Ink [Still in production]--Possessive Ink is a doujinshi ring run, unbeknownst to the anime community, by a single girl possessed by the spirits of two manga artists and a cosplayer. Shoujo Ai.

Ecstacy Education (production title) [Still in production]--Woe be to students, Wildwood High School has some of the most insane teachers this side of the states. Fortunately though, some of those students are more than up to the job of raising hell with them.

Well, that's most of them..... There may be more but that's all I'm able to handle. Some of RanLune's residents may be making an appearance in one or another. Fun stuff abound! Or not.

h Random Lunacy's new comment box, now I can assign homework to all my readers! Mwa ha ha ha! Well, mostly, I'll ask you to find something for me, cuz I'm just that evil, and I'll ask you to leave your findings in the comment box (for links, or other replies) or my e-mail addy (for links). Ya'll better do it cuz you get something reallllly nice for your efforts! Ganbatte ya'll!

Homework assignment: CloudZero and I were talking about things like Pia Carrot and Air so you're homework is to find me some good pics of Bishoujo. Nice, clean images, mind you, PG-13 , if I want hentai I can find it myself. Leave links in comment box area or mail 'im to me at the e-mail posted in the profile thingy above.

*Till next time Lunies!*


Monday, July 21, 2003

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:

"Evil will always triumph over Good, because Good is DUMB."
--Dark Helmet, "Spaceballs"

Syndelin: Good morning, evening, afternoon, night, whatever.....
Lex: Welcome to another installment of Random Lunacy.
Dio: Today, we are posting from the San Fran bay...somewhere near Alcatraz.
Aro: We're checking out the usual hotspots of the city...casing the area for future issues of Pot Sticker.
Kage: No doubt looking for a place to have Aro tortured within an inch of his angsty bishonen unlife.
Aro: ......-_-
Syndelin: You'd think we'd have the budget for an actual seaworthy boat.
Dio: That's why we grabbed Kage. Free child labor.
Lex: We don't have a budget...we barely have a control center functional enough for efficient living.
Aro: I hear we're springing for a Playstation 2 controller, duel shock, multi-tap.
Lex: Assuming we change the current currency from sexual favors into actual monetary units.
Aro: I think we should get a better boat next time. A motor boat, cuz my arms are getting really, really tired....
Kage: No way, we said we'd switch in shifts.
Lex: You row for an hour, I row for an hour....
Aro: Its been my turn for the last three hours...!
Syndelin: We should just dock at Gayhead.
Aro: We're not in Massachussets. And quit aping Geeks in Space.
Lex: ....Wait...can we say that...?
Aro: Of course we can, its the Internet. We can say whatever we want.
Kage: Especially with our PG-13 rating.
Syndelin: Man, we are sooooo lucky we don't have a comment box.
Aro: Well, we're gonna let Kozu and the rest of the gang in the Head-quarters take over, until we get a story... or something....So back to you guys at the studio!

Meh...I know we'll get one eventually..... Gah, sometimes the personas up here get really out of control....Ah well, smack happens, ne?

I apologize for the whole depressive introspective speil last post.... Sometimes, things like that blindside you on lazy Thursdays. I assure you that I am fine and dandy, especially after seeing "Pirates of the Carribbean" later that day. Cool beans movie, rant soon to be forthcoming.

There really isn't much of a goal or docket today...so its just whatever hits my slow brain. I just got back from SF, visiting a good friend of mine. We watched several horror movies and I finally got to see "Old School". I thought it would be more linear than it turned out to be...kinda like a slice of life movie without a heavy plot. It was pretty funny....Will Farrel is fscking hilarious. I also partook in "Ringu" (movie review also soon to be forthcoming), "Thir13en Ghosts", and "The Birdcage", my favorite Robin Williams movie. I suppose rants on these movies will be coming....dunno when, as I am really tired. I also am debating with Inha to review the book "How to Be an Evil Villian" in the place of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". I'm kinda annoyed with Harry right now...but no so annoyed that Inha will let me avoid reading until I am ready.

Inha: You promised!! Besides, HP & OotP is a masterpiece!

I already had it kinda spoiled. I know who dies.

Inha: ...............

Ah, well, things happen. I got some flack on the "Soul Reaver" spoiler, and the FF7 spoiler...but its not like everyone doesn't know.... If something is common knowledge, is it still a spoiler? I dunno, I, again, am pretty tired from the weekend, which involved small amounts of alcohol, scary movies, bunk beds, and indoor picnics. More later, if I feel up to it.

Better check back with the gang to see if they found anything...so let's go to the RanLune Fiber Optic, Infrared Motorboat for an update.

