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Thursday, October 30, 2003

His Name Was Loki....

Loki: And apparently I was a showgirl.
Rya: If you sing that goddamned song ONE MORE TIME....
Loki: I'll make you prematurly grey?? Oops, too late.....XD

Well, short post, as I am currently leaving for Anime Club early.... Yes, I will be in costume...I dare you to guess which one....XD "Yes, this really is my natural hair color!" So ya'll have fun. Next post, more of the same insanity.... XD XD

*Till next time, Halloweenies!*


Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Alas, Poor P-Chan, We Knew Him Well....

Kawaii-chan Word of the Week:

Lumm (interject)--Sound made when thinking or when at a loss for words.

Lumm.... Well, bombshell, folks: we have officially retired two of our members of Random Lunacy. P-Chan of Ranma 1/2 fame, and Chibi-Pikachu, a Pokemon of large-headedness. The fact is...well, neither really played a big role here, since this whole blog thing took off. Chibi-Pikachu's role has now been shuffled to our persocom Clio for the time being, until we find a replacement, while the addition of one more member to our happy family is currently being finalized. For those who will miss them, we say--

Loki: Cry us a river then build a bridge and get over it.
Aelys: *drop kicks Loki*

--Thanks for the support, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks boys, you will be sorely missed.

Rya: She fired them.... It almost makes me wonder who's next....
Ashton: I dearly hope its Loki.
Loki: I dearly hope Aelys kicks you in the nuts.
Aelys: How 'bout I kick both of you in the nuts and call it a day?
Ashton & Loki: O_o

In other news, I've been reading Neil Gaiman's "American Gods". Damn good book, I must say. And now, a Spoiler Rant. For those of you who have not read this novel AND intend to, please stop reading until you see the following symbols: ~~***~~***~~
I am very upset that they killed off Wednesday. Man, Wednesday fucking rocked. Why'd they hafta do him in??? >< Man, It almost makes me not wanna read this anymore....Bah! How dare they kill him! I mean, its almost as bad as you know who I mean in Harry Potter! >< T_T I miss Wednesday!!!! Allfather!!!!

Okay rant over. To Who-neko, you know who you are, thanks immensely for the Freya pics.... Man, she looks freaking hot! Kinda glad I created her....

Loki: Holy smack! Freya got HOT!
Heimdall: Hands off, brat.
Loki: Oh that's riiiiight..... Yoi have the hots for her....
Heimdall: Shut up!!!
*Cue fighting*

Um, this is all not to be confused w/ Matantei Loki Ragnarok, for those who've been outta the loop. The characters I'm referring to are from a comic recently revived from aniquity (Re: Middle School), under the new name Ragnarok Metropolis, or Ragnatropolis for short.

Loki: That's not much shorter....
Heimdall: Whereas you ARE.
Loki: *beans Heimdall with a stuffed Pikachu...one stuffed w/ nails*

I'm not gonna elaborate right now, since these two are tearing up my newly refurnished living room....>< So ya. More on that, and the newest comic addition (like I need more work....XD) later.

Well, wrapping up, Calliope will take the reins next post for a bit for the Lyrics of the Month, The uberly-late book review will arrive soon, and the also uberly-late movie review from Syndelin. Also looking at the Battle Royale project w/ Aelys (of course) and maybe even a tandem post w/ my dear Koi and I. Dear Gods....like we really need Count D, Lucifer, Loki, Asise, and Aro causing havoc.... Well, maybe we do....XD

*Til next time Lunies!*


Tuesday, October 28, 2003

By Hook or By Crook....And Then Some....

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"I'd say bless you but you were being a smartass."
--Aina, to Loki, after he's sneezed.

Meh, so.... Its been a week since Yaoi-con, and no posts (save for my dear Koi...but whatcha gonna do?).... What can I say? School hit me with everything it had, and I had to catch up on sleep. So, let's just say our best friend NyQuil's been a BIG help to us all at Random Lunacy.

