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Saturday, January 31, 2004


Hey Lunies. Quick post today, as I have things to do, like finishing Mary Shelly's 1818 version of Frankenstein for Fantasy and Science Fiction Class.

School update: Well, I'm up to a full schedule...meaning I get health insurance this semester. If I'm ultra lucky, I can get 15 units (5 classes) Monday. But for those whom were praying or wishing for my behalf, thanks. But because I had to add an all day Friday class (9am-3:50pm), I had to cancel my driver's test, making it highly unlikely I'll be driving before my 21st birthday, making me either super lazy--

Lex: Guilty.

--Or just lame.

Aro: Double guilty.

*Beans the two w/ a pan* And the subject of my birthday is: I'm having a party on the 14th (yes Valentine's Day) but I'm still figuring it out on where to hold it. Watch this space and Tsu.nu Forums for further updates.

Been surfing the internet for more info on the first Fatal Frame game, and I've found some great web sites. The first is this fansite w/ fanart. It basically tells you almost everything, so for those whodon't want spoilers, avoid the red text.
red light
Another great site for either game is this one. Unfortunately its all in Japanese, yet it has some trailers, wallpapers and other neat things if you navigate carefully. http://www.tecmo.co.jp/product/ff/
And a third for the second game, Crimson Butterfly. Its got basic info, but the site's done really well. Check it out.
For interesting sound bites from the first game: http://www.geocities.com/prlftt/fatalframe.html
And an unfinished Crimson Butterfly page that links to a Miku fansite, Eyewitness:
Eyewitness: Crimson Butterfly
And a lil something that shows that Fatal Frame may be based on more real things than you thought....
The Visitor, from the Shadowlands Gallery

Wheew! That sums up my day! Except for the 80's t-shirt site me and the Funkygreenmermaid (XD, who is this, I wonder??) oggled over, but that's for another day. Hey! Dez figgered out how to link things! Who's your daddy??

*Til next time, Butteflies!*

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Thursday, January 29, 2004

From 6, Ye Shall Haveth 9....

What's on Dez's Desktop: A closing image of Loki w/ Bristings; spooky ghosts and binary code by Vincent Marcone; Gundam Wing's G-boys looking sharp in Mariemeia's Army uniforms.

Well, I now officially have 9 units (3 classes), going on 12 tomorrow and if I'm lucky, 15 by Monday. I'm feeling pretty good about myself. Wow, Tamago's luck really did work!! XD Should I worry?

Byakko update: If I'm lucky Byakko-chan will arrive by Monday and I'll be able to ditch my stupid battery-draining CD/MP3 player. And, yes, I have a skin to make my iPod pink. XD Ph34r teh p1|\|k 1P0d! Me gusta l33t.

Anyone know any super-fun Gameboy games out there? I don't care if its for the old Gameboy or for the advance or SP, I just want a game that's more engaging than Harvest Moon GB or old school Tetris. Any good suggestions will be appreciated.

And for those who are wondering, yes, I'm ok. The cold's more or less gone and I don't need to be on Sudafed, Dimatap, and Day/NyQuil every 6-12 hours.

Aro: "NyQuil NyQuil NyQuil! We love you! You giant fucking Q!!"

XD Yes, quite. For those who don't know, I've decided to (for reasons of temporary insanity and deprivation) make a Fatal Frame 2 doll set. Mayu's done but Mio's still in production. Its quite possible that they will find a permanent home w/ me...and if I figure it out, I may make a Yae and Sae set. Why?? Because Tecmo twins are cute. I'm approaching finishedness for Zoro and Bridget. And if anyone knows how to make hats, like tamoshanters (sp?) or berets, can you toss the info my way? I wanna make a pengun hat. ^^

I'm unable to take my driver's test tomorrow as I have to add a class during that time (so I'll be in school for full days all week -_-), so hang onto your good lucks until the next time I can take it. ^^ Thanks to Diana for the vote of confidence, and welcome to Random Lunacy!

Loki: Now shove off....

*dropkicks Loki* Haven't done that in awhile. ^^ Well, better go and deal w/ some a' you online. Catch ya on the flip side, lunies!

:: how nintendo are you? ::

For you old school 80's gamers.... Of which I may be one of the only ones....T_T

*Till next time Lunies!*

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Freedom is a Many Splendored Thing

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"If I hafta hear another commercial for that Christian rock CD, I swear I'm blowing something up."
--And I'm sure you all feel that way too.

Clio's Word of the Week:
Mugu mugu (v): Japanese onomonopeoia for chewing.

