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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Kozumi: "His name was Loki, he was a show girl..."
Aro (joining): "With some fire-red hair....and a cape cut up to there...."
Kozumi (making it up as they go): "He was a trickster...."
Aro: "And danced the cha-cha...."
Loki: So......this is the last time we watch "Copacabana"?
Rya: Or at least watch "Friends" when everyone's drunk.
Loki: XD XD XD
Rya: Ok, you peanuts, fall in. We need to get back to work.
Aro: Where is everyone?
Rya (counting off fingers): Well, Ashton's getting Seme Lessons from either Aise or Count D, meaning Effram's camping out with Megumi-chan, hopefully. Aelys took some of the girls out to catch "Mambo Italiano", Raz and Lolita are on a date, and Calliope went with Dio and Lex on some pastry excursion.
Loki: Leaving the rest of us to post. How lovely.
Kozumi: Let's go play dodgeball with Kawii-chan, and Loki. We can bring Diz.
Loki: We don't have any balls to play with.
Kozumi: What do you think Kawaii-chan's for?
Loki: ^_^ Gotcha.
Rya: Intros before Loki causes Ragnarok to play out in the living room?
Loki: I'm Loki, Trickster God.
Aro: I'm Aro of Swords, PPI at Large.
Rya: I'm Rya Li St. John, Free-jin Extrodinaire.
Kozumi: And I'm Kozumi, Master Uke.
Loki: And now, onto the DODGEBALL GAME OF DEATH!
Rya: -_-6 Do you have to say it like that?
Loki (same voice): YES!
Aro: ^^;; Clio's gonna have a field day with this.....

Not much, again, is happening here, folks. Its September, its boring. There's some tidbits o' news, but not so much that has us losing sleep over, 'cept maybe Yaoi-con but that's nothing new.

Square's finally bent under the weight of mediocrity and the demands of fans, and has released info on Final Fantasy VII-2. Not much info, other than (and this is all hearsay) its gonna be a movie (didn't Square Pictures shut down after "Flight of the Osiris"), realistic-looking CGI (think the next Zenosaga game), with rumors that Cloud and Sephiroth are gonna be in it. No Aerith, since she's deceased....but that didn't stop her in Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy Tactics.....XD I'd go look up more news, but I am lazy and I'll get around to it from Eyes on Final Fantasy (http://eyesonff.com/index.shtml) when I decide to check my mail. Yes, i know I should be very elated about all this, and I should be mailing Square going "FINALLY", but, eh, it was gonna happen eventually, so why get so worked up over it. As one of the biggest FF7 fans I know (XD), I am very happy with this announcement, except for the fact that it will be a movie and not playable....but, eh, whatever. Maybe this'll get Square back on its feet. So yeah. FF7-2, Advent Children.

Loki: Yes, Lolita was up all Thursday night dancing naked in a big tub of pudding and celebrating what will be the sequel tie up to her fav game (obviously).
Aro: We'll try to have that up on Quicktime sometime soon.
Loki: And we'll make sure the downloading of it will be HELL.
Rya: XD Yeah, and I think what she said about it was the epitome of all FF7 fans across the world's dreams. As she put it, it was "Well, its about damn time." So....yeah....
Aro: So, thank you Square-Enix, "its about damn time."
Loki: XD I don't think they're gonna use that for their ad campaign.

Um....Tsunami Anime Club (SJSU's l33t anime club) cancelled their meeting due to construction that the staff/administrators/people in charge of the school for got to tell the club officers. So TenTen, Who and I, along with Chumsy and Traykor, decided to try this new coffeeshop/wanna-be Tapioca Express near the school, and get to know some other new members of the anime club, two people whom we'll call FairSilver and LostNomad. We tried this new place, called Hydration or something, and hung with each other, laughing over asian mags and genarally having a ball, whining about how deprived us fangirls were gonna be without our weekly dose of Loki, Yamino, Christopher, and Shannon (yes, all male), or our weekly Osaka-isms and Chiyo-chan Kawaii breaks. In fact, club was cancelled right in the middle of our first anime, Gundam Seed; not that I minded as I really don't care for Seed, I only watch it for the seiyuus. So anyway, we drank, we laughed, and then Traykor had to go home, cuz she had CSI to tape. So the rest of us dropped by the arcade for some gaming, after which we escorted FairSilver and LostNomad to their respective parking garages. Then we all headed home, me for some much needed sleep as I had a speech class the next day.

