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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Here I Go Again On My Own

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"Smooth move, Dante."
--Effram's reply to Ashton after an instructional lesson in getting one's head smashed through a brick wall.

THIS SEMESTER IS OVERRRRRRR!!! *dances like a fruit a la Loki in vol 3 of MaLoRa* Man oh man alive. Other than that damned Brginning Drawing class, everything's been a breeze. I love writing supposedly semester long reports in 5 hours the day before or the morning of. ^^ Boku wa lazy.

Othern' that, I've been pretty unstressed....except that I'd been unable to get a hold of the seamstress in charge of both Inuki's Narugami costume, or my koi's Reiya costume.... So, besides that small stress fest, its been pretty calm in the rush before Fanime.

What costumes are on the ballot, you ask?
Random school girls/seifuku. Complete with thigh high, pristine white socks....^^ On my ens at least. That's unless I get the floppy socks going in time.
Hikaru no Go: Akira Neko and Hikaru Tigaa >^.^<. Later on will be the Matantei Loki Rangarok set with your truely as everyone's favorite 8 year old detective and Ryochan as ever-lovable Mayura Daidouji....or the Goddess of Death and Father Complexes Hel, depending.
If it comes together, there'll be some Full Metal Panic Fumoffu action rockin the con with me as Chidori Kaname and Ryochan as Sousuke Sagara. Yes, I realize this is odd as well. It just means I get to bean Ryochan with a paper fan for a change. ^^ Also if Hel and Loki hasn't been done the day before, then it will be done today, w/ an alternate Loki costume. Summer version!
Hitting clean-up, Loki and Hikaru terrorize the con for the last day. It'll be Ra-Go-rok! XD Ok bad joke. ^^;;

As far as I know, that'll be it. If something pops up....and it always does, keep an eye out for us. Yes, G-Rated will be performing yet another skit. Ph34r us heavily. ^^ If anyone wants to set up a photo shoot, mail me or Ryochan. My mail's in the upper left corner, and Ryochan's is on her blog (check link @ end of profiles to your left, thank you).

Well, othern' that, nothin' been going on to report about. Oh, all you X-Box owners go buy Fatal Frame 2 when it comes out for the X-Box. New costumes, 1st person mode, new areas and other nice stuffin's are expected. If you're a Fatal Frame fan, I heartily suggest you check it out!

Well, back to work! Gotta finish up the last bit of things, so I'll catch you Lunies next time or at the con! Be there or be...um...left out...? XD;;;

*Til Fanime Lunies!*

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"Way to go, Seki. You're still gay in our eyes."
--Kat, while browsing Seki Toshihiko's role list.

Quick post to alert you lunies that I'm still alive. Finals are fast approaching so don't expect to hear from me until Dead Day next Wednesday. If anyone can tell me how to do double exposure prints (not pictures, as in taking double exposed photos on the negitives) on an enlarger, I'd appreciate the tip. I spent 3 hours on a print that's not even close to being done.

See you guys in a few days, if not sooner.

*Til after finals, Lunies*