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Monday, August 30, 2004

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"Its not rape; its surprise sex."
--Fairsilver, on some random note when talking about sex. Or something.

Loki: Damn, Inha, you look wasted.
Inha: *in high pitched voice* I just started a new semester.
Loki: How do you feel?
Inha: *same deal* I'm alive!
Aro: Dare I ask if she just ran 26 miles?
Rya: -_- She said school, not marathon running, Robin Williams.
Loki-chan: You realize that besides that, we've all been rather absent from things for about 3 weeks now, right?
Aro: That would probably explain the cobwebs.
Ashton: No, that's just me moving back in.
Loki: Fair enough. So, as first assignment, what did everyone do this summer?
Diz: Play way too much Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.
Kozumi: Thank the gods that Aise was away.
Ashton: Miss Aise-sensei terribly. And torturing ukes for her in her absence.
Aro: Eat, drink, and be generally merry.
PikaAerith-chan: Draw, write and sew costumes, if badly.
Dio: Read, read, read. And buy insane amounts of manga.
Loki-chan: Cause mischief. And not get caught. XD
Syndelin: Watch wayyyy too many movies.
Rya: Visit theme parks and ride the rollar coasters til we get sick.
Clio: Browse the internet altogether too much.
Lex: Read Snopes.com, X-Entertainment and people's blogs until the sun went down.
Calliope: Hung with my homies on the West Siiii-ide.
Loki: ..........
Calliope Sorry. I mean.....made be-yoo-tiful music on Garage Band.
Lolita: Cook and garden.
Raz: Eat souls.
Diz: Eat sweets. ^^
Coleco: Take nostalgia trips by watching more "I Love the 80's/90's" than should be legal.
Loki: In short---wasted it?
Anna: Not if your Inner Child's 10.
Loki: ^_^ That's my girl!

Sooooooo. Yeah. In short, I did a lot, and still got nothing done. Funny how the black hole of summer sorta does that to you. Well, no more slacking; its SKOOL TYME! Shout out to GrandMel/Desdemona. ^^

Just so you guys know, I AM alive and suffice it to say that after the Get SET Summer Week, I wanted more Me-Time.

Loki: I was the bathwater. XD

*Dropkicks Loki* Ahhh, that felt nice. ^^ So let's just say I used every day before school started to catch up on the things I didn't do in the earlier summer months when i was sleeping until Noon. Namely: Go to PGA, go to a barbeque, and sleep in to 2. I love summer. Pity its gone. On the pluse side, i got to see my lovely Koi recently and got to play with Aise when she came back from Italy, for those who are on the forum.

So, as I get back to homework, I give a shout out to my whole posse. I'm alive. Catch you online, if not IRL. Welcome to Random Lunacy at its best again. Serving up lunacy that's random since......April of 2003. Regardless of what my archive sez. Man is it good to be back. And the King.

*I'm Alive, Lunies!*

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Friday, August 06, 2004

Pardon Our Lack of Being Here....

For my somewhat loyal readers, I must tell you that this next week, RanLune will be on hiatus as I'm leaving for Get SET Summer Week as councelor. As far as I know, there won't be anyone taking the reins, so until then, I'll redirect you all to some blogs worth of note.

And no, being surrounded by high school girls is not going to be much fun. Even a bi chick w/ a Lolicon can dislike spending a week w/ drama filled teenaged girls.... NO DRAMA! So any way, ya'll have some fun and don't behave to well, ne?

Belle de Jour Belle's Blog, for all your guys who like London Call Girls. ^^
X-Entertainment Not a blog but still something worth reading.

If I can get the audio thing working maybe I'll try an entry, but that's only if it works. So take care, Lunies, see ya on Friday the 13th! Ooooohhh Spooky!

*Til next time, Lunies!