Inha: Note--Random Lunacy does not endorse the abuse of NyQuil or other such substances.
Aro: Sez you. Ever had a night when you can't sleep?
Loki (singing): "NyQuil NyQuil NyQuil!! We love you! You giant fucking Q!!!!"
Rya: You all are insane.
Aro: Yeah, but they've been wussying it down these last coupla years. These days, you gotta take the pills.
Loki: Naw, the liquid can still knock ya on your ass. Especially with that vile "green death" flavor.
Aro: That's because you weight 2 pounds and the alcohol content wipes you out.

Sate! The report on Yaoi-con goes like thus:
Yaoi, shonen ai, shonen ai, yaoi, sex, pictures, shonen ai, molesting, yaoi, Cosplay, yaoi, shonen ai, molesting, molesting, shota, shonen ai, "Blazing Saddles", and blessed sleep. For details, contact via E-mail or Instant Messaging. XD XD XD

All kidding aside, this year was pretty cool. The atmosphere from the con-goers was on the whole pretty friendly. The security was kinda punkish, but all in all, it was a blast. Small dealer's room tho, and smaller con-per-floorspace in general. G-Rated (our cosplay group if you didn't know) performed a short skit as Randy "Ryo" Maclean (Ryochan) and Dee Laytner (myself) from the manga Fake by Sanami Matoh. It basically was about Dee sneaking into Ryo's apartment and the horniness that ensues; for those of you who have read a bit of Fake, you'll know exactly what I mean. Lotsa people liked it, but I have a feeling it was all about the kissing. XD
Um.....lesse...we met up with our good friend Tsuzuki-chan, whom is the BEST Asato Tsuzuki we've ever met, and cute to boot, ^_^;;, and her entourage of Yami no Matsuei characters, which included, among others, a Byakko and Kijin (2 of Tsuzuki's 12 Shikigami). It was pretty cute when Byakko mowed down Ryochan, on account that she was Hisoka at the time. XD I got pictures!
For those who haven't heard or just have no earthly idea, my "secret" costume was Loki of Matantei Loki Ragnarok (not to be confused with the newest addition to Random Lunacy). Why? Well, when I learn how to link images, you will see the cuteness that is Loki. I suggest that most of you at the very least pay a visit to Destination Ragnarok (http://www.ailanokiga.net/loki/) for a good starting place and then mosey over to Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok Screencap Recaps (http://nyahnyah.net/blog/loki/loki.html) for the first 8 episode summaries. For those of you whom remember X Puppet Theater, this will be straight up your alley. XD XD
So imagine, me, dressed as this little magical boy, at Yaoi-con, with a total of 4 episodes seen under my belt.... Then add that to the fact that Ryochan, now Count D of Pet Shop of Horrors fame, was with me when we went to the bishonen auction.... Well, that's a recipe for disaster. We weren't intending to buy a bishi...it just so happens that the one we wanted to bid on was one by the handle of Oni, whom had been rather friendly with us since we met him Friday. Now, the auction was kinda insane; bid could go as high as $75 or $100. With the assistence of Traykor-san (a dear friend who drove us up), three MaLoki fans, and Ryochan, we bought Oni for a grand total of I believe $200.

Loki: And you thought Who's ponytail was insane....
Rya: I can't believe we're shelling out $50.41 over Who's ponytail....
Ashton: And if we're lucky, I don't have to break anyone's legs AND pay more for it. (pats bat lovingly)
Loki: XD You're encouraging murder....or major bodily harm....
Kozumi (off-scene): I think the bid went up again...!
Ashton: (cracks knuckles and readies bat)

If that's not insane enough, one other bishi went up to $1000. Now THAT'S insane. The group of us had our fun with Oni (>=) yes, its what you think), and my costume attracted the interest of one of the bidders whom helped us win Oni.... Dragon-chan, I know you have my blog address....XD Dear lil Dragon-chan....or Heimdall as you've been known as. I'm gonna glaze over details here, given that I'm running out of space and I really don't think we need to go into any detail....XD Let's just say there was a lot of...um...torturing each other back and forth. Stuff of fanfiction, I assure you.
Eventually, winding down around 2 am, give or take, Oni crashed with me and Ryochan, and we all slept in (believe me we all needed it). We hit the dealer's room one last time then headed home. Another piece of news, one of our friends gave birth to a healthy baby boy that weekend, a double plus because that same friend won an award for one of her videos in the AMV contest. No, she was not at the con, but in spirit she was....ooookayyyy corney, but I suppose from now on, this baby shall be known as the Y-con baby. ^^