Syndelin: Thanks. Well, we're not really finding anything here. We've sent Aro down with the divers to get an interview.....
Kage: Sans diving equipment, as we don't have the money to spring for any.....
Lex: Its fine. He's just undead, what's a lil drowning?
Aro (surfacing): Well, Syndelin, we didn't find anything down there.....Um, we did talk to a coupla fish but they seemed quite unresponsive and wouldn't give us a statement. I'd like to say I swim like a rock--
Random character (from behind an oar): I like Pho.
Aro: ---And that my trenchcoat got caught on an anchor. Excuse me, I think I'm getting bitten by a shark. (suddenly desurfaces, a small cloud of blood forming)
Lex: I vote we leave him down there.
Syndelin: I second the motion. We're ditching his ass.
Lex: Ok! We're heading back to land and a bowl of hot clam chowder. Back to you guys in the studio. (starts rowing, sans Aro)
Kage (to himself): Pho????

*Till next time Lunies!*

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Friday, July 18, 2003

Syndelin: Shut up, you damned pop-up warnings, before I throw your ass out the window.
Lex: Sounds like a personal problem.
Syndelin: My damned laptop's being a little b^@$!......
Aro (amused): Uh oh! Violence!
Diz: Looks like today's post will run a little more PG-13.
Syndelin: Whelp, yeah, ok, I'm not gonna have a laptop for today's post....
Aro: Its not like we need one, given we're using a home desktop for the post.
Diz: Ah well, maybe you shouldn't have downloaded all those yaoi doujinshi yesterday.
Syndelin (frustrated at computer): Dammit, no, I store all that on my slave drive. (to laptop) What's wrong with you..?
Aro: I thought you put that all on your iPod.
Lex: It *is* a 30 gig.
Syndelin: Well, we'd better do intros. I'm Syndelin "Mac Head" Valentine.
Lex: I'm Lex "Kickin Gamer" McCloud.
Aro: I'm Aro "Card Master" ....of Swords....damn I don't have a last name....
Diz: I'm Diz "Sw33t G4mer" Maxwell.
Diz: >.>
Diz: <.<
Diz: ^.^
Diz: XD
Syndelin: Don't give me that.
Aro: Doing intros here is fun.
Syndelin (to laptop): Work damn you!

Huh, these get weirder as time goes on. Well, let's catch up, ne?

Last post, I said my grandparents were coming back. They said they'd be there around 5-ish, that day (Wed.). I thought it'd take awhile, since they were on a train. So imagine my surprise when I got a call from Granny's cell at noonish or so to open the garage door. I told her, confused as to why she was telling me this when she should still be in NEVADA, why, cuz my car was in the garage and the Toyota was in the other side. I open up my car grarage and see them pull past in this white SUV. O_o I thought it was a rental....which begged the question, did they get a rental from Iowa, or get one from Vallejo? And they lied to us!!! They said they were on a train! And here they were in this shiny new Lexus SUV.
After the usual hugging, kissing, shouting in joy reunion dealie, I asked them where they got the rental. Get this: it wasn't a rental, it was THEIRS. My grandparents bought a LEXUS. A Lexus!!! My god I was shocked. It was one of those nice ones, 2001 I think, or 2000, with a GPS guidance system and a sunroof. Daaaaaaanggg, like I saw this coming! O_o See, before they left, my Cousin/Aunt said they were getting rid of it and Granny asked how much she was selling it. Her asking price? $28,000. O_o x2 I hear those things go for something like $45,000 and up. So, as an anniversary present, they bought it from her. And then they drove it home. Used, but gently, it had something like 35,000 miles on it.....or something, cars aren't my forte. My God, I can't belive they bought a Lexus....Granny always ssaid she wanted one....but daaaaamn. Anyway, that was Wednesday...and an eventful one it was...... I wonder if she's let me drive it....^^;;

