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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Clio's Word of the Week:
Kyaa (intj): Onomatopoea for squealing, in terror, joy, or surprise.

Tip: when alone at home with an overreactive imagination, reading/looking at scary things like ghost stories or like phonomenon can make being a alone very not cool.

First: Thanks to Ryuutchi Malfoy, I can't sleep and I have school tomorrow. Thanks a lot. XP XD And here's why.

Second: My condolences to Epsilon. I'm very sorry. I'm here for you.

Third: If that door opens, I'm running the hell away and never looking back. Fiction or not, fear is fear.

*The Door Is Open, Lunies*


Monday, January 24, 2005

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Kozumi’s Quote of the Week:
“I feel like I’m in a Mentos commercial.”
--Loki, on some random occurrence.

*Cue supertechnoravetraceluderemixhousetriphop*

Loki: And now, a dance number from Random Lunacy.

<(^^<) (>^^)> ^(^^)^ V(^^)V

Rya: You can’t see but we’re really dancing.
Aro: We’re poetry in motion.
Loki-chan: ‘Cept the interpretive dancing that Lex is doing is rather disturbing.
Lolita: Interpretive dancing is disturbing to begin with, sweetie.
Rya: ….You know, this is some of the best music we’ve had in a while.
Syndelin: Why thank you. I’d like to think in the break, we’ve made some improvements on a lot of stuff. Like content….
Raz: Improvements? So the giant rubber ducky in the bathroom is an improvement?
Loki: Hey. I wanted to put in a solid oak Buddha, but was soundly overruled by the committee.
Syndelin (still on her thread): Style…harmony…
Loki-chan: In that we couldn’t fit Sun’s in through the bathroom door.
Syndelin (same beat): Talent…..taste….
Coleco: The PTA had enough of us making fun of the local politicians.
Syndelin: Basically, we all learned new l33t m4dc4p skillaz.
Rya: The aforementioned talent, then?
Syndelin: Yeah.
Loki-chan: Well, we all been training in the wilds of China at the cursed springs of Jusenkyou.
Aro: Where fortunately, none of us have fallen in. Except for Loki.
Both Lokis: Bite me.
Rya: We’ve also been training in with the Old Masters and they taught us many things.
Aro: XD Rock on. What’d they teach you?
Syndelin: Like, the keyboard.
Calliope: Oh, yeah, the keyboard. I didn’t know about the keyboard for Garageband. Makes making our own riffs so much easier.
Loki: XD Seriously. R0x0r. Hey. You’re all reading Random Lunacy.
Aro: HA. You made a poor choice.
Rya: LOL Epic Fail.
Lolita: Yup, yup. ^^ We’re all back from being months and months away to answer the big question: “Where the hell have you all been and why the hell haven’t you been writing a new post every 2 seconds?
Raz: The answer is, of course, we don’t care, we don’t love you. And we’re all busy.
Coleco: We’d say it was school, but that’s all a big farce since school’s been out since the middle of December and the new semester starts this Wednesday.
Rya: And we’ve all been really lazy and playing old RPG’s since we no longer are in loan of an X-Box to finish whipping the living crap out of the director’s cut of Fatal Frame 2. Hi, I’m rambling and I’m Rya Li, “Resident Mage Who Can Kick Your Fighter’s Ass” St. John.
Coleco: Ditto, and I’m Coleco “I Love the 80s and 90s More Than You Did” Vision.
Loki-chan: I’m Loki “Fatal Frame Ownz My Soul” Valdis Lawfree, cuz everyone knows that admitting you have an addiction is the first step to getting more.
Aro: I’m Aro “Welcome to Bootyfone” of Swords and Fatal Frame 2's release in Europe getting delayed; the game is cursed, and this is the PAL region, after all. Kthxbye
Loki: Because its main characters aren’t the usual big-breasted Tecmo girls?
Aro: That also could be it.
Rya: And here I was thinking it was because of the new Ring movie.
Loki: Which is no different than the Japanese Ring 2 movie, even though DreamWorks said it would be.
Syndelin: I thought the Woman in the Box looked suspiciously like Sadako.
Rya: Introduce yourself Aro.
Aro: I did.
Rya: When?
Loki: About the time you spaced out. Continuing with the introductions, I’m Loki “Owner of your Soul” and I’m looking on with disdain.
Aro: ……”disdain”?
Loki: It’s a word, I looked it up.
Syndelin: Fair enough. I’m Syndelin “My Mac Can Eat Your Dell” Valentine. He is disdain, and I am dat dain.
*padum pum pish*
Raz: Oh my God…. -_- I’m Raz-Raziel “Soul Reaver and Unofficial But Reluctant Messiah”.
Lolita: ^^ Yes, as you can see, we haven’t gotten any better in the time off. I’m Lolita “I Like Being the White Mage” the Pure.
Calliope: And I’m Calliope, “Spinning Tunes Off iTunes” Valentine. We’re the official RanLune Welcoming Back Committee.
Aro: Heaven forbid we get more talent during the hiatus.
Loki: Yeah, but by firing our writers, things’ll be a lot better.
Rya: We had writers? XD
Rya: I’d just like to say that I’m glad that the top 3 shows on Adult Swim are Full Metal Alchemist, Venture Bros. and Futurama because the rest of TV isn’t that good anyway.
Aro: How did Venture Bros. beat FMA?
Loki: 2 words: glowing vaginas.
Rya: WTF?
Loki: That’s what I said.
Loki-chan: No, you said, “Hell yeah”, the rest of us said, “WTF?”
Syndelin: And people say we don’t have quality TV on anymore.
Coleco: So welcome back to RanLune, Lunies, another highly cerebral intensive mind jack that fans of FLCL and Super Milk-chan get on occasion.
Lolita We all hope you had a wonderful holiday season and the welcome break from insanity. We hope you enjoyed it.
Raz: Because as of now, its over. Welcome to your personal Hell.
Aro: 2 shows a week. Friday and Saturday. Ladies Night on the first of every month and open wet bar on the weekends.
Loki: Thank you and goodnight Valhalla.

*We’re Baaaaaaackk……*

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Monday, January 17, 2005


Kozumi's Long Awaited Quote of the Week:
"Tama, give me an anal massage."
--Sahana and Tama chillin' per usual at my place.

Clio's Word of the Week:
Narutard (n): Term for an overly otaku Naruto fan.
"Cloud is a Narutard."

Dio: Tama and us are gonna go get drunk. Happy 21st Tama.

*Gets drunk*