So yeah, that was Y-con in a nutshell. It was fun, but we all need our rest. Pix maybe forthcoming, if I ever figure out where to put them....>< Boku wa computer illiterate. And that was bad Japanese. XD Well, I hope this report quells you, and I'll try to post more often....like in the days of yore....

Rya: *cough cough* Last summer....*cough hack*

Shaddup. Oh, big piece of news coming up next post, one likely to shatter the world...or at least make MINE a bit more manageable. Halloween party comin' ya'll! Let's party down! SPOONS!!!! SPOONS!!!!!

*Till next time, Lunies!*


Thursday, October 16, 2003

Kawaii-chan's Word of the Week:

Layer (n)--Cosplayer (Jap)

Oi oi, minna-san. Its me, again, back from secret mission (i.e., cosplay costume shopping). Hopefully my "secret" costume will be done by tomorrow, before I leave for Yaoi-Con 2003. Costumes thus so far:
Tsuzuki & Terazuma--Yami no Matsuei
Dee Laytner--Fake
Not surprisingly, all guys....^^;;; I do better as a guy I guess. Pictures soon to be forthcoming (maybe).

This week, today to be exact, I will be attending a signing and reading by Neil Gaiman, an artist who worked on Sandman, among other credits, of which I don't wanna research cuz I am lazy and preparing for Y-Con. XP Which means I'll be missing anime club, but no worries there either, as Ragnarok gets a vacation. True I'll miss Scrapped Princess and a double dose of Azumanga Daioh, but, eh, I won't miss a moment of my beloved God-boy. XD Doesn't matter anyway, as TenTen has burned all the anime I wanna see anyway (cept Ragnarok cuz he is a punk XD), so its all good. Mayhaps I'll report on the reading, after Y-Con that is. XD

I am frustrated by the lack of things to blog about, and it seems I'm updating so ya'll don't think I'm dead.... Is October really all that boring??? Maybe I need to get out more, I dunno. But as soon as November rolls around, and all the events have passed, I will be back in fine posting form. XD XD Ph34rage.

Ah, doujinshi! Anyone interested in getting one, as I can shop for you this weekend. Please specify what you'd like in the comment box and I'll see what I can do. I have to sell them at the price I bought them at and there's a limit of one per person. If anyone is interested, please drop a line. Sadako-chan (name changed, etc, etc,^^) has expressed an interest in seeing MLR dj's....as am I....XD Mor3 ph34rage.

Battle Royale thingy up soon, as well as the promised and horribly late book and movie review. For all those who doubt a God, read this:
And ph34r. Ok, enuff o' that. Ja ne, minna-san!

*Till next time Lunies!*

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"Fuck ups are the Mother of Invention."
--Ashton, to Effram the History teacher, on the subject of his recent entries to his science assignment.

Happy Birthday to Poe-chan! Welcome to Old Age, kiddo. Mwa ha ha.

Again, not much going on, but a small expose on Yaoi-con, which is this weekend, will prolly be on the table. The costume cataloge soon to be forthcoming, and other wonderful stuffin's are on the way.

For all you Battle Royale fans, I may have a small mock battle between my friends and I up sometime within the week, cuz I'm just that evil. And its damn hysterical. Names will be changed to protect the innocent and the dumb. XD XD XD On that note as well, Random Lunacy may be also hosting such an "event" for humor purposes....And we all know I have some "immortal" members of the RanLune cast, in addition to entities and everything in between, so it'll be a load of fun. And blood. XD

Just cuz we all need the reminding. XD Boku wa aku desu.

*Till the next time I cporrupt the innocent, Lunies! XD*


Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Kawaii-chan's Word of the Week:

Chocobo (n): Large, ostrich-like birds, usually yellow, but often come in hues such as blue, black, and gold. Generally used as transportation in the RPG series Final Fantasy. Known to say "wark".