Yesterday, I met up and had lunch at Tapioca Express on Capitol with my ex-boyfriend (no. 1, FYI), something we set up....um, prolly Wed nite, to talk and catch up. Man, some things never change! Still talks the same and everything. Still got the same sense of twisted humor. But, retracting that first comment, yeah some things *don't* change, yet others too. I found out a lot but the most important thing was this: college changes people. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for neither better or worse, and sometimes for the very worse. Now, all I'll say for my ex is that college loosens one up, but it was a definite change.
I also noticed, after the catching up and I went home, that a bunch of my friends have changed after high school and getting into college. Some I've grown closer to, while others have drifted away. Maybe its wasn't so much as a change in some, but more like I saw them in a different light after high school. In some instances, I saw them have problems that I didn't seem to notice or see in high school. I guess I was a bit naiive back then, not seeing real life problems in people I knew from class. After high school, the freedom that college give (whether in small degrees or large) makes peopel different. More cynical seems to be the most common change in most of my friends. Its odd, to see that happen to a friend or two in particular. It bothers me. What could have happened, or not happened, as the case may be? I can't blame that on the fact I'm not there as much anymore; its not my fault and I have no right to say it is. But sometimes I wonder, if we were all going to the same school like before, would all this drama have happened? Would we all be the people we are now? I've become who I've become because I've had to adapt without certain people who were in my life before. Is it just me?
Getting into college changed me too. I've been lied to, depended on, overstressed and used. With my third year starting, I've noticed that I too have become more cynical, less compassionate, less caring. I can't justify by saying it was because I was betrayed and stuff, but that's just what happened. For some, you've noticed a marked difference I have towards people nowadays. I don't pity some like I used to, I don't have the compassion, I don't seem to care. In short, I've become more of a bitch. I suppose this self-centerted part of me grew from the fact that I was used and played over and over, especially in recent months. I've noticed this too but I don't want to go back to how I used to be. I don't want to be tricked anymore, and if that means I'm going to treat you like dirt when you piss me off, then so be it. I don't blame this on anyone but myself, for not being more careful with my fellings and compassion.
Saying that, I can see why some people have changed. Things happen, you deal, learn, then move on. If it hardens you, so be it. It's part of life. I do wish for the old days where things like this didn't happen to me or others. But all I can do is keep those memories alive, treasure them, and perhaps share them with others.
I don't know what I'm trying to say here. I guess what I'm trying to get at is change as you need to, but remember who you really are, and don't change so much that you lose your old, true friends. And for Godsakes, lighten up. I'm trying to, so should you. We're all young, let's enjoy it without the crap and drama. That's for people hitting their midlife crisises. XD J/K

Let's all go....together.
*Till next time....*


Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Kawaii-chan's word of the week:
Gwar-(interj) a word encompassing frustration, irritation and annoyance; usually uttered in times of frustration, etc. Akin to darnit and any other incarnations of that word.

Sate, there really isn't much going on aboot--

Lex: Stop talking Canadian.

XD Ok. On the good news side, my grandparents, whom have been in Iowa since May, are finally coming home. Currently they are en route, somewhere in Nevada, so they'll be coming to good ol San Ho' around 6 today, or tomorrow. Originally they were supposed to be back a week or two before Fanime, but my Great Aunt Pauline had come down with somehting awful and was in the hospital. She was released just recently, bout a week ago and Granny and Granpa are finally on thir way back to sunny Cali. ^^ We are happy widgets, Penny and I.

Rya: What the hell are widgets?
Raz: I heard they squeak.
Anna: I hear they're like Miyazaki Dust Bunnies.

Bakas....-_- So there is much celebration to be had. I think I'll make a crumble or something.

Rya: I'll help!
All: NO!
Clio (head chef): No no, Rya-chan, I've got it!
Rya (muttering): Damn AICA.

Umm, Inha's book review will be forthcoming, as we need to finish Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Sorry, I know I should have finished it by now, but my dear sweet sister Penny wouldn't let me touch the book until she was done. Gwar........ So our goal is to have it done in 4 hours...but I've been told that it may not be feasable...... So we'll see. From what I hear, Harry (with all due respect Rowling-sensei) is acting like a little bitch. Must be puberty kicking in.

The movie review will also be forthcoming, as soon as Syndelin finds the right movie.

Syndelin: I wanna make it count! The Star Wars Holiday Special was a lot to live up to! Damn...I shoulda started with something smaller....
Lex: Like "A Clockwork Orange"?
Syndelin: I don't do Kubric.
Lex: "Evil Dead"?
Syndelin: You just like it cuz of the hentai tree-tentacle rape scene.
Lex: No harm, no foul.
Syndelin: No more hentai for you.
Aro: Damn.
Diz: If you're doing that, why don't you do "Ringu"?
Syndelin: .......
Aro: Hell NO! I ain't going w/o sleep for another week again!
Syndelin: Done.
Ashton: What are you all worked up about? You're already dead.
Aro: Yeah, but getting your heart ripped out the back of your chest still hurts like a bitch, don't it?
Lex: Damn, that Urban Legends side story's really giving you hell, eh Aro?
Aro: That and Aisu and Dez planning angsty rape scenes involving me.
Several fangirls: And we get to read this when??
Aro: .................

