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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Rya: Again, with the spring cleaning.
Loki: Not so bad. Clio's kept it nice....can't say much for the dust tho....
Aro: That would be mine. I wanted to make the place look dead in celebration for the coming of Fatal Frame 3.
Syndelin: Hold on, I'll hook up the music....
*cues music, in the vein of bad porn*
Rya: Well then. Welcome back to Random Lunacy, after the spring hiatus. We're posting this week from the RanLune Brothel.
Aro: Excellent. I'll go get some $1's.
Rya: Introductions, in case we forgot...
Loki: Hold that thought, here comes the title.

Testing...Testing...1, B, III....

Kozumi: Here comes the quote....There we go.

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"With all of these irresistable offers served up to me on a plate, I WANT A PENIS NOW!!!!"
--Laurie Notaro, on e-mail spam, We Thought You Would Be Prettier

Aro: That's...that's charming, Kozu.
Kozumi: Right. I did my bit, I'm outta here.
Loki: We gonna get a Word of the Week?
Syndelin (off camera): Yeah, I crashed Clio making AMV's.....so we won't have that up.
Rya: Swell. Well, readers, welcome to another insanity intensive episode of RanLune.
Aro: Lies. Vicious lies.
Loki: So, a brothel, eh? I thought we were posting from Crystal Chronicles.
Rya: Oh, Tipa? LOL FIne, I'm Rya Li St. John, Female White Cap Clavat.
Aro: I'm Aro, Male Natural Clavat.
Loki: Au natual, ne? XD I'm Loki, and I like being a Male Bandanna Selkie.
Kozumi: And I'm Kozumi, a Male Black Mage Yuke.
Loki: Why a Yuke? They's ugly mo-fos.
Kozumi: Cuz I can cast spells to burn people like you.
Rya: Riiiight. So. News?
Aro: Fatal Frame 3. Three times the pleasure, three times the fun.
Kozumi: If you call scary ass ghosts fun.
Aro: You're just scared cus you watched Shutter with the lights off.
Kozumi: Loki told me it was Pokemon 4ever!
Rya: ......You deserved to be scared.
Aro: As usual check Beyond the Camera's Lens for all your Fatal Frame needs. Shout out to Eimi!
Rya: Oops....here comes the chicken. BRB, peoples.

*Til next time Lunies*

Loki: What a cop-out?

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