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Monday, July 25, 2005

Oi! I'm a Soccer 'ooligan

I Cockney-ified RanLune.

For the pornolized version, Click here. Please be advised, blah, blah, blah, must be over 18 to see, etc. Ok, there's the advisory. Over 18, sex, yeah. Pornolized RanLune is pretty awsome tho...XD

In short: dialectizers are cool.

*XXX Lunies!*


Friday, July 22, 2005


Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"Uh-huh. If you ever try that again, I will give you the biggest kancho in the history of Japan," I say. "General Tojo will feel it 60 years ago, and call his planes back before they get to Pearl Harbor. Got it?"
--Azrael from Ass Wars chapter

I need to get friends who aren't younger than me and remind me of the gap. XD I'm only 22, I'm not old yet!!

For a great laugh, GO HERE NOW. God bless the Japanese.

I've been addicted to Animal Crossing for the Gamecube for about a week. WHY is this game so damned addicting??? I've done nothing but play AC and watch 80's heavy metal band concert DVDs.

Speaking of which, I've been helping out with a couple guys from my dad's work. They're doing a mockumentary on 5-6 bands, sorta like "This Is Spinal Tap", but with the same two guys in every band. XD I'm doing character designs and storyboards. ^^ I've always wanted to do sb's so now I have a great opportunity to do something non-school related. I can even put it in my portfolio for next year/semester. So all in all that's what's been new...and what's been keeping me from updating as often. ^^;;

That and my fanatical watching for Fatal Frame 3 news. I've been plugging Eimi-chan's site for awhile.... And if you don't know about Fatal Frame...then why the hell are you reading?

Loki: Maybe cuz they want to know more.

XD Yeah. Go play one of the best sleeper survival horror game series ever. Cute girls, scary atmosphere, great story, and innovative combat interface. Tecmo's over-blowing their DoA girls, its abolut time for someone with a brain on the shoulders instead of two big boobs and nothing else....tho there's nothin' wrong w/ that too....XD

Well, its late, and Tri-levlin is the worst hormone treatment ever. Irregular periods suck, but morning sickness sucks even more. I need the patch....XD Ah, who know what I'm talking about, huh? Nite Lunies.

*Sleep Tight, Lunies!*

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Friday, July 15, 2005

What You About to Watch is Not a News Broadcast

Kozumi's Word of the Week:
"I was going to go pick up Inuki. So I flipped a coin. And he lost."
--Tama, on why he was at my house and Inuki was not

Rya: Let's see. Another long hiatus.
Loki: We blame Art 50.
Syndelin: And now that class has been over for how long...?
Aro: Laziness.
Rya: Ha. Well, we still love you Lunies. So here's your semi-annual update.
Coleco: XD Yeah. The next one should be available next fall.
Rya: XD Right. So, introductions. I'm Rya "Rei Kurosawa" Li St. John.
Aro: Ah, so we're doing a Fatal Frame themed update. Well, I'm Aro "Yuu Aso". Which makes me the dead guy....
Loki: I'm Loki, which I suppose make me and Loki-chan the Amakura Twins. I call Mio.
Syndelin: I'm Syndelin "Miku Hinasaki".
Coleco: And I'm Coleco "Yae Munakata" Vision. And we all are packing. ^^
Loki: XD Yeah, 35 mm.
Rya: Ok, so Fatal Frame 3. What's new?
Syndelin: According to Tecmo, they're about 90% or so done. The Japanese will be getting the game next month, and we on the stateside will be getting it in September.
Aro: Which means we'll be getting sweet, sweet camera action from those lovely Tecmo ladies. Miku's no longer jailbait, is wearing thigh-highs, crawls under floorboards, and sweet Lord Jeesus, Rei has a shower scene.
Rya: -_- Well, I know what you guys are waiting for. We real gamers are more concerned with the story; why did Yuu, Rei's dead fiancee, show up in a photo of a haunted mansion? Why did Miku's powers come back? Why is Kei looking for Mio, his niece?
Loki: How many scenes involve Rei in her various forms of undress?
*Syndelin dropkicks Loki*
Coleco: ^^ Hard to believe Capcom dropped this survival horror.
Aro: It didn't have guns.
Coleco: Ah.
Rya: So, as usual, see Beyond the Camera's Lens for everything Zero related. Plus she has screencaps for the trailers. We love screencaps.
Loki: So will your girlfriend!
Loki: Never mind.

Well, another montho or so goes by, and the immense amount of video games keeps me away from the comp... Well, that and the one million oekaki's out there in the Lad of the Rising Sun. I've officially moved out of the stone age and have been on my laptop for all my internet needs since Feburary. I love my laptop.....^^

This Fanime, for those who went, I retired from actively doing skits and went back to my roots. Yes, folks, I was a Stage Ninja. Sexy Move-Stuff-Around no Jitsu Cuz moving a Katamari requires the serivice of a SN.

Stage Ninja's do it without your seeing. 'Nuff said.

I've been lazing around, so nothing new has happened. My grandparents just celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Which is frickin' sassy cuz I love them so much. ^^ I'm glad I was able to see such a grand and simple testament to the power of comitment, love, and putting up with the same old fart for this many years....XD Cheers, Granny and Granpa!

Sheila, my German Shepard mix, is the best dog in the world. Just wanted to point that out. She climbs fences and swims. And Simba, our cat, is a Weeble that sleeps all day. I never thought animals could be pear-shaped. But Simba does it very well. And Tinkerbell is....well, getting fat, like Simba. I love our am-min-als....^^

Day time TV is bad for your sanity and butt size.

Shout out to HentaiOverfiend. Tarrin's cute. ^^ Get a Mad Hatter Hat.

Um....I'm running on empty now, so gonna grab a bite and I'll catch you Lunies later.

*Til Next Time, Lunies!*

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