Yeah, as you can see, I'm in one of those moods again....gotta torture my charas. They wouldn't be good charas if I protected them from everything, now would they?

Kozumi: Then what's with you protecting Kage "till he's legal"?

Gotta have at least *one* innocent and pure underaged bishonen up here. I just didn't have the "Underaged Bishonen Protection Program" up when I created you, Kozu.

Kozumi (glares at Kage): ..........
Ashton: Can't wait, dear boy. I've been getting bored with Effram.
Kage: Well, you're gonna hafta wait for another 4 years.
Kozumi: He's 14?! Dammit! I was 15 when---ergh! Damn you! Damn you and all your semes!

Yeah, but they're really good (read: abusive) semes. Who's here today? Yes, Zero, I see you in the back.... Is Faust here? Oh, there you are...and Lucius too! Back for more I see.

Lucius (staring lustfully at Aro): Can't get enough.
Aro: O_o /).(\
Hiding ain't gonna help. Anyway, I can see that anymore will turn this into an PG-13 rated post. Maybe R, given that a lot of semes are here..... I can hear the ukes crying.... Ah well, what's up next on the docket?

Diz: Umm, the monthly book and movie reviews..... Some more poetry.... The rest of the Fanime Report.... And something about chickens. That's all up next!

120% Seme
120% Seme

How seme are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I love me. XD (courtesy of Aisu)

*Till next time Lunies!*


Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Short addendum (or whatever)

On the Saturady events at Fanime: Yes, TenTen did get his backpack back (XD funny funny), and everything was intact. Seems The Man (last mentioned at the sleepover report july 5-ish) had taken it with him for the masquerade and saved seats for him. Yay! All happy now.

Kozumi's Quote of the week:
"Dude! I though you were the smart one here! You're screwing up our group mechanics!"
--Darek, to Ryori whom (like most humans) makes a slight miscalucation.....eh, it happens ^^;;

Stupidity strikes again in my mailbox, as another stupid e-mail scam trick yet another sucker. Since I am not speaking to this particular person anyway, there will be no sympathy from me. Which scam, do you ask? Why, none other than the Bonsai Kitten scam, which, in short, tells of a purported website that claims to sell kittens in glass jars that will "mold" to the shape of the jar. The e-mail has a petition that pleads with you to sign and "save" the kittens. I'm sorry but this is all a SCAM people. The methods of this would kill the kittens before they are molded and face it, there is no way the whole "growing a kitten in a bottle to make them tiny" idea is a crock in itself. I've been to the website, its crock, I see no "finished product". Anyway, check out snopes.com for the story thingy. Here's the addy for the specific story:
and check out the rest of the site for the other urban legends revealed. its a pretty cool site.

Aro: She was reading the stories there instead of doing homework one night.

I was researching stuff for YOUR side story Aro.

Aro: A likely story.....
Lex: And there, folks, was Dez's rant for the day.

Righto. Well, I know ya'll have been asking for it so here, in its jumbled entirety, is Saturday night at Fanime.
Well, leave it to me to forget the important stuff. With most of my props for the skit back at home, Ryo and I tried to get TenTen to drive us to pick them up. Problem is, someone took TenTen's backpack so we spent more than enough time trying to locate it, as I cursed whomever took it for making us late. By 5:15, we ditched it, cuz we still needed to reherse with Poe, so we sent Wonder Boy to find her (damn that name sounds dumb ^^; ). Couldn't find my round clock or a table small enough to haul about, so we used Penny's Sailor Moon clock. Plus TenTen's niece's lil chair that we were gonna use broke a leg (-_-) so we had to take a broken chair! Gwar.

Dea: Shoulda taken it when you had the chance the week before.

Shaddup. Lonely Tylenol is a palindrome.
So around 5:30-ish, we get back to the con, sans table, and I find Poe in tears cuz she thought we ditched her. Man I felt bad, she tried to get in contact with us but my phone was either not on me or dead. After talking and assuring her that we really didn't have a way to contact her, we zipped backstage and started construction of our box for the 'com.
So here's the outline for the skit: I play a scientist that has a girlfriend (poe) who thinks she's too good for him. So in dispair, I make myself a persocom (Ryo) and marry her. Simple concept, all done to Louis Armstrong's "The Dummy", lyrics at end of post. Pissed off, my now ex-grilfriend kicks the box off stage. Wonder Boy is our set-up stage ninja. Since I'm putting this together in a box, we need to construct one that is sturdy enought for Poe to kick and big enough so Ryo can't be seen. Tall order but do-able. As I reinforce Ryo's persocom ears, I fill Poe in on what she does (she's a drama student so she's a real ace at this stuff, she's cool ^^). After scrambling with construction and at last finding a small table (we borrowed it from a skit that needed a stage ninja.....so we swaped to borrow, it all workks out ^^), we settled down to take in other sights, like a great Millenia (sp) costume from Grandia. Unfortunately, my camera refused to work for the rest of the night T_T so I missed some truely cool costumes, like the Sephiroth and Aerith entourage, Chris Tang's fully functionable Epyon costume and these cute lil girls as the Amazon Quartet from Sailor Moon.