Speaking of Thrusday nite, I broke my glasses! Wah, they snapped on the nose, near my left lens (my left, your right). So after class on Friday, I had to parade around San Jose in order to find someone who could fix 'im. We found a place that soldered them (for an outrageous price of $30), then I went back home to sleep for 5 or 6 hours, after which was followed but some serious FF6 gaming. I love Locke. Hey!! Chou! I'll trade you for Star Ocean, Second Story! XD

Whelp, better wrap up. Gonna go partake in a bit o' "Mambo Italiano" and hang w/ TenTen. More info on plans for Halloween, as we are planning for the 6th Annual Halloween Bash. See ya there.

*Till next time, Lunies!*


Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Kawaii-chan's Word of the Week:

Testamints (n)--Little white, square mints with small crosses in the center, possibly blessed, especially when sucked upon by a nun or pope.

Tuesday....5:40 pm....waiting for my Koi to call. Not too much today, folks, except a huge rant that will follow in a second. Quick FYI's: Syndelin's Book Review will happen shortly, possibly tomorrow, on the book "Party Monster" by James St. James, a compelling story of a drag queen who's friend/acquaintance/rival kills his drug dealer with no remorse. Good read, a bit of a K-hole trip (more on that later), FLCL with a fatalistic Eva spin on it. And drag queens, gotta love the drag queens. True story too.
Inha's movie review....not sure what or when, but soon, before Sept is out, given that we missed August's. I think.
Loki's Top Ten Reasons Why its Good to Have a Trickster God Living in Your House, Ashton and Raz's Open Mike Poetry, the new Syndelin music lyric section, and possibly more ranting on god in general and a bit on the new comics.

*Till Next Time*


Monday, September 22, 2003

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:

"You can spell souls backwards and it still doesn't change the fact that I own yours."
--Loki, speaking to Aina on the finer points of making sense. (Ragnarok Metropolis)

Yes, I admit it. I'm a pedophile. More than that, I'm a Lokiophile. Lolicon for Loki....Lokicon. XD XD But yes, I mean the Norse God Loki, the Trickester God, the God who sets Ragnarok into motion. This new/old obsession with this Nordic god stems from my middle school years, when I would curl up with hot chocolate on that old couch in my grandmother's house in the winter, with a warm blanket and Granpa's old myth books. These old things were just about ready to fall apart (and still are), smelled of dust and must (ha ha rhymes ^^), but they had some cool stories about Greek Gods, Hans Christian Anderson's fables, Grimm's Fairy tales, and of course, stories of Vallhalla and Asgard, the halls of the Norse Gods. Though I only had a few stories (around 10) on said Scandinavian gods, I ate these gems up, reading these tales over and over till I memorized them.

Loki was always my favorite, his feats of tricks and cunning were adventurous, and sometimes humorous....

Loki: Like the time me and Thor dressed up like women.

Hush. Though he grew more and more evil with each story, ultimately "offing" Odin's son Baldur (sungodbishonen type, yes I know that's a run on), he still held a special place in my heart as my all-time favorite god, next to Hermes and Artemis. He's so evil....^^

So anyway, back in middle school, I made up a comic series about the Norse gods, Loki and Thor taking the forefront of the stories, with Iduna (keeper of the Apples of Youth) close behind. I quickly abandoned it because 1) I didn't draw every well back then...^^;;;, and 2) I got swept up in the Sailor Moon rage way back when. But with pretty boy Chumsy (nickname) and his Ragnarok manga, and Tsunami Anime Club's showing of Mandantei Loki Ragnarok, I've been given a second wind for the old series.... Loki's at the forefront (of course) but I center the story on him and the girl he stays with while he searched for the other reincarnations of the Norse Pantheon. Aina and Loki ahve this great chemistry. He terrorizes her, she beats him up....they're such loving siblings! But they're not related....! Ma-ha! The whole series went through major changes, with Loki looking 9-10 years old now, and Bragi (Iduna's husband, keeper of the story that never ended or ever got boring) is a manga-ka with a manga series going into 60 volumes! Iduna works at a different orchard every episode ("I got sick of apples...."), Baldur and his brother Hoder are the bad guys, and I think Freya's gonna be a goth. And Odin's gonna be a pirate. Yeah, its gonna be weird, I gurantee it, but as soon as I beat out everything, this may make a great webcomic.

So ya! Loki, welcome to Random Lunacy.

