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Friday, August 29, 2003

Kozumi's (late) Quote of the Week:

"Well, you know, TenTen, I have a uterus...."
--Rya, when TenTen expressed an interest in fathering children one day.

And Kawaii-chan's Word of the Week:

Pleh (interj)--1) A word/sound that is used as an evasive answer to questions one does not wish to answer. 2) A sound/word used to express frustration, bordom or irritation (see Gwar).

Well, Lunies, with the new school term starting, we've been a might busy. A little to busy to post.

Aro: which sucks cuz then she asks Aise to post and all hell breaks loose.
Ashton: I know, isn't it great? ^_^

But its doeesn't seem like the site's getting much traffic anyway....so, yeah. The comments are working again, after some stint of being not working....dunno what happened there.....

For those of you who visit Ryori-san's forum (TsuNu Forum, or something), you've noticed that your lovely host has put up a bid of $20 for Who's ponytail. Some of you may find this either a) ridiculous, or b) downright dumb, but let me say in my defense that I want it for a chibi doll that may or may not be used for a voodoo doll later.....

Ashton: Riiiiiight.

Anyway, I want this and anyone who bids higher will cause me to raise my bid and make me hate you with a holy passion that burns with the fires of a thousand suns.

Syndelin: ......riiiight....

Short docket today, as we really don't have much to report.....mayhaps something interesting will happen over the weekend. Also, I get the feeling that the "homework" assignments are "too much work" for some of you..... Its simply my version of interactiveness for thsi lowly site. Anyone who'd like to give me some feedback on how to make things like this more entertaining is welcome to do so. Well, that's about it....

duo's ass
DUO'S ASS!!! You, my friend, have a NICE ASS!!!
*cheers* It goes well with braids especially
when your long braid always slaps agaisnt your
ass all day long... You look good in black
clothes... well at least your ass stands out
well in it. ^^

(Anime) What sexeh Bishonen's ass do *YOU* have?! -^_^- (includes pics!! XD yey!)
brought to you by Quizilla

HELL YAH!! Otou-san wa dare de aruka?!

Lex: Uh.....riiiiiiight.....

*Till nexxt time Lunies!*


Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Hey! This is Dez! I'm back and wearing nothing but a thong and a smile! If I get enough hits onto the Random Lunacy site I will actually get up and dance for all of you.

Aro: Damnit! It's Aise again! Everybody run!
Aise: That's right. I'm back and hungry for uke blood!
All Ukes: Ahhh! *scatter*
Aise: *grabs some whips, chains and a tranqualizer gun* And the hunt is on!

Hey all! As you might have guessed, Shayna is back again and reporting from the wilderness of... North California. Well, the Bay Area. Ok, so it's not the kind of wilderness that you usually think of. It's college life! That's right, lunies. Shayna has actually made it to college without (too many) attempts at killing herself! It has been fun so far, but the first week is supposed to be a breeze and then get crazy-hard. Gah! I don't want to do school work! I want my summer back! I am sharing a dorm room with two (count 'em, two) other girls. We haven't had any reasons to throttle each other yet, and I hope things stay that way. The other people on the dorm floor are nice as well. And they have... game stations!! I have been able to play Grand Theft Auto for the first time in my game-deprived life! I love them desperately!
The friends I've made here are pretty awesome, too. I have lot of fun with them. It's nice because they are from South Cali and are always freezing cold. I'm going to have fun picking on them once it actually starts raining and stuff.
I want to see Mars! Dez left me to type this while she gallavanted off to go planet gazing T_T. I'd better get paid for this. What's worse is that It's cloudy here, so it's not like there is any way I can go see this. Dangit *banging head on wall*... I'm going to go deflate now and do *gasp* homework. It's a breif update and a date to look down Dez's breifs... thong... whatever. I will go now and see thee upon my return.

*Later Lunies!*


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Monday, August 18, 2003

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:

"Gee, I'm really sorry that didn't kill me."
--Ashton, in reference to narrowly missing death from debris thrown from a lab experiment going, per usual, horribly wrong.