Dea: There was a kawaii-ness level that could only be topped by "Snow Sugar Fairy", of which there was an awsome costume for.

Yup yup yup. With some anxiety, we waited for our turn, as we watched some truely interesting skits.....some involving strap-on Initial D cars, a stip show by Escaflowne's Dilandau, and a pair of purportedly underaged Sailor Scouts kissing. Needless to say, Ryo and I were kinda upset, as we always tone down our skits to family level and we get blasted out by a pair of rookie cosplayers.....-_- But I put the anger aside as there were some pretty hysterical skits on as well, especially the Sephiroth-Southpark Movie skit with the aforementioned Aeriths (4), a Fushigi Yuugi one that was kinda hard to understand but was funny nevertheless, and a chunk load of Final Fantasy X-2 skits, most of which were pretty cool.
On schedule, unlike *some* cons we know, there was an intermission, then the second half, our half, was ready to go. (We were number 35) Another cosplayer, one who shall remain nameless, showed up again in yet another revealing outfit. Honestly she does it every year just for attention, cuz, again, her performance involved her "popping" out again (of course on accident but...). She was also the one who sent my own sister into tears last con, so you can imagine my disgust with her.

Dea: Breathe.

(deep breath) Anyway, we soon went up and I, like the idiot I am, screwed up the order of the items, as I grabbed the chair before the table....eh, I was nervous, so sue me! We still got through the skit okay, especially when the audience all went "awwww" when Poe refused my wedding proposal. I kinda hoped that people would laugh or something when I brought out my 'com, but c'est la vie, at least they applauded. They did boo us coming on but we think its cuz they thought our cosplay group, G-Rated, was actually the rating. ^^;; hoo hoo hoo.
At the awards ceremony, the skits were awarded, the Seph-Aerith entourage getting two awards I believe, and Chris as Epyon recieveing an unprecedented 3 awards, but he deserved it. anyone who can make an Epyon costume that not only lights up, but has extendable wings gets more than major props from us.

Dea: He gets unceasing bowing and groveling from us. We're not worthy, we're not worthy!

XD Yeah, we didn't win anything, but we never expect to. Some girls from the skit with the dancing group of girls in black skimpy outfits complained about Chris but its not like they had anything better....I mean, come on! A light up Epyon!!! With moving wings!!! There was a Fraulin Yuna (if I'm wrong, please tell me so I can correct it) pair who got a pair of awards I believe; they had some damn cool costumes, BTW, the wing thingys were made of some sort of plastic or something, and they were pretty hard, as I found out when I neglected to move and hit my head on them as they passed (sorry guys!!).
All in all, the masq was a blast and next time, we hope to have something better....maybe that making fun of RPG thing we've had in the wings?? Perhaps, but for now, we can just relax and plan for Yaoi-con, where handcuffs, bishonens, and NY cops have fun....

Dea: Cuz we love Fake. Unless we're swinging Clamp's way with Wish....?

Depends. Ah, well, stay tuned for Sunday, and perhaps other fun rants on the stupidity of the world.

*Till next time Lunies!*


Monday, July 14, 2003

When we last left out heroes...ah to hell with it...here's the short version:

The Cast:
Lolita: Neo Black 6
Aro, Pot Sticker
Calliope Valentine, Random Lunacy Poet
Dio Maxwelle, Random Lunacy Comic Creator
Lex McCloud: Random Lunacy Male Persona
Kozumi, Neo Black 9--Second Generation
Raz-Raziel: Neo Black 9
Rya Li St. John, Neo Black 9
(in alphabetical order too!)

The short short version!

Lex: So you wanna know about the truth? They say that Lolita, the Heart and Common Sense of RanLune and Raz-Raziel, the Manic Depressant are having an affair.
Dio: Think I'm gonna be sick....
Aro: How does it work??
Rya: He will die.