What's on Dez's Desktop: Dante of DMC; Tecmo's cute Japanese twins Mio and Mayu in their secret place (XD); a Southpark-esque Homer Simpson oggling the Stargate Donut

Well, Lunies, its Dez's last day of freedom, as she starts school tomorrow. Everyone pray to their respective deities that I get a full schedule so that I get health insurance. XP I want to say that the SJSU registering system sucks ass because it won't accept Safari anymore. Peoplesoft can kiss my ass.

Everyone needs to read Belle du Jour, a weblog about a London call girl. Yes, I'm really serious. If you like reading about sex and the practicality of the career of a call girl, then I wholeheartedly suggest looking at Belle du Jour.

My b-day's coming up but more importantly, will I pass my driver's test this Friday?? Toss in another prayer to those holy entities for my passing the test.

I'm battling the cold virus right now so most of RanLune's populous have been rather under the weather. If you wondered if Shinigami and Gods get sick, well, I have a testament from Tsuzuki, Aro, Byakko, and Hermod that being sick sux0rs. And there's a case of the undead itch, but I'm gonna leave that to your imaginations...and Raziel. I pity him. Almost.

In Dez's PS2: Jade Cocoon 2, Star Ocean: Second Story, Final Fantasy Origins, LoK: Defiance, Tales of Destiny.

Recent reading material: Japanese Folk Tales, Myths of the Norsemen, The Best Baby Name Book Ever, Odd Thomas, SJSU's Spring 2004 Catelogue, Rising Stars of Manga vol 2.

Recent lustings: Loki (Mythical Detective Loki), Dee Laytner (Fake), Anji Mito (Guilty Gear XX), Edogawa Conan (Detective Conan [which BTW has been picked up, the 1st 50 or so eps]), Aro of Swords (Pot Sticker), Hisoka Kurosaki (Yami no Matsuei), Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7), Miki Shinichiro's voice, Mayu and Mio Amakura and Itsuki Tachibana (Fatal Frame 2)

This is what happens when I get sick and I'm supposed to stay in bed.... The mind starts to wander. I've also decided to do a short (5-6 chapter) mini-series that preceeds Ecstacy Education (the series about insane teachers who teach insane delenquents), w/ a working title of "Project Assassin". I plan to do a bit more background history on mainly Ashton, Rowan (no, Fox, not you, you just share the same name ^^), Bridget, and maybe Effram. I dunno, I just felt that w/o the full history, the comedy of EE isn't as powerful. For more information....watch this space.

Well, I'm off to get some sleep for tomorrow. I'm gonna kiss ass like the world has never seen. Go me!

*Wish me luck Lunies!*

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

See? I Can Flutter Better Than You thought

What's on Dez's desktop: Chii and Black Chii clasping hands in matching outfits; Vincent Marcone's disturbing Home Sweet Home; a Loki & Reiya montage; DMC's sexy Dante

8:30. What was I doing up so early while still on vacation? Reading blogs, dispensing my 2 cents in some cases, checking out some movies that are in the works, downloading some new pix from Vincent Marcone, and listening to "Chou" one time too many back to back with "Until The Day I Die" by Story of the Year. No, I wasn't researching programs for ripping FMVs from a PS2 game, so that I can make AMVs with Fatal Frame 2 or LoK:Defiance. Heavens no.

Dio: She lies.
Lolita: How can you tell?
Dio: Her lips were moving.
*badum bum psh*

Since FF2 (no, I don't mean Final Fantasy) has been handed back to Tsubasa-kun for the time being, I'll be butterfly-less until I decide to shell out $50 for it myself, or until my b-day in a few weeks if I ask it as my sole present besides a hooker and a bottle of Almond DiSarono. XD So I suppose I'll just have to stare at this screenshot of Itsuki Tachibana until then..... Man I love dead bishis.

Raz: Does she mean us, Aro?
Aro: I have no idea but I'm likin' it.
Loki: Looks like we're gonna be wearing kimonos any day now. She's gonna make us wear make up to make us paler too, isn't she?
Aro: Just you lifers. Us dead guys can get a great pale pallor by just letting out hearts stop no problem.
Raz: And such is the plight of the undead.

50 Disturbing Things soon tobe forthcoming. But until then, here are the lyrics to "Chou".

Chou (Butterfly)

Deep underground, I kept digging a hole
Without knowing where it would lead.
With a dirt-covered eyepiece in one hand,
I search for your arm.

Scraping together patchwork happiness, and sewing it
I was crushed by your strength.

Burned on, Burned on,
The inerasable scars left by the palms of my hands.
Sever a rift in the red-stained clouds with my torn hands,
See, I can flutter better than you thought.