Kozumi (sweeping up floor): My my, another change? (blinks)
Ashton: ......Clio!!! You been redecorating?
Clio: No, Master Ashton. It was like this when I got here.
Aelys (stomping in): WHO MOVED MY ROOM AROUND?!
Lex (decreetly tries to throw the trap door switch): Um.....
(The trap door is about two feet from the place where Aelys is standing, gaping open like a dog awaiting a treat)
Aelys (to Lex): Did you just try to drop me?
Kozumi (calmly sweeping): Don't ask me. The place was reformatted when I got here.
(Aelys proceeds to beat the crap out of Lex, and inadvertantly drags Raz into it)
Aro: What happened here?
Ashton: Apparently the place has been revamped again.
Aro: Again?!
Dio (to Kozu): What'd you do?!
Kozumi (shouting): It was like this when I got here!
Ashton: Dang, and I'd just finished redecorating the dungeon fro Aro and Kozumi too......
Aro & Kozumi: O_o
Dio: I swear, if this place keeps changing, we're moving!
Aro: Where to? its not like any of us know how to run one-a these babies ourseves.....
Syndelin: A-HEM! And what am I, chopped liver?
Ashton: You couldn't code any of this if your life depended on it!
Syndelin: Those are fighing words, Crow!
(Beatdown proceeds)
Kozumi (sighs): Darn, and I just cleaned up the last bloodshed too.....
Clio (same beat): Doomed to a life of clean-up.....
Dio (sighs): Fu.....maybe Aise did this whilst we were all at camp?
Aro (singing to himself): "High school girls! High School girls! All for me! High School girls!"
Aelys (beaning Aro with a shopping cart): No more Fruits Basket for you!
Aro: ^_^;;;; But its Hana to Yume...!
Aelys (strangling Lex): You wanna be next, AngelBoy?!
Aro (tearing up): Bu-but....! I'm DAEMON! (dashes away in tears)
Dio: Smooth move, Hibiki.
(More arguing and abuse commence)
Kozumi (to Kage): *sigh* Utter chaos again.... I wonder...how are Betts and Dio gonna finish the mangas now?
Kage: ^^;;; I dunno, Kozu. I hear we're due for another permanent resident any time now....
MaoMao: A baby??? Whee! We're gonna have a baby!!!
Kage & Kozumi:: ^.^6
Lolita (to Raz): Oh, Razy, won't it be wonderful? Another arrival! Luck shines upon us!
Raz: >_< You've gotta be kidding.
Lolita: The pitter-patter of little feet...!
Raz: She's off in her own world again....
Kozumi: ^^;;; Better start rearranging the guest room again....
Kage: I thought I wasn't supposed to be permanent....

*Til the next time I get to a computer, Lunies...! ^^;;;;*


Sunday, August 10, 2003

Hi kiddies! It's me, Dez. I would just like to announce that I am going to be selling my body for extra cash...

Lolita: No! That's not Dez! It's Aise!
Aise: Darn. My cover's been blown!

Yes, that's right. I have successfully hacked my way into Random Lunacy in order to torment Dez's ukes while she is away.

Aro: Actually, you didn't hack in. She gave you the password.
Aise:... Shut up *whack*... and either way I'm in and I'm gonna torment you *cracks knuckles* Look at all the pretty ukes...
Ashton: Sensei is back I see. ^_^

Let me introduce myself properly. I am known as Shayna, Aise, Aisu, Sahana (on the forum), or... what was that sweet thing that Dez always calls me? Oh yeah!... Satan.
Since Dez isn't here to tell you about her day, I'll tell you about mine. I... got up and typed this. Uh, let's do yesterday instead. Yesterday I went to Natural Bridges with some family and it was fun. I got pretty sunburned, though and I am begining to do ye olde skin peel. Wow, was that quick. Let's do the day before, too. The day before was the San Fran trip. I had a good time, but it was hard to do a lot of stuff while keeping tabs on 23 people. I had to go home early T_T so we could take off for Natural Bridges... only to find that I could have stayed later because my step dad didn't want to drive up so late. Arrgggh! I was very ticked off.
Anyways... Hmm... What else can I do here? Oh yeah! I have the homework power!

