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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"I love deadlines. I love the wooshing soundthey make as they fly by."
--Douglas Adams

Back again, after a small hiatus....XD What's new in Dez-Land?

Skool. Skool iZ bad. I have early morning classes, and on 2 days of the week, I go as late as 6:30 to 9 PM. -_-

And I'm sick.....XP I caught some sorta horrible virus that's completely incapacitated me all WEEK. Did I mention its midterm week? Meh he, at least I can post via laptop from bed....

Ok, enuff about me. How's the rest of the crew down here in Lunacyland?

Dio: We're sick. Most of us.
Aro: 'Cept for the ones who are undead. Or robotic....
*Clio smiles and carries in a 20 gallon vat of codine cough syrup as if it were a stack of pillows*
Raziel: That's just scary.

Here, its time to make your head implode.
WTF, mate?
Hooray for Romanian Gay anthems.

So the codine's kicking in, and I'd better hit the sack. Have fun Lunies....XD

*Until Next Time Lunies....*

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