The eternity that I dreamed while confined in my cocoon
Where will it take seed and blossom?
The morning will eventually come and bring the darkness back home
And steal my eyes away from me.

Fumbling for you by moonlight, overlapping and entangling with you,
I believe I could become your true hiding place.

Burned down, Burned down,
The place of our promise that will never return.
Run across the black-stained earth with a torn-off agony
See, I can flutter better than you thought.

If you can’t hear me, even though I scream,
I want you to destroy me with your own hands
While you can still hold me dear.

Your arms that hold me back
Turn into a gentle dust.
I simply stare at the sky, silently.

Burned on, Burned on
The inerasable scars left by the palms of my hands
Sever a rift in the red stained clouds with my torn hands

Burned down, Burned down,
The place of our promise that will never return.
See, I can flutter better than you thought.

*til next time, Lunies!*

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

What Scares Shinigami?

Chou (n)-- Japanese for butterfly.

DDR, that's what. Dezzie no likey DDR. Well, not much has been going on besides gaming. So, here's what's up:

Fatal Frame 2: Some Mourners, Broken Neck Woman, Fallen Woman got bitch-slapped from here to the Spooge w/ my Zero lense. Too bad I had to give it back. So any further adventures in All God's Village will have to wait until after my b-day. ^^;;

Star Ocean Second Story: Had to backtrack to pick up Ashton, only to find that he's pretty weak, even with 1000 hit points. ^^;;;; Still kimda cute tho...but pieces of his costume are pink. Is that normal or is my TV all wrong??

Tales of Destiny: Had to start over....^^;; Well it happens when you don't play for a year.

Legacy of Kain Defiance: Chibi-mode r0x0rs. That is all.

Final Fantasy 1: Warrior Aro's kickin' ass, Loki the Thief's hitting almost as hard as my warrior, White Mage Rya's still hitting harder than my black mage Kozumi with her Iron Hammer of DOOM!, and I'm just getting around to the Earth Crystal's cave. Yes, I named my Light Warriors after charas from my comics, sue me.

Other'n that, nothing's been happening much. Went to SJSU to show David his new college campus and buy school books.

Sate, minna-san, soon to be forthcoming will be a list of 50 things that disturbed me as a child and still do now. Mayhaps Ryochan will be doing a similar list when we agree on a date. Be warned: I am a paranoid chickenshit. ^^;;; *cluckcluck*

So until I get something better to babble about other than hot bishi ghosts......XD Take care.

*Til next time, Butterflies!*


Monday, January 19, 2004

Oneesan...Do Ko??

Kozumi's Quote of the week:
"Hey, cutie...you got a twin brother?? ....Is he dead too? ^^"
--the first thing that struck my head upon seeing Itsuki Tachibana in Fatal Frame 2

If anyone's been wondering where our host has been, she's been intermittently playing and fearing the survival horror gem Fatal Frame 2. ^^ What can I say? I admit I'm hooked, and not cuz the charas are cute. Its got a sad story, and the scare tactics are pretty good. I'm hooked on the theme song Butterfly (Chou) and I've sent my minons to search for the music video.
For those who aren't into the survival horror genre or have played other games like Silent Hill instead of this sleeper hit, Fatal Frame's premise is that you run around, taking pictures of misshapen ghosts with the Camera Obscura, a camera that can see the unseen and exorcise spirits when taking pix. In the second installment, you play as Mio Amakura, who along w/ her twin sister Mayu, are trapped in the Lost Village, All God's Village, and must escape the dead villagers; and all through the story, there are clues about a ritual in which one twin kills the other.
I LOVE THIS GAME. And yes, Tsubasa-kun, I will give it back soon, as I am going to buy my own copy tomorrow if fate allows.

So! Aro, I'm gonna give you this exorcizing camera and I'm sening you to this ridiculously haunted house and village and I want you to take pictures of vengeful, murderous ghosts.

Aro: Only if I get a hot chick to follow me around, walking 2 miles an hour and wears cute outfits, and is the bait so I can get Fatal Frames.

Um, you can take Loki.

Aro: Then he has to wear the skirt and boots.
Loki: XP You wanna crimson butterfly?
Aro: Can't, we're not twins.
Loki: Minor problem.

Now, you 2 take good pix ok? And make sure neither of you comes back with...unusual markings on your necks, ne?

