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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

*Look around look around.....*

Kozu: Hey, there's nothing here.... Oi!! Everyone! It's empty!

*Rustle, rustle*

Lolita: Wow, its so abandoned that there are some serious spider webs here....
Dio: Ewwwww.....

*Screams pierce the air as Lex and Raz are being attacked by giant spiders*

Rya: I'll help! I'll cast a fire spell and burn the spiders!!
Lex & Raz: Noooo!!!

*More screaming as they get torched by a very large flaming balls. No we don't mean gay either.*

Rya: XD....

Lolita (as if nothing happened): We should fix the place up....

Kozu: Well, let's move everything in.... I'm sure no one will care that we'd taken over the place....


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