Assignment: Ok, so this is more of a cry for help than a homework assignment... I don't care. I just started buying Hellsing mangas. I need someplace that has translations for the first 2 books. (I found a place that only has book 1, but it wasn't very good.) I don't kow what I'd give out for prizes. I suppose I could draw you a pretty picture. OK, for the best Hellsing translation sites I will draw a pretty of your choice and try to get it to you somehow. I'll toggle with the scanner or you'll just have to wait until I see you. Winners will be announced whenever I get my lazy butt up to do it... Or I'll make Dez do it.
P.S. Keep doing Dez's other assignment, too. It's happy! ^_^

*Stay there.. The Head Luney will return in a moment*

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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Kawaii-chan's Word of the Week:

Kawaii (adj): Japanese for cute, darling, lovely, or any word within that area.

Ashton: Welcome all, to Random Lunacy.
Aro: Today we're posting from the stomach of a very large fish.
Anna: You mean a whale, don't you?
Dio: Same diff.
Anna: Whales are mammals.
Rya: Unlike the rest of you.
Anna: Hey....
Rya: Just the guys, dear.
Anna: Oh.
Aro: Its really quite wet in here....and cramped....wait a tic.... Rya? That your hand? ............Do it again.
Rya: My hands are in my hair and on Dio's armpit.
Ashton: That's my hand.... ^_~
Dio: .............Ewwww....
Rya: Anyway, time for the requisite Intros. I'm Rya "I'm too sexy for this picture, shame I have no feet" Li St. John.
Dio: I'm Dio "Useless as a lantern in the daytime" Maxwelle.
Aro: I'm Aro "I got kicked in the nuts by Yugi Motou".
Ashton: I'm Ashton "You're just sour because you don't count as an extra credit project" Crow.
Anna: And I'm Anna "Why just a Fangirl and not Fanwoman?" Mei.
Ashton: You got kicked in the nuts by a Japanese kid with a split Egyptian personality?
Aro: At least I don't get shown up by a 15 year old girl every day.
Anna: And they say bishonen are too pretty to fight these days.
Rya: No one says that.
Anna: Oh. Wanna get some shonen ai dj's?
Rya: Is Lina Inverse flat as a washboard?
Dio: Its more like a pair of raisins on an ironing board.

Hey all you Lunies! Well, I've got some sad news..... Your lovely hostess, Moi, will be gone the whole of next week on a camp for high school girls as a counselor. joy. The hours one has on this job.....and the girls! Drama drama drama! And the walking! At least it wasn't Stanford, which was infested with insects and the walks were 1 hour round trip from the dorms to the buildings we had workshops in. More on that experience from hell when I feel like ranting about high end schools. Anyway, I will be away for the next week so no new posts.....unless Aisu rememebers the password and user name to break in and help Ashton torture my ukes.....

Aro: Don't post that you fool! You just gave her the idea!!!
Kozumi: We're doomed.

The Yaoi Selector: Which Seme are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Oops..... My bad. Anywayz, not only that, the week immmediately after I will be at my mom's house so posting will be either scarce or non-existent. I will try to post when I have the chance. So until then, Lunies, ya'll will hafta fend for yourself on other, more interesting weblogs. ^_^;;; However, I will get a rare chance to snuggle with my dear Koi in something like 9 days, so mayhaps there will be a collaboration post.... Which may be more than anyone may bargain for....

Well, as some of you know (since you are either a good friend or a memeber of Ryori's forum), there's the huge San Francisco trip Friday, tomorrow, today, whenever ya'll read this. I'll be gracing the scene with my presence, as it will be my last day of true freedom with friends before camp, mom's bootcamp, a wedding, and of course, Hell itself, the fall school year. Let's make this a day to rememeber people! Let's really let our hair down, and be crazy! Cuz my time is growing short! And for some of ya'll that can't make it, Fairy God-nee-chan is cooking up something to ease your sorrowful souls while everyone is at the SF Ball. It may not be a pair of glass Nikes, or a pumpkin BART train ride to the city, but it shall make amends for the atrocities set before you by circumstances and Parental Units. But what and how.... "Sore wa himitsu desu!"