Rya: Like a giant hickey?
Loki: No, Rya, that's not a butterfly....-_-
Rya: Hey...this Itsuki guy...he gonna be....haunting the premises?
Aro: Dunno. You wanna come too?
Rya: Hell yeah. He IS a twin.....
Loki: Dear Lord...you two and dead people.... As long as she wears the cute skirt-tights combo.
Rya: ......fine.
Aro: As long as we split the Tachibana twins.

^^;;; Well, no doubt will the Fatal Frame posts continue...mayhaps even the wacky adventures of Aro, Loki, and Rya in the village of dead vengeful ghosts. XD

You are Mafuyu.You're loyal to those who have
helped you,
but will that be your fatal flaw?

What Fatal Frame Character Are You Like?
brought to you by Quizilla

So...I'm a hot journalist?? GO!

*The Ritual.....Lunies....*


Thursday, January 08, 2004

Pretty, Pretty Butterflies....

Clio's Word of the Week:
Hammerspace (n)-- A magical, mythical plcae from which female anime characters pull out large mallets, guns, or other such weaponry or blugoning object when they become angry (the better to smash the male chara, who is no doubt responsible for engendering the wrath of the female).

MacWorld freakin r0x0rs. Though Iomega (responsible for the wonderfully odd and someimes downright stupid brightly colored buttons I'm wont to collecting) was not present, like Slashdot (whom may be attending the Boston con instead), I did get to see some pretty neat stuff. Like the new iPod Minis. Holy cow, those were cool. They're tinier than a normal iPod (the newer ones like mine), and come in fruity new colors like lavender, power blue and my fave: pink. They can only hold, like, 1,000 songs but nonetheless, if you have a small iTunes library, its perfect. A bunch of the Apple guys were wearing them on their sleeves via an arm band and they look cool. ^^ Made me miss Byakko like a bitch tho.....but I managed to buy an ipod skin for Byakko, so now I really do have a pink ipod. Ph34r teh p1|\|k 1p0|>. For those of you who hate l33t, screw you. XP
There was something else that really caught my fancy, but I'll get to that in a later post. Trust me, its sooooooooo cool. ^_~

In short, there was much funage at MacWorld, though my feet hurt....XD Got to see some really cool things and brought home some demos. Syndelin, our resident MacHead, was very pleased, as this was the only con that Dio didn't make her dress up for. XD

Syndelin: I do NOT cosplay. Thank you.
Dio: Aw, but cosplay is fun! *plans ipod commercial costume*

Hey, 3 cons a year, not bad for RanLune, ne?

In reference to Mon's quote, I've just finished Dean Koonntz's new novel "Odd Thomas", a great book. I recommend it to any Kootnz fan, but if you want a really good 1st person narritive by him, I'd recommend "Fear Nothing" And "Seize the Night" more than "Odd Thomas". The premise to OD is about Odd Thomas (yes, his first name's really Odd), a short-order cook who can see dead people (pause for side-splitting laughter from the Sora/Haley Joel Osment fangroup), and often is enlisted by the dead in solving crime surrounding thier deaths, much like Tsuzuki's role in Yami no Matsuei, only that Odd's not dead or a shinigami. August 14th, he finds evidence that some cataclysmic massacre will occur the next day, and with the help of spirits (one being the King of Rock himself), attempts to halt the oncoming onslaught. Its a sad, bittersweet ending though, so bring a tissue. All in all, we here give OD a thumbs up and 4 stars outta 5.

Inha: I thought reviewing books was MY job??
Syndelin: Don't worry, you're still late w/ "American Gods".
Inha: Hush you.

Well, tonight's the night: TenTen's bringin' Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly to my house with hopes to finish it. Fun game, and I'm eager to see how it all ends, despite the unchanging CG expressions of the charas within and the mediocre voice acting. If anyone's played though at least the first 2 chapters of it and would like to summarize it for me, I'd appreciate it. I feel like I missed a lot by missing the first 2 chaps. BTW, Mayu is a gimp. XD

Sate, minna-san. Gonna wrap up. Hopefully there will be another post within the next 2 days. Until then, don't concentrate too hard or your head will explode!

*Til next time, Lunies!*

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Monday, January 05, 2004

Can I Have a Moment of Silence?

