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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Its Time to Go Outside

Well now, it has been a long time? I half considered retiring RL...prolly becuz most blogs of reccent are like every other online diary/journal deal and I grow weary of the emo approach. Life w/o Belle Du Jour and new I am a Japanese School teacher is a very boring one indeed. I have also quit most of the forums I used to haunt when I had no summer job and was bored out of my mind. Where am I now? You can check Beyond the Camera's Lens, Silent Hill Talk, and the personal one my friend Tsubasa runs. Not online chatting as much, prolly becuz of 2 very important reasons: 1) I actually go out to do things nowadays, and 2) I play far too many video games, with my DS out at front. BTW, I got my Saturn working, so everything has been HappyHappyNiGHTSNiGHTS lately. Super whee fun.

What's new? My sis graduated from FIDM, so that means I have an ass-kickingly cool, certified fahsion designer in the house. XD My dad plays a lot of WoW. ^^ I enjoyed the Silent Hill movie, despite what naysayers and critics may say. But then...I really like Japanese Horror (yeah, I know, SH's American, but Konami made it, and they are, despite what naysayers say, Japanese...lol). I eagerly wait with baited breath for a chance to pre-order a Nintendo Wii, cuz lord knows I don't have the cash to support Sony (and the X-Box, while pretty and very powerful, still has no games I even remotely wanna play).

I started building a webpage, but its not online yet. Gotta get me an account, then my cosplay bonanza-o-rama will be gracing (or infecting...XD) the web. Speaking of cosplay, I retired last year as a performer, and Fanime '06 (which was pretty lame all things considered) was a year I was able to watch every skit and relax cuz I didn't need to reherse or anything. Not that the masq was any good, mind you. It was pretty bad, but the fortunate part was that there was a relieveing lack of any "exhibition skits" that were a billion hours long. Plus, Traveling Valentine put together a sweet cosplay video of past Fanimes that was pretty cool. But other'n that, we had hard to hear pre-recorded skits, a smattering of good ones (an Avatar skit, a dancing Guilty Gear skit, a neat lil FF11 skit w/ a Mithra, a Blue's Clues skit with Gloomy Bear), and a one really bad singer....it was like a Citibank commercial, the one w/ the chick in the big black dude. I'm being harsh, but so was the audience.....

But it was at Fanime that I met this girl.... I fell in love with her immediately. Her name is May.

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XD I got you. Yeah, I'm into the super-customizable, Asian Ball-Joint Dolls fad. I bought her at the Junky Spot booth at Fanime. She's an Obitsu model (not a Volks, heaven knows I can't afford a Volks doll...tho I am eyeing that Dollfie Dream starter body), with black, rooted hair (middle part). I'd say she was a B-cup, with a skin over her whole torso, so she can wear bikinis without showing joints. I loooooove you May! XD

*You know the drill*

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