(In the kitchen......)
Lolita: Ah, there you are dearest.
Raz: Yes, my love?
Lolita: Would you help me with the groceries, honeybun?
Raz: Of course, snugglebunnie.
Aro (with grocery bag): Excuse me.
Raz: What are you doing?
Aro (looking sick): I'm gonna need this. Never mind me, we gotta hide you now!
Raz: ............This can't get any worse.
Lolita: Dear I need you to meet my mother.
Raz: .....................She's not going to make us sing karaoke like TenTen did, is she?

Kozumi (on cell phone): Aro? Yeah, I'll distract Rya here with Dio and Lex's help. You get Lolita and Raz outta there.
Aro: We're enroute to Syn and Calli's place. Ja!
Rya: I'll kill Raziel for this!!
Calliope (on cell phone, entering): Aro? Yeah? Lolita and Raz are going to my place? What? Don't tell Rya? Okie-dokie.
Rya: .................Kill........

Now that ya'll are up to speed......

Aro (staring at the phone): Dear God.
Raz: What?
Aro: Um.....
(Rya rounds corner)
Rya: YOU......
Raz (claws up in defence): I...I was...I was gonna tell you.....
(Rya reaches the group, when Lolita jumps in front of Raz in defense)
Rya: Outta the way Loli.
(Calliope, Kozumi, Dio and Lex enter)
Dio: We're too late.
Lex (calling to Raziel): Been nice knowin' you!
Kozumi: Rya! Be reasonable!
Raz (stepping in front of Lolita): Rya....
Rya (throttling RAz): You bastard!! Why?! I didn't raise you like this!
Dio (trying to break Rya's death grip): Rya! Stop! You kill him.
Aro: We're all already dead, so its okay.
Lex: S'all good.
Rya (collapsing into weeping): Why?! Why?! All I wanted....I wanted you to settle down with a good, handsome young man...maybe a nice rich seme, like Aro...!
Aro: ................O_o
Lolita: Is that all?
Rya (nodding miserably): I wanted him to turn out like a nice bishonen.....I worked to hard....and then he goes all herterosexual!!! (starts weeping profusely on Lolita's shoulder)
Kozumi: ......Is that--
Aro: --all??
Lex: And here I was thinking she had some sort of jealous streak cuz she liked Raz or something.
Raz (recovering): Wh-what?? Is that why you're mad?! Cuz I'm dating a girl??
Rya: Exactly! Look at Aro, Kozu and Ashton! They're all dating nice respectible semes!
Kozumi: Hey....*I'm* the seme....
Aro: So am I.
Lex: No you're not.
Kozumi: He's right.
Aro: Shaddup.
Raziel: ..........You're all insane....
Lolita (looking critically at Raz as she consoles Rya): You know....I wouldn't mind some sort of threesome....with maybe...Ashton? Dante?
Raz: O_o!!!!
Lolita (pleasant grin)
Raz: Evil....
Lolita (peck on what's left of his cheek): That's why you love me...
Aro: Eww...
Lex: I'm with you.
Rya (drying tears): Ne, if you don't mind me asking...what do you two see in each other?
Lolita: We have so much in common!
Dio: Like what?
Kozumi: You're both dead?
Aro: You're both carbon based lifeforms?
Lex: You were both run through with swords?
Dio (smacking Lex): Hey!! Those are spoilers!
Raz: We found that we share a love for RPGs, needlepoint, nekos, Two-Mix, and rainy evenings next to the fire with a mug of hot souls and hot chocolate with a stack of mangas and a thick blanket.
All: O_o
Lolita: Plus he's great in the bedroom.
Lex: Okay that's it....I'm outta here.
Aro: That's way to gross for me.....
Dio: .......
Kozumi: My eyes! MY EYES!
Diz: I still don't get it.
Calliope: Nor do I. Wanna grab some cheesecake?
Aro (puppyfied): KAY!
Lolita (to Rya): May we have your blessing, Rya?
Rya: ...................Only if you treat him like the uke he really is.
Lolita (all smiles): Can do!

And so, the anger was appeased..... The lovers were happy with Rya's blessing--
Raz: No I'm not!
--And there was much cheesecake to be had. A happy ending if I may say so.
Lex: .....riiiiiight......

Ye merry olde ende.....

Kozumi: What about the chicken invasion??

*Till next time Lunies!*


Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:

"Its funnier when it happens to a girl."
--Who, to Rya, when he descirbes the movie he's filming, in which Rya gets the short end of the stick.