Until then, chill with the new assignment. It'll be interesting. I hope. Maybe. ^_^

Assignment: Okay guys, with the huge SF trip, I've got something special. Make some memories, and when you all find something that happened over the trip that will stay with you forever, or at least until Prom, mail me back or pop 'im in the comment box. If you are unable to participate in this trip due to uncontrolable circumstances, or otherwise, send in a memory that you are quite fond of anyway. Memories are our most precious possession. Let's share the wealth!

Oh and here's my promised breasts..... For mature readers only!

sex appeal

(results contain pictures) What kind of ANIME BOOBS do you have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well, they're not any of RanLune's girls....but they'll do!

*Till next time Lunies! Hang tight!*

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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:

"Oh yeah, becoming an vengeful, murderous spirit is actually a career choice in the AfterLife. You should look into it."
--Aro, to Kage, regarding the Urban Legend ghost Bloody Mary (Case 2)

Waiiii!! Tadaima, minna-san!! And man, what a trip it was!

First rant: WAHHHH!!! Space Mountian's closed til 2005!!!! T_T (weeps ucontrollably) How can this BE?! I know they want to refurbish it but.....T_T You can just go to Disneyland and NOT ride Space Mountain! ARGH!!!!! (starts to beat holes in wall)

Lex: Umm....you guys think we should take over?
Ashton: Give her a few more minutes.

Do you know how long I'd been waiting to ride that?! That's one of my all-time favorite rides! I was all ready to ride, what with my iPod cued up to Two-Mix's TRUST ME and everything. Man, my disappointment was like nothing I've ever had....not even a rejection letter from Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga could match that.... Well, maybe it would...but trust me (no pun intended), I was not a happy camper. Ah well.....I hope they end up smoothing it all out...and add the music right back, cuz then I won't hafta use my iPod....which isn't bad, nor is it the best...cuz I really wanted to listen to TRUST ME while jetting around in Space Mountain. Ah well....I did get to fire up Meeting on the Planet while on California Screamin', which is now sharing the second place spot with Goliath, which I saw in fine form and action en route to Anaheim. We even passed Knotts Berry Farm, with GhostRider also in fine form (a classic wooden rollar coaster), Supreme Scream, a double towered Drop Zone type ride, and my personal fave to watch and fantasy to ride: Xcelerator, a sit-down coaster with wild turns, just a smidge over 1 minute's time and a rumored top speed of 82 mph! My God, I nearly had a heart attack seeing this baby climb over this HUGE hill, then proceeded to plunge its riders down and through these amazingly crazy turns......(drool) I'll sell my soul to ride that....

Ashton: Hang on.....I'll get that.
Satan: Your eternal soul for a rollar coaster? I'll even throw in a Fast Pass with it.
Aisu: Hands off, Old Man, its taken.
Aro: Not by you, I must add.
Kage: Its mine!
Bethany: Its mine!
Dio: Bakas.....

To tell the truth, I think I've already lost possession of the soul....and my sexuality....conscience....humor....mind....etc. Anyway, that's not the point. the point is that scallops will fly out of my pants.

Aro: O_o
Dio: O_o
Diz: ???

Annnnddd, on to the rest of the vacation.....The family thing was a blast, given that the road trip down south was crazy due to all of us being hyper.... This is a bit frightening since one rarelys sees one's own grandparents hyper. Anyway, we had to leave Saturday because I had this mandatory councelor thingy for the summer camp this next week. We stayed at a Ramada Inn, which was ok enough except my dad snores and I'm a light sleeper. ^_^;;; We spent one day at Disney land, and the second day at California Disneyland.

Sunday was filled with much walking and many rides, all of which my grandparents rode on. Its cool when everyone does something together, you know? We even watched the parade and the fireworks show, which is always a treat. My camera (digital) was wigging out the whole trip so I didn't even get a picture with Belle. Penny got one with Ariel, her mermaid idol. She is such a Little Mermaid freak.