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"I am told not to let the tone of this narritive become too dark. A certain 400-pound muse will park his 150-pound ass on me by way of editorial comment, and there is always the threat of his urine-filled cat."
--Odd Thomas, Chapter 27

Yes, in case you haven't heard, my beloved iPod Byakko has joined the ranks of the previous 2 and has crashed beyond repair. T_T All I wanted to do was wipe the damned thing clear so it wouldn't munch up my Two-Mix and Rammstein tracks and render them unlistenable unless I want to restart my computer 30 million times. T_T So I have been iPod-less for a total of 2 days now, and though my longest stint sans iPod was about three months or so, it pains me to be without my lil Byakko. Curse ye, Bad Apple Karma!!! Curse ye!! I don't see why this always happens to me; I run every comp I have to the ground, to Hell and back. I'd be a perfect tester; gimme your comp for 2 weeks and see how many times I crash it! Grrrr......whine....I want my iPod! T_T

Late happy birthday to TenTen-Tamagochan! You're 20 now!!! Rot in Hell! XD XD J/K, feel my love, ne? All kidding aside, happy b-day, bro. We're gonna be the same age for a month or so!
The party sleep-over thingy for TenTen was a blast.. We went to the Tech Museum, ate some pizza and had a blast at Liltichan's house. So gracious her brother and mother were for puttig up w/ us psychos! Whilst a few of us were chillin and talkin' TenTen and a few choice friends decided to play Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly. Oh what a fun idea that was! I could hear them screaming; it was great. Saturday nite I really wasnt in the mood to watch but come Sunday morn, and we were all crowded in one room, watching TenTen as a young girl run around at about 2 miles an hour, taking pictures of ghosts and screaming silly. XD XD XD It was great. I'll go more in depth tomorrow, unless I'm still at MacWorld w/ my dad.

I'm hopping into bed to catch up on sleep, on account that a bunch of us stayed up all night talking Sat. and last night I *only* got 13 hour of sleep. XD Hey, I like my sleep!!! XD Watch this space for a (new?) member of RanLune, and the cast coming back after their rest.

*Til next time Lunies!*

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Thursday, January 01, 2004

First Post of the Year!!!! WHOOO-HOOO!!!!

New Years Resolution: Stop procrastinating.

Bethany: But we can always start that next year~~! ^_^

What's on Dez's Desktop: A YamiMatsu wallpaper made but my lovely koi (icons on the left); Watari stripping Tsuzuki....o_o "Show me your body!"; another neato wallpaper made by a freind, the fabulous Liltichan and her Sonic X collage

Bethany: So! Nice party, ne, minna-san??
Kage: Sez you. My date was passed out or ridiculously drunk the entire time.
Loki: Aren't you glad we brought dates?
Rya: Aro passed out from all the alcohol...hmmm, what a surprise!!! -_-
Ashton: Made things easier on my end.
Kage: >< MY daemon! Go molest someone else's!
Dio: Did anyone watch Dick Clark in NY last night?
Syndelin: Oh you mean Tummy Tuck Everlasting?
Loki: XD Oh come on, he isn't that young looking.
Kage: Heard they were going to air drop him in.
Dio: By Air Force One.
Ashton: "Dick Clark you are more important than our Nation's president."
Bethany: Luckily he still has the body of a 30 year old.
Kage: Bionic implants.
(Cue $6 Million Dollar Man sound)
Rya: Did anyone else catch the New Years celebrations around the world?
Dio: Yeah, anyone see Hong Kong?
Loki: Psh, yeah, FIREWORKS. I shoulda gone there to celebrate. New York is so overrated.
Ashton: Nothing really happened. I was watching CNN and nothing. Again.
Loki: Yeah, I was kinda disappointed that there weren't any riots. Its was reletively a normal quiet New Years.
Ashton: 'Cept when the ball dropped and it exploded and took out Times Square.
Kage: ......You're lying.
Ashton & Loki: Yeah.
Kage: Ok then.
Dio: A bunch of us spent most of it playing Star Ocean.
Bethany: "The Enemy!!"
Rya: And playing Defiance in Chibi Mode, as we like to call it.
Syndelin: XD OMG, sneaking??? I thought it was the CUTEST thing!!!
Dio: A lotta glitches but still fun none the less.
Ashton: I thought Kain's Cardboard Tube of Death was the best.
Loki: Which is why Ashton, Raziel, and I stalked the rest of Randon Lunacy with said tubes, whacking people to death.
Ashton: And in Aro's case, literally.

Well, as you can see there was more of a party in my head than in my actual house. Star Ocean r0x0rs my bo0x0rs....now if only I could handle the battle system better. XD Its pathetic when you die in the first half hour of an RPG. XD XD ^^;; And yes, the above mentioned modes for Defiance really do exist. 3 words: Vehiculum Furtus Maximo.

Dio: For those who actually go to Legacy of Kain: The Lost Worlds will be the only ones who'll get that....^^;;

Whelp, gotta unpack, I'll catch the rest of you later. Stay bright, stay magical, stay otaku, peeps!

*Happy New Year Lunies!*

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