Loki: ^_^ Whee!!! Do I get a treat?
Kozumi: You get to have cheesecake.
Loki: ^_^ I am a happy god!!!
Aro: Easy to please, ain't he?
Aina: Wait till he dumps cold water on you to make you get up and make pancakes.
Loki: ^_^

I think he'll fit in just fine. So all, ya'll, if you can gimme a hand with the story mayhaps, I'd be a happy widget. Homework!!!! XD Just kidding.

Homwork: I've cleared away who Bragi, Iduna, Odin, Baldur, Hoder, Freya, the Fenris/Fenrir wolf, and Loki. For those who know the other Norse gods, gimme a suggestion on who they may be in modern times. If Tyr was the god of war, would he be a samurai? Throw out ideas, I don't think anything could be weirder than Odin being a drunk old pirate. XD XD

*Till next time Lunies!*

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Chibi-Pikachu's Word of the Week:

Eekers: (interj)--An exclaimation akin to "Eek" or any other like squeaking noise of startlement or fear.

Short post today, as nothing extraordinary has happened. Ashton's out with my Koi, getting "lessons" from Count D of "Pet Shop of Horrors"; Aro and Kozumi are getting beaten by Aise, and Kage and the girls are trying to beat out a complete manga issue before deadline. And Lex tries out for the anime version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy....with the other five G-Boys. Fun fun fun.

Looking at adding yet *another* member to RanLune, the dimunitive, yet powerful Loki of a new series I'm making->Ragnarok Metropolis aka Ragnatropolis. Red haired, green eyed, and about 10 years old. ^^ Score. His current hobbies are pranking and making Aina Fidela's life a living hell (which is what she gets for harboring Scandinavian gods in her house).

Um.....that's about it.....gotta finish up cuz I am tired and we'll all be up late tomorrow, watching magical boys and mages in general. Of and some space stuff too. So ja ne, all you late night Lunies!

You are Loki! Loki isn't a real god, but was given
birth by a giant. He became a member of the
Aesir when Odin made Loki his blood brother. He
is the god of mischief, a trickster, and very
cunning. He's always looking for trouble and he
uses all means to get what he wants. He has the
ability to change shape and be whatever he
wants. He's the father of a monster and horse.
Loki is a loner, a person who only trusts himself
and he enjoys to play games with the lives of

Which Norse Mythology character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

"His name was Loki."

*Til next time Lunies!*

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:

"Don't shake hands with the devil and say you're only kidding."
--Don't even ask where I got this; its too damn complicated....XD

Kawaii-chan's Word of the Week:

Oddkin-(noun): Term of endearment; an odd, strange, or simply outright ridiculous person.

Aelys (incriminating glare at various peoples): What the hell do you all think you're doing?
Ashton (looking up from his uke): Torturing my uke?
Aro: Getting drunk?
Syndelin: Inceassantly playing Two-Mix music?
Lolita (looking over Raziel's shoulder, who's staring intently at a laptop): Downloading the latest Legacy of Kain: Defiance trailers?
Lex: Listening to Geeks in Space?
Diz: Playing Final Fantasy VI?
Anna: And Final Fantasy V?
Dio: Planning out Yaoi-con's costumes?
Bethany: Drawing manga?
Inha: Doing homework?
Clio: Changing the desktop images?
Aelys: ................................. (very long silence)
Rya: Well, that sounds about right.
Aelys (livid): What the hell are you people doing?! Who's updating??!!!
Lex: Um......no one?
Aelys: Exactly!!! No one's posted for a week, and you people are just sitting around doing nothing!!
Rya: Wouldn't call it nothing....its more like getting our work done.
Aelys (glares at Rya, whom hides behind Aro): ............
Aro: Here we go again.....(downs drink)
(Beatdown commences)

So! How are all you happy people? Miserable? Great!! Not much has changed here, back at the ranch. Still the same old, same old.....

MaoMao: Except that you got a dog..... (annoyed twitch of tail)

Oh yeah! So my mom decided to get a dog for her house. We used to have two cats, one kitten, the other a mellow adult kitty, but Jane, the older of the two, ran away and hasn't been seen since.....T_T I miss her, she was very cute. She had long calico fur and the sweetest disposition..... So all we had was Simba, the orange tabby kitten my little half-sisters got from their old principal. Funny thing is, he had the ears of an adult kitty, so this lil kitten had these freakishly large ears.....man, it was funny, and cute.... >^o_o^< Penny said he looked like a freak.
So my mom and stepdad get this bright idea to get a puppy. A medium sized dog, mayhaps a German Shepard or a Golden Retriever. Hell, just gimme a Welsh Corgie and an Akita and I'll be a happy widget. ^_^

MaoMao: >< Hssss.......