Sate! The 4th of July weekend went well, as some of you may know. Friday, my father bought TenTen and I a season pass to Great America and we spent the day with him my sis Penny, TenTen, and his lil bro Niko (Dad's new nickname for the kid ^_^). Man, I missed those rollar coasters....oh how I've missed them. A rail junkie like myself should never had been so deprived. Ah, anyway, the coasters were sweet and my dad even rode one (top Gun BTW, Pops was in the airforce). He wanted to try Invertigo but we decided to do that another time, given hat the park was packed and so were the lines. Sometime in the evening, an anouncement came over the speakers, saying that the park had reached its capacity and people couldn't come in anymore! I didn't know parks had a capacity...but whatever. The fireworks were pretty neat. The music was a little off cuz some chick was making an anouncement about lost people going to Guest Services, but c'est la vie. Overall, my 4th kicked some pretty good booty. I even got to win something at those "guess your age/weight/birth month" booths...at a price, as I picked age and the guy running the booth said I looked 23. ;-_-; Ah well, I got a cute inflatible pink dolphin as a prize. Its left fin squeaks, so it gets on my sister's nerves a lot. Ya-yar!

Lex: We're fans of anything annoying round here.

Damn straight. Saturday, TenTen's parent's were outta town so we had a lil sleepover.... People came and went.... Penny and I slept over, along with TenTen's friend T and The Man (names have been changed to protect the innocent....huh). We were visited by Kitty and Ryori-san and we all had a racous time together, a lil food, a lil popcicles, a lil personal verbal violence. TenTen found his doll that was some sorta military man...but all he was wearing was this poncho-like piece of cloth that said army surplus on it and a black hair scrunchi. The overall look was something like this soldier going "commando" in a tutu and a potato sack. TenTen claimed that he found it laying across the threshhold of his room in a...shall we say....... compromising position. So we set it up in other provacative positions for others to find.... Needless to say, we had one hell of a good time playing with dolls.... >=D

Aelys: You all have issues....

When Kitty and Ryori went home, leaving The Man, T, and myself holding down the fort, we got TenTen's barrel man (for those who aren't sure of what I mean, ask a philipino friend of yours--they'll know) took off the barrel and postioned Commander Commando (or Major Woody, or Private Parts...) in the "appropriate" place. TenTen and Penny were laughing their asses off at it when they came home. Ah, yes, playing with dolls was never so much fun.... XD. Then TenTen brought down a pair of Barbies and then we *really* had some fun.

Lex: Or as my friend Bubba sez it: "We gonna hasomefun".
Inha: Thank you for that segent on Ebonics, Duo.
Lex: No prob.

The fun with dolls lasted a good coupla hours, after which we hit the sack to talk and ended up in staying up intil 3 in the morning, talking aboout....well, never mind. ^^;; Upon waking up, we watched 2 episodes of Angelic Layer and cleaned up. Then we headed home after T got picked up. Dad made Jambalaya so it was a red-letter day. Then TenTen took The Man home and Penny and I crashed. Wiped me out.

Yesterday wasn't of much consequence either. I just headed down to the mall to window shop, picked up a new All-american Rejects wristband, a coupla pins for my bag and a baseball shaped bank for my grandparents' anniversary. Last nite, we watched not only Futurama, but Big O and Kikaider but were to sleepy for Trigun. Ah, I could just borrow it from someone else... And that was my weekend. Yay!

Well, mayhaps later I'll finish the love triangle thing, and perhaps expand on the Poultry War but for now I'll just let ya'll enjoy peace....Syndelin's movie review is comin' up, as well as Inha's book review. Word of the week will follow shortly. And an ample rant or two is in the near furture.

Lex: Something about Harry Potter not being gay....

Right. So hang tight Lunies! Its gonna be a bumpy ride.

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*Til next time Lunies!*


Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Kawaii-chan's Word of the Week:

Benign (adj): 1) having a kind and gentle disposition or appearance; 2) not a threat to life or ling-term health, especially by being noncancerous; 3) neutral or harmless in its effect or influence; 4) mild or favorable in effect

Words are fun. Ever said a word a whole bunch of times until saying it sounds funny? Its works that way with punch, mark, and grass. I dunno why but it amuses me so.

Ever had a day when it was better to stay in bed? Yesterday was one of those days, a day of much dropping stuff-ness and things not going quite right. Gwar -_- I dropped the phone every time I picked it up, I got egg everywhere when I was cooking some Ramen (yes, I eat ramen with egg, its actually quite good. recipe may be forthcoming soon). I ran into the damn laundry room door. For those who have been at my house will know what I mean but for those who don't.... We have the washer and dryer in the house (apartment, rather), next to the bathroom. The doors open out into the hall. Sometimes, the doors are left a little ajar so the room doesn't overheat, so you can hear the dryer go off, and we only leave it open a couple of inches. Well, it was open a little more than that and when I tried to go through the hall, the doors caught my foot and I ran face first into doorage. -_- Not a good day.... At least I got to talk to my koi and the phone only died at the 9:00 mark, so I was happy enough. Recently the damn thing's been dying at the halfway 8:00 mark but at least this time it reached 9. Plus I left my cell phone in my mom's car, so anyone who's been trying to contact me via that may bet my rather unusual answering service. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Lex: No we don't.