We did all the requisite rides, ie Pirates of the Caribbean (which we Fast Passed cuz the line was too damned long...I blame Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom), Haunted Mansion (which I found didn't bother me as much, since we didn't get stuck, more on that later), and even the Matterhorn, which Denali rode as well. See, Denali hates rollar coasters, she doesn't even like Space Mountain (T_T sniff), but she rode on Matterhorn and liked it. It was weird.... Teacups are as fun as always, and Granny wanted to ride on It's a Small World, so we did that too. One thing bugged me tho, and I don't mean the song. I noticed this small lil thing: THERE WERE NO PHILLIPINOS ON THIS RIDE. They had many cultures but no Phillipinos. Hell, they even had Easter Island! I felt like going into a Rex Naverette (sp?) rant, regarding his grandfather and his rant on how Snow White and the Seven Dwarves didn't have Phillipinos....

Rex's Lolo: See all those Dwarves...? They're kind-of a-short...? They like to work a lot...? Sometimes no money....They gamble.... And all of them are single bachelors....? Hauh? Bachelors! Like the Pillipinos of the 1920's..... And they all have to share ONE white woman....? They could be Phillipino! Start the film projector boy!

I was all, "Stop the ride! This is a racist ride!! Racist! There should be Phillipinos, there's no Phillipinos, Goddang there's no Phillipinos, there got to be Phillipinos, I want to see a Phillipino in this ride!" XD Well, not really but I was listening to that track on my iPod....Rex Naverette is so freakin funny.... Maybe they were in the back...I dunno, maybe working the dolls or pulling the platforms or something, you know out of sight.... Welp that's Disney for ya.

Monday we checked out California Disneyland, and made sure we got a Fast Pass for Soarin' Over California. Its a sim ride, where you sit in these hanging seats and it simulates gliding, while you watch California scenery whiz by, with scents like oranges or pine tree, or ocean smells breezing past. Man, it was one of the coolest rides ever. You have to try it, and I suggest you do, at least twice. Sitting int he front row is prime, cuz then you don't have people's feet hanging above you. Its not bad anywhere else but its a whole different experience from the front. Then we hit the Grizzly Rapids ride, the usual tire-floaty water ride in which people get soaked. The cool thing about it was that it kept you spinning, the raft, so that you didn't know who was gonna have their back to the dips and falls. See, most people knoiw if you have your back to a drop on a water ride (the ones that are free floating tube types, like Rip Roaring Rapids), you're gonna get soaked big time. When it came to the big drop, we ended up with Denali and Granny with their backs to it. But when the release for the drop let go, the ride had been fahsioned to SPIN the raft as it fell. Meaning that though they had their backs to it, the bottom soak spot had me and Granpa with our backs to it. Meaning: SPLASH and SOAK. XD It was great. We all got throughly wet, it was cool.

After that, Penny wanted to show Granny Downtown Disney, a sort of Santana Row (for all you Bay Area readers), outdoor shopping center, with her favorite stores, like Sephora. Denali's a shopper at heart...^_^;; So Dad and I got a Fast Pass for California Screamin', then we hit the huge ferris wheel and MaliBOOMer. The ferris wheel had two types of cars: one that was the typical car on a ferris wheel, and the pther was on a track that would slide and swing along it. Obviously, Dad and I did that one. The view was spectacular! I tried to get some shots but my camera was complete crap so I think I got some wide panoramic shots rather than some neat arial close-ups of things like the Anaheim Angel's stadium and Matterhorn Mountain. C'est la vie. It was fun all in all, despite the excessive swinging over the mock bay. On that small note: California Disneyland has an actual Bay Area section with, get this, an actual water bay. Its tiny, of course, compaired to the real thing but its pretty damn cool to take pictures from the wharf at the boardwalk area. Coolbeans.