When they said large dog, here I'm thinking some huge wolfhound, named Buck. Growl growl O,..,O! Grrr, Buck, Sourge of the Central Valley. Rarr rarr. I think, "The dog's gonna eat Simba." And I tease my lil sisters inceassantly about it, especially Penny, who's grown quite fond of Simba now that Jane's gone. >=D So Saturday, we go to various animal shelters and pounds looking for a puppy, specifically one with shepard's blood in it. Finally, at this shelter in Modesto, we find a litter of German Shepard puppies, some all tan and brown, some brown and black. One looked almost like my first dog (Lady, my dear canine friend, who'd died back in my 7th grade year T_T), only she was dark in the face. She was 202, and my stepdad said he liked this lively little one, 235, who was biting this other little dog and picking fights with it and her sleeping siblings. It was a toss up between the sweet little 202 and the rowdy 235, both of whom were the only puppies awake. We wanted 202, our stepdad wanted 235, and we argued and watched the dogs romp about, until I petted 202 and asked her to shake.

Lex (drumming hands on table): Drumroll.......

....and she actually shook! Well, that did it, we were all dead set on 202, so we went to the front desk and went to work out the paperwork. The shelter people said we couldn't get her until the next day because she had to be tested to make sure she was healthy, so we put down the deposit and went home, whereupon Simba was showered with affections.... Yeah, real inconspicuous.....
The next day, my oldest half-sister KP had her first basketball game. Her team, the St. Anthony Roadrunners, beat the St. Anne Panthers (they were all Catholic schools) but lost to the Stockton/Presentation.....somethings. i didn't get their names. But during the last half of the second game, the shelter called to say we could come get out puppy! So we all piled into the car, elated, and went to the shelter. After getting all the paperwork and payments done, the lady brought us out puppy, this little creature shivering and nervous. I held her and she just looked at me, kinda scared, but we were all petting her and her tail was wagging so we knew she liked us a little bit.
When we got her in the car though, she totally lit up. She was wiggling around and so we let her be on the folded down seat (mom has an SUV w/ folding seats to get into the back of the car), and she licked our hands, wagged her little tail and tried to gnaw on out shoes. We gave her an empty water bottle to chew on and we rode the entire way home with the sounds of crackling plastic. ^^;;
Here's the thing: she has these really weird eyes. Her right eye was half blue on the left side of the iris and brown on the other. Her left eye was blue on the top and brown on the bottom. It was pretty cool, though a little scary. I hope that its not a temporary thing cuz they look really bitchin', like she's part wolf or something. Man, our dog rocks.
Meeting time bewteen the cat and dog were weird. Simba was pissed right off the bat, glaring at the dog and us like, "What the hell did you do?!" I had to hold her while Simba came to sniff and inspect. here's the funny thing, she was totally scared of this cat. He's this tiny little kitten and she's pretty big (still a puppy but nevertheless bigger than him), and she's freaked out. Once they got a little more used to each other (ie, Simba decided to ignore the dog or at least not hiss at her), we let them wander about the garage, the puppy occasionally barking at the cat. Me and Penny had to go back home (San Jose) so we didn't get to stick around too long to see what would happen next. I hope they two of them are getting along, cuz I don't want either of them running away like Jane did.
No name for her yet, since we all couldn't decide on a name. By this weekend, she'll have a name that i'll likely not like.....XD Candidates for names were names like Rollo, Chocolate, Hershey, Pudding, and Spice. See the pattern?? XD Food kick. Mom came up with Brownie and Sheila (yes, like a female kangaroo) but my stepdad didn't like any of them.... I like Coco, Plum, Spice, and Lucky but....you know, democratic decision. It'd be cool if we could call it Ghibli or Pongo (like Mel Brook's dog XD) but yeah....XD Loofah. XD XD

Anyway, that was my weekend, as oppsed to talking sex and shonen ai with the likes of Eve and Lilti..... Dunno what's more fun....XD Soon to be forthcoming are stuff I don't wanna plan out yet. Oh, there'll prolly be my rant of things like the latest Tokyopop manga, dog names, Legacy of Kain: Defiance, magical boys like Loki from something or other Ragnarok, magic in general with Someday's Dreamer and Harry Potter, and other such dumb things llike that. Oooh, I'm alive with pleasure now.

*Til next time, Lunies!*

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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Kawaii-chan's Word of the Week:

Ghettofantastic (adj)- Being or having qualities that are very decepit, shoddy or "ghetto" (see ghetto) yet in some way is nice, functional, or at the very least somewhat asthetically pleasing.