Hey all. This following rant thingy goes especially out to CloudZero: I got the soundtrack for Final Fantasy XI! Mwa-ha!!!!! I got it yesterday from my dad, who also brought me the soundtrack for "Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind". Man, I love my Chocobo tunes.... ^>^ *>* Wark...... So yeah, I am a happier widget, due to the new tunes I have scored.

Just postin' for posting sake, as I, again, have nothing to say....or much to report. Um, so I'll cop-out and do a shoutout to my posse down in San Ho.....

Aelys: *Boot to the head*
Rya: Ouch......
Aelys: Enough with the cheap cop-outs!
Loki: How're my homies, down in Valhalla? Yo yo yo.....
Bridget: Yo-yo?
Rya, Aelys, Loki: -_-

Um, to my new reader, Miroku, thanks....I think. I like being weird, try reading the older logs, mostly April 2002, especially the RanLune Love Triangle Saga, as it is the single most funny thing on this blog--

Loki: Excluding your mom.


Loki: Whoops......*hides*

So, thanks Miroku, I need more readership from people who aren't personal friends forced into reading......XD

Hey, Aise, if you find that RanLune seems to be not posting, do a post. But wait at least three days, and leave my underaged ukes alone. (Underaged ukes: Kage, Kozumi, Loki, Diz) And don't rearrange the furniture.

Megumi, thanks for all your support, I will try to comment more often. Tano-chan, and Chou, you guys too.

CloudZero: Ha ha...I got FFXI sdtk....j/k XD XD I'll try to comment on your blog more often too. Call me!

And to the other readers, thanks for the support, and we'll try to do something more interesting soon. Love ya! Drop dead. XD XD

*Til next time Lunies!*


Monday, October 06, 2003

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:

"The meat and potatoes are Heavy Metal, but the pie is Bjork."
--Overheard in Art Class (2-D Concepts)

Yet another week goes by and posting slows dooooowwwwwnnnnn. I apologize for the infrequent posting, as school and other things can occupy this host's small brain....Like certain deities....

Aro: That'd be you dude. (points to Loki)
Loki: And, of course, Bahamut over there.
Aerith: And Raz.
Loki: Well, dude, Aro, aren't you a deity?
Aro: Formerly. Now I'm---
Kage: Just some schmuck who sits around and drinks and rarely does exorcisms.....
Aro: Hey.....

Its prolly cuz of the severe lack of news.....I heard August was slow on news....but October hasn't sprung anything on me. 'Cept maybe FF7: Advent Children, but that's really just peanuts. Recently, the count up here in RanLune is about 27 different personalities......yeah, with Loki and Coleco/Atari (depending on who decides to stay), its around 27. We've had to retire some people.....so I've decided that the Head was too much and thought it was time to be retiring.

Inha: Yes, and they're also coy and shy.
Rya: WTH?!
Inha: She said "retiring". It means reserved or shy.
Rya: .......You're on crack Inha.

And yes, I apologize for not having the book review of "Party Monster" up, as I was distracted that night by, like, 6 people IMing me. I mean, thanks for talking w/ me, but Holy Cow.....

Lex: Moooooooo.......

So I'll try to have that up sometime before yet another month passes us by. And Syndelin/Pongo's Movie Review of Rocky 5---Thousand. Just kidding, I was thinking "Mambo Italiano" but we'll see. Then that'll be a book -and- movie review about gay people. Joy upon joys.

Listening to some J-Pop on animeFM, an internet radio station...... Pretty cool. They play Two-Mix, I am a happy widget. Twwwwooooooo-Miiiiiiiixxxxxxxxx(su)!!!!!!!!!!!! And Tomoe Shinohara's "Chime"....good stuff. Whee, J-pop r0x0rs.

So, I'm gonna get back to commenting on the wacky music, read blogs, and generally have an internet ball. Catch ya'll on the flip side...... Comment dammit! XD XD just kidding.

*Till next time, Lunies!*

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