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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day ONE ONE on the Halloween Countdown

More art! Cuz I'm lazy! And busy!!

WIP: Acorn Festival by ~DioMaxwelle on deviantART

And its a WIP, so it'll be colored soon.

So, the Acorn Festival in Animal Crossing is a week long event in which you pick up acorns and take them to Cornimer (whom I believe to be the mayor Tortimer in disguise) who in turn will gift you with pieces of the rare mushroom furniture. But if you go and bring him rotten acorns, he takes your stash, yells at you, then doesn't give you anything. Boo....
This flicker account had some pics of it (I would have taken some of my own but my camera's broke T_T)

While the event is fun, I still miss the nifty Halloween furniture you got from the GC version of the game, cuz it was all pumpkin themed.
Hopefully when the new Wii game comes out, the furniture will be back (so far I've seen the Jack head accessory, so fingers crossed!).

Well, hopefully these posts will become something, but if not, then I'm happy to do them in the first place. Cornmaze this weekend, so expect pics of that (camera willing).


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