Kawaii-chan: Or something.

Diz: So, good whatever, whenever ya'll are reading this.
Lex: Your at, if you missed the large blue letters at the top, Random Lunacy.
Aro: Posting live from...where...?
Ashton: From the inside of a gall bladder.
Bethany: No we're not...
Aro: We're in the middle of Nowhere....
Ashton: Is that Courage over there...?
Lex (laughing): Stupid dog!
Anna: We're in The Wired.
Lex: We're in Mabase.
Anna: And now with the FLCL refernces.
Bethany: "Here I come 'n get it!!!"
Lex: Mmm, God bless Engrish.
Aro: Kami, buressu Engurish....
Anna: And now we introduce ourselves! I'm Anna Mei, Otakuess.
Lex: I'm Lex McCloud, Gamer Extraordinaire.
Ashton: Ashton Crow, Evil Science Teacher.
Bethany: So we're doing occupations? I'm Bethany Rycroft, Manga-ka.
Aro: I'm Aro of Swords, Resident Badass.
Lex: Master Carddass....
Aro: Ah, the heady days of trading Sailor Moon cards.....
Anna: Yeah.....(singing) "Those were the daaaaaayyyyyysss!!!"
Aro: -_- Right! Onto the post!

Hey all. Betcha missed me.

Ashton: Who would miss you? (gets beaned by an oatmeal canister)

Anywayz, still getting swamped by homework and other projects involving cutting out black paper and white bristol board. Joy. So we'll be updating normally sometime soon so don't fret.

We've taken a head count in the Head and we've come up with around 25 different personas and personalities altogether. So now, Random Lunacy comes with an extra helping of randomness, with all your favorite psychos all battling for for supremecy and control of the main body (namely me). As of now, there's an epic battle for who gets to choose what the new Control looks like, with the old fashioned wheel and stick shift and the Playstation 2 controller being the leading contenders. Fun fun fun. Personally, I'd put my money down on the old Sarturn NiGHTS pad.

NiGHTS: ^_^ Whee, how fun!
Diz: But the NiGHTS pad is nothing more than the Dreamcast's predicessor.
NiGHTS: But mine is black! ^_^
Diz: -_-

Plus, if anyone has some contribution as to what you'd like to see, like what kind of specials or features are interesting.

Bethany: Like special guests. Anyone like special guests?
Aro: We hate special guests.
Rya: I like it when Syndelin does the human beatbox.
Syndelin (does human beatbox): Wicky scratch wickey wickey scratch.
Ashton: I like it when Aise does entries.
Aro: We hate it when Aise does entries.
Kozumi: Yeah, cuz then we ukes get beaten.
Lex: We hate it when we get beat up.
Ashton: Why do you think I like having her around?

So any input would be greatly appreciated. I guess.....

Interesting thing happened yesterday. As you know (for those who have cable, that is), Nickelodeon, along with Cartoon Network sometime do these off-color, odd, and sometimes ridiculous ads for the networks. One that comes to mind is the CN ad where they have Fred Flintstone, Chicken from "Cow and Chicken" and that one He-Man look-alike battling for the last parking spot in the CN parking lot with Speed Racer and Scooby-Doo. Its hysterical, and if you haven't see it, you need to find a way to do so. Another interesting one was CN's "8 Degrees of Velma" where they connected random cartoon stars to Velma from Scooby-Doo. Nick has some intersting ones but none jump out at me as good. A good number of those include the hosts of Slime Time Live, or whatever its called.
The ad I saw yesterday was one such ad with these hosts. But this ad was a spoof, as Nick sometimes does, CN included (though they do far more, and far better ones). It occured after Spongebob, (cuz I like to watch Toonami but I dislike Dragon Ball Z so I watch Spongebob) during the credits when they smash the credits of the toon to the side and do a split screen for advertisements/commercials. Well, the ad was for Slime Time Live, featuring the hosts spoofing the opening to "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy". I kid you not. They had that camera effect where everything is reduced to blocky color and the various hosts were answering their flip top cell phones with the logo of the show emblazoned on the screen, just like Queer Eye. And at the end, it had the montage of the hosts all walking towards the camera. It was a carbon copy of Queer Eye's opening. I even asked my sisiter if what we were watching was what I thought it was, cuz sometimes I miss the opening of the show for one reason or another. But yes, it was a Queer Eye rip-off.
Now I ask you, *who* the hell in their target audience is gonna catch that? Seriously, for the target audience to fully grasp the spoof's joke, you have to assume that they watch both Nick toons AND Queer Eye. Now while some of the off-color humor in toons like Spongebob calls for viewers on in a higher age group, I don't think there are very many viewers in my age and interest group that can get the ad. I mean, this network's showing stuff for elementary/middle school aged kids. How many of them actually watch or have seen the opening for Queer Eye?? Or understand what the show's about? Maybe I'm looking far too far into this, but really, the percentage of people who'd fully get the spoof is a smaller number than most networks would require to make an ad campaign. Does anyone find this wrong, or at the very least slightly disturbing?? Maybe its just me, but tell me if I'm kicking anything in the head for this.