MaliBOOMer, another ride on the midway, was something like a cross between Drop Zone and one of those strength testers with the bell at the top of its tower and a hammer to hit the ringer at the bottom....hmmm, that description doesn't make much sense.... I've been told that London's Playstation (yes, a ride called the Playstation, I nearly wet my pants whn I saw it) is a lot like it: you shoot up instead of down and bounce your way back down to the starting point. Kinda like a yo-yo. It was cool and it took us a grand total of 14 minutes to wait in line and ride it. Cool.

California Screamin' was, strangely, not as much as I had hoped the first time I rode it, the year California Disneyland opened. True, it was long, 2 minutes and 17 seconds thereabouts. It even has a catapault start up, hitting what I think its something like 60 mph up its first hill. But something was....lacking.... But this time, I had an absolute blast, rocketing Screamin's place from 8th place to 2nd on my personal Top Ten. Maybe it was because I was riding with someone I knew (Dad), maybe cuz I didn't ride Space Mountain (T_T), maybe even cuz I was blasting Two-Mix's Meeting on the Planet from my iPod.... What ever the reason, I loved every second of it from the start to the finish. For all you rail junkies, try California Screamin'; its a blast and a half.

The family decided to head back to Disneyland for Fantasmic, since we've all see the Electric Light Parade. Plus Dad and I wanted to hit Spalsh Mountain, since we all missed it the first time and Denali doesn't like those rides. -_- But when we got there, we noticed the line was held up and no logs were going down the best part, the huge drop in the front of the ride. Seems there must have been something wrong with it so we decided to go meet up with Granny, Granpa, and Denali for Fantasmic. T_T Now that was 2 rides I missed at DL..... Ironically, an hour before Fantasmic, the ride started up again, but by that time, it was too cold. T_T Fate had it out for me this time.

We finally got to see Fantasmic, the light show on the other side of the Disneyland park, on Tom Sawyer Island. Basically it was part lazer light show, part light parade over water, part pyrotechnic, and all cool. Though we sat down in a cramped space for TWO hours waiting for it, we still thought it was pretty neat. It had Mickey Mouse using his "Imagination" (cue Spongbob's Rainbow Hands) to make pretty things come out, like a few boat floats with the Disney Princesses (Belle, Snow White, and Denali's fave, Ariel) and a rendition of the Sorceror's Apprentice. There was footage of various Disney movies projected on, geth this, sheets of WATER. Think Fanime 03 Masquerade with water instead of projection screens and Disney movies instead of AMVs. Halfway thru the Happy Mickey Imagination-ness Fun Time, the Wicked Queen, along with the demon of Bald Mountain, Ursela and malificent (my fave Disney Villain) decide to "take over Mickey's mind" and give him nightmares. I am not kidding. Hey, its Disneyland, cheese is bound to occur. So then we get assaulted by various footage of the villains doing that they do best, along with the Wicked Queen's talking mirror. There was some cool water effects, and then the Colombia (one of the river boats) came sailing on with a fight with Captain Hook and Peter Pan. It was cool, before it lit up (when it was shrouded in darkness), it let off this cannon explosion that totally scared Penny. XD Then Malificent did her thing and transformed into the huge demon dragon that Mickey had to battle. It was kinda cheesy but cool looking at the same time. She spat fire and even made the lake/river ignite on fire for a bit. Then Mickey zapped her with some green stuff and she and the other villains were destroyed. This involved much pyrotechnics, so I was a happy pyro. ^_^ Cue more footage of melting villains on the water screens. With the villains vanquished, the happy citizens of DL came out on the other river boat (the other one, I think it was the Mark Twain) and waved around streamers to celebrate their victory. Excpet that Beast's (Beauty and the Beast) streamer was stuck and he was thrashing it around trying to loosen it like a madman. XD Then there was more pyrotechnics that lit up the sky. And then it was over. It was pretty cool except my butt fell asleep and my knees were whacked out. ^_^;;