Sate! Saturday night at Fanime was pretty fun. Gakufest ran a lil late so when we all crashed in the room (which contained myself, Ryo-chan, TenTen, Aise and Ryo's friend Wonder Boy [for lack of a better alias ^^;;;] ), it was somewhere areound the 1:00 neighborhood. So we all slept in til.....7-ish. MY plans were to sleep until 9-ish, get my Kurama costume done (no it wasn't done yet, shaddup), then hit the con in time for the masquerade rehersal, which was at 11. Simple right? No, my stupid stressing lobe in my brain decided to stress about the skit TWO FRICKIN' HOURS before I was ready. Talk about heart attacks....I think I was having an anxiety attack or something. You'd think I was used to doing skits, you know? Well, add that to the fact that Ryo and I came up with our skit in ten minutes a WEEK before the con (or a week and 1/2, something like that), plus we hadn't choreographed, given that we didn't see Poe (another alias =P) almost at all on Fri..... I guess you can see where the stress comes in.

Dea: You know, you do this every time. You procrastinate, then you stress cuz you never have enough time. Its your own fault you know.

You know what?! Anyway, while the others went out to the con at something like 9-10, I was finishing up my costume, and we were waiting for our Yu Yu Hakusho group to call us when they got to the con, as they as well didn't have their costumes completed either. I think Ryo was the only one....'cept she didn't have her cape for Hiei but it wasn't really any skin off our back. After completion of the costume (which ellicited "Dexter's Laboratory"-like celebration and dancing), we decided to head doen as Yoshiki and Pata. I can't remember why...but there was a good reason for it. Huh, anyway, we ran into various peoples, got to the orientation rehersal and managed to get Poe and give her the run down. Now we had Wonder Boy in our skit, as a stage ninja, whose only job was to put our box onto the stage. Fun fun fun.
Once that was over, Ryo and I went up for another costume change--

Dea: Costume change count--3

--Which was, strangely, Kannuki Wakaba and Hisoka Kurosaki of Yami no Matsuei fame. Okay...not too much of a problem, right? No? Look at who we're doing....Wakaba, Hisoka. Normally, I do Terazuma as Ryo does Wakaba, and conversely (or not...) I do Tsuzuki while she handles Hisoka. Okay, mental note: I usually do uke characters, of which both Terazuma and Tsuzuki are, though I'm fairily sure they'd like to debate that.

Terazuma & Tsuzuki: That's right.

Well, who cares what you think, boys? Okay, no problem, right? Wakaba's this bouncy, hyper lil firball of a girl, while we have Hisoka as this uptight, easy to irritate young boy. Which do you think I'd do?? Surprise surprise, here I am dressed as Hisoka Kurosaki, anal-retentive seme of the YamiMatsu continuity....well, maybe I'm being a little harsh, but....really!! This is a major step away from characters I usually cosplay as.... I'm not used to being not hyper and bouncy and dumb-like (cough cough Tsuzuki cough cough). Well, I'm not complaining...it was kinda fun...especially when we ran into a Muraki, Terazuma and Tsuzuki group....subsequently we were also joined by a Yutaka Watari a bit later into the photo session. Fun fun fun.... I'm just glad the Muraki wasn't the overly-molestive type we usually encounter. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, as I had seen an additional Tsuzuki and Watari in the line for the AMV contest. Funny how all these charas pop up but there wasn't a single Tatsumi or Hisoka, besides Ryo and myself (and we were sharing the costume). Wahhh!!! I wanted to see a Tatsumi!
Oh, and about the proposed Yu Yu photoshoot? Well, as dummy me, left my cell phone in the room on our YamiMatsu costume change, they called us to tell us that they were there. We missed the shoot and missed out on using our Yu Yu costumes....funny how fate works out, ne? I felt really bad...but there wasn't anything I could do....well, except get a new brain....-_-
Well, around 5-ish, I said I needed to pick up the last few things for the skit (a clock, a chair, and a table). Leave it to fate to totally screw us over on that.... Next post I'll fill you in on the magical night of Der Cosplay and what really went on behind the scenes.....

*Till next time Lunies!*