Whelps, enough of that. I've gotta do get ready for anime club and the racous times that will no doubt ensue. I hear we're watching the Mahoromatic Summer Special and that's enough to make some fanboys I know drool. Soooo, feeback Lunies! And I'll see ya'll on the flip side!

Jai  Rodrigez
You MUST be a good dancer when you're JAI Rodrigez:
Culture Vulture, *breaks out in salsa moves*

What Fab 5 member from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy are you?(with pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

At least I'm hot!!! Yai yai yaiiiiiiiiiii!!! (tangos)

*Till next time, Lunies!*

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Monday, September 01, 2003

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:

"Nabisco, be my disco."
--Matt, X-Entertainment, Oreo Madness Article

Syndelin: Whee! Another Two-Mix CD!!! (dances dico-like)
Lex: Uh, right.....
Aro: Welcome to the All Night Disco Version of Random Lunacy.
Dio: Complete with random dance-offs from Lex, Syn, and Rya.
Rya: Get down! (ducks)
Aro: And funky. (gets decked by a flying disco ball)
Dio: ^^;; Let's rave?
Lex (tries to rave): Ya'll got to raise up.
Aro (break dancing): I'm 'bout ready to bust a phat groove.
Rya: Dear lord....
Dio: Did everyone take their ecstacy?
Syndelin: XD
Aro: XD
Lex: No, dude, I took all your ecstacy.
Dio: You know I once heard froma wise man that people shouldn't worry about kids getting into drugs and violence from video games. Kids don't always do what they see in video games. I mean, its not like anyone runs around in a dark room, chasing ghosts and popping pills to techno music....oh wait, that's a rave....
Rya: XD XD That "wise man" was Loner.....
Syndelin: Hello, everyone, you're reading Random Lunacy. I'm Syndelin Valentine, the Master of Mix.
Aro: I'm Aro of Swords, Master Breaker.
Lex: XD I'm Lex McCloud, Rave Master.
Dio: I'm Dio Maxwelle, the Chobit.
Rya: Oh, so now we're doing manga references? Then I'm Rya Li St. John, FLCL.
Aro: XD XD
Lex: Damn it Rya, you always get the best nicks....XD
Rya: FLCL, cuz its cheaper than acid.

Hey all, sorry for the less than constant updates, as school has kept us busy. We applogize for the inconvenience.

Short post today, as today is my official anniversary with my lovely koibito Ryo. Yes, two years ago on this day, Yaoi-con was born into full glory and Ryo and I first became an item. Man, the time sure does fly by....seems like only yesterday, I was trying my damnedest not to make my feelings for her so obvious....ah, love.... Wish I could be with her right now, but alas, that cannot happen.... T_T Oh well, we'll make the best of it, just as we have for the last two years.

The best relationships, I've been told, comes in threes. Well, in my case, its has, as Ryo and I have one more person in our relationship. She lives in Malaysia but I've been told she's coming to the states soon. I'm really excited about this, cuz we already get along and we basically think along the same wavelengths most of the time. Woe be to Ryo....XD XD I can't wait until she comes. She's a cutey, believe me. For those who have seen her....well, there you go. ^^;; she's cuter than me....

Anyway, mayhaps more on that later, as the gang's gotten a huge disco party going on in my head. I've gotta go get my lame anniversary present ready, so all ya'll have some fun and I'll see you tomorrow! Ja ne minna-san!

I'm Card! Find out which Kii Din Character you are here!
You are Card Eeler. You are a depressed, sarcastic,
irritating young child who is the reincarnation
of a god.

Advice: Try some uppers or anti-depressants.
Whichever. You need to lighten up a little.
Card may not have the option, but you certainly
can go find a nice psychiatrist to talk to
about your problems. They're paid to listen.

Kii Din Personality Test
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Check out this comic ppl! It rocks!

*Til next time, Lunies!*