We headed back to the hotel to sleep in that night. We slept in Tuesday cuz we were planning to leave. But we visited the Ripley's Belive it or Not museum before we left and checked out some of the oddities there. It was pretty cool. There were things I never knew, like how curling your tongue is genetic (I don't have the genes T_T), and other things. I'd inundate ya'll with random Ripley's facts, like the double pupiled man or Madonna's real name, but this thing's already long enough. Suffice it to say it was the coolest museum trip I've taken in years. We bought some stuff, Denali got some books on some of the exhibits.... What wasn't there were the Fertility Statues, you know the statue that are rumored to make a woman pregnant with just a touch? I really wanted to see them....but Dad would have cut off my hands before he'd let me get within 6 feet of them. XD Anyway, after the museum, we headed home, for the 6 hour road trip on I-5. We stopped at thsi restaurant and there were stray kitties outside. Kawaii. >^_^<

We pulled into home sweet home around 10-ish and after my shower, I promptly fell asleep. And that was the weekend trip thingy.... Well, better finish up, given I just spent around three hours doing this. ^^;;; The usual antics will start tomorrow, only they won't last for long....more on that later. Welp, catch ya'll on the flip side!

*Till next time Lunies!*


Friday, August 01, 2003

Well, peeps, its coming up on the Host of RanLune's Vacation Time!!! Whoo-hooo!! Time to break out the sunblock, notebooks, and have a rascous good time! Wait, is that even a word...? Ah hell, plink it all anyway.

city lights
you are a trip to a big city! You love to be busy,
but you also like life to be full of adventure
and suprises. You love people and culture.
Go to New York and sleep in the metropolitan

(with pics)what vacation are you?
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So, what I'm trying to say here is that, despite the constant posts this week, this will prolly be the last one for a while. My family's going down south to a favorite vacation haunt that I've been missing for quite awhile now. Yes yes, mates, I'm going to Disneyland! Man, do you how long its been since I've coated the streaches of the universe on Space Mountain, outwitted ancient death traps on the Indian Jones ride, or scared the bejeezus out of my sister in the almost always empty Sleeping Beauty Castle? Man that place does dredge up plenty of wonderful memories. Never mind that you can do Disneyland in a day or that you can only ride Pirates of the Carribbean (which, no doubt will be more PACKED this summer because of the movie) so many times (my personal record--6). There's just something about hanging out with family at a theme park, my family more specifically cuz most of you all know my family's a riot and a half. Plus, there's California Disneyland that has its 2:17 long rollar coaster.

Millennium Force
Millennium Force

What Roller Coaster Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Most of us here at RanLune are Rail Junkies, forever cursed with searching for the perfect coaster, with 70 mph speeds, huges drops, inverted goodness, and of course, long rail times. My personal favorites are (in order from 1st to 3rd) Top Gun (Paramount's Great America), Goliath (Six Flags Magic Mountain, SoCal), and Space Mountain (Disneyland), with Medusa, Invertigo and Ninja making rapid inroads. What can I say? Space Mountain's a classic, sure it doesn't have the cool music anymore, or its getting a hair rickey, or even the fact that its so damned old, but there's nothing like the rush I get at the bottom where I estimate it hits around 60-70 mph on those last turns. Damn, thinking about it makes me all ready to head doen to Anaheim right this second.

Anyway, the point is, there won't be any new posts for the next four or five days....so ya'll hafta amuse yourselves for a bit. Don't wanna know how tho....

Ashton: He he....
Aelys: Shut up you pervert.
Ashton: Who me?
Lex: He he he.
Aelys: You too, hentai!
Ashton: Birds of a feather.

Plus, knowing the RanLune cast, they're gonna have a ball too in DL, so mayhaps there'll be some random antics from the Head when we return. So, that said, we wish you ahppy times whist we are away and have fun with the new homework assignment!

Homework Assignment: Are you a Rail Junkie? Which is your favorite roller coaster and why? Plus, I'd like to see what ya'll like in a roller coaster, maybe even tell me your best experience on one. The usual prizes are warded for fastest answer, most unbiue submission and a Special AWARD goes to the person who has ridden "Dueling Dragons" and tells me about it. Man I wanna ride that so much!!!!! Ganbatte, ya'll! XD XD

*Til next time, Rail Lunies!*