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Monday, November 24, 2003

The Coin is Still Spinning

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"Try to make [Raziel] sound less...he's sounding a bit bitchy."
--Voice director for Legacy of Kain: Defiance.

You are looking at a gamer that just completed Legacy of Kain: Defiance. 12 days later, the game has been conquered. So, now, the question is:


So thank you, Eidos on a job well done, and thank you Crystal Dynamics for the best action game I've played in forever.


*The Wheel of Fate can kiss my ass*


Saturday, November 22, 2003

Jesus Christ...Literally

What's on Dez's Desktop: The sexy Cloud Strife from Kingdom Hearts; Loki of MaLoRa, ending theme

*Cue bad porno music*
Rya: Good whatever time period/zone you're in. You're at Random Lunacy.
Aro: The sleezy XXX version, apparently.
Syndelin: Which means no underaged children. *tosses Loki into closet with Diz*
Clio: Hmm.....my iTunes' been tampered with....
Loki (now outside the closet): Oh that would be me.
Aro: All cheesiness aside, it had a good beat. I'm gonna get down over here. *starts dancing, badly*
Syndelin: XD Watch Aro go down.....
Loki: And watch your laptop go down. *snaps fingers*
Syndelin: AAAHHHHH! You little bastard! You made my computer go down!
Aro: XD Syndelin's laptop went down on her.
Rya: Will you turn off the damn music?! I mean, damn iTunes....?
Loki: Will you please start hitting power buttons randomly? XD
Syndelin: XD I'm Syndelin Valentine. *turns off bad porn music*
Rya: We're doing intros. Ok, I'm Rya Li St. John.
Aro: I'm Aro of Swords.
Clio: I'm Clio.
Loki: And I'm Loki.
Aro: Hey, Rya, your vacuum cleaner needs to be fixed. It sucks..... XD
Rya: *beans Aro with a broom*

First off, I wanna say a huge CONGRADULATIONS to my sister Penny for getting accepted at FIDM!!!!! WHOO-HOO!!!!!!

Lex: And we're gonna party like its 1999--
Syndelin: Hold up, we did.

And there's your Prince reference for the month. In other news, Thursday night was.....um, interesting..... Ok, let's start with first things first: backround, then I'll hand it over to Inha for review and analysis. A bunch of the anime club got tickets to a Japanese movie (animated) that'd just been in theaters this last October and was ported over and dubbed in mere weeks for American audiences. Called "The Golden Laws", it centered on a boy named Satoru from the 25 century and this girl he meets in a time machine, named Alisa. So, we got a spiritial journey and time travel.

Raz: Legacy of Kain this ain't.

Right. Tsunami Anime Club moved their starting time from 7:30 to 8, promising to run Somday's Dreamers first so the movie goers don't miss anything. Well, that was the plan at least, but they LIED to us by slating Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok first and Dreamers after it, followed by Scrapped Princess, the final ep of Azumanga Daioh, and a double helping of Stellvia the Universe. -_-
Anyway, at 6, Traykor-san took FairSilver, Otakuya and I to the theaters and we all sat down for what would be the most unusual movie going experience we'd ever been to.

And now: Inha's Movie Review of "The Golden Laws"

Inha: "The Golden Laws" is an animated movie based on the books by Ryuho Okawa. It is put out by the Institute for Research in human Happiness. Ok, right here, I would start to fear, or at the very least (though I loath writing l33t) ph34r. The plot revolves around a 15 year old boy named Satoru (who lives in 25th Century New Atlantis), who meets a girl from the 30th century. She has a time machine, and Satoru pleads to go with her to 2003 Japan for a report. So the pair head off to the time stream, but are side-tracked into 2300 BC, where they witness King Hermes (yes, Hermes of Greek legend) defeat a sea serpent. From there, they flounder through other times, meeting various religios figures and learning about the secrets of their lives.
Walking into this animated film, I was expecting a movie about time travel and journey inwhich the characters discover themselves, and was given a story about Buddhism, reincarnation, and the God of Love. It was not what anyone expected. At times, the film was very preachy about the virtues of karma and reincarnation and courage, other times, there was so much exposition, it distracted from the movie and you were left to watch the pretty scenery go by.
Which isn't to say that the movie wasn't well-done. The 3-D computer effects were superb and blended well with the animation style. They were done by the VFX studio resonsible for the effects in Spiderman: Visual Magic. The backgrounds were lush and gorgeous and had many things to look at when the plot rambled on. For the segements where the machine surfed through the rivers of time, the computer effects ere dazzling. The only time, things looked a little out of place was a scene with computer animated sea dragons converging to make a storm. They looked a little too.....shiny for the scene. Also a little cliched were the times when a particular holy figure started to glow in a golden light. It was too cheesy and was laughable at some points. *cue the chorus of angels*
And yes, for those of you who've seen what Valhalla looks like in MaLoki, the heavens in "Golden Laws" also looked like a bad acid trip, complete with a purple haze (XD) of clouds and columns of blue lights. I'm starting to think ALL heavenly places of the gods look like bad acid trips.

Loki: "All will fear Odin's wrath, for in a world of green swirlies, it is black and vengeful."
Aro: And all will fear King Hermes' wrath, for in a world of purple haze, it is large and dragon-shaped.

Inha: Right. The music was very good, and at times very appropriate for the scenes. Surfing through time, you had a techno track playing, and other times, the scenes were perfectly quiet, because, as Miyazaki-sensei knows, some scenes need to just speak for themselves. It was good enough for me to want a soundtrack...though I have a feeling I'd simply let Syndelin rip it on iTunes and sell the CD later.
The immense amount of mythology and religion used in the movie was a trip, especially the way they all connected them in some divine cross-over that rivals the Norse Vs Greek cross-overs that Ryochan and our host are so fond of. Unfortunately, it was incorrectly used in some places, and overall the depiction of such mythological/religious figures was a bit inaccurate. That's not to say it wasn't cleverly done, but in a scale of 1 to 5, I'd give it a 3 for originality.
Its hard to take a movie with an animated Jesus seriously. I remember thinking: "Oh my God! Literally!!! Jesus Christ!!! LITERALLY!!!" Jesus, Moses, the Buddha....all of theses stellar stars of religion showed up, albeit a little inaccurately. *SPOILER* So, King Hermes and Aphrodite are spritial Buddhist spirits?? OMG *SPOILER ENDED* It even has a Wheel of Fate, not unlike the Elder God of Legacy of Kain fame. You know, if Kain and/or Raziel showed up to mess with time, I think the movie would have been more tolerable, but that's me. So yeah. Jesus.
And now, the meat of the review for some: the dub. Given the time they had to dub it, I wasn't expecting something stellar like Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke but I was expecting omething at the very least decent. In dubbing, the quality is torn by 2 factors: taking it word for word correctly from the Japanese version and making it sound natural to American ears; rather accuracy or conformity. In this movie, accuracy for the script was chosen, so you have to give it that much. Again, on a scale of 1 to 5, I gave the dub a 3 for accuracy and having people I recognized. However, in making it accurate, the dialogue was a bit choppy and didn't flow as colliqually as it should. The dialogue consisted of mostly flat sounding lines and repeating what was said. For those who watch enough anime, such things are commonplace. The acting is in the lines, and as most people know, major expression in tone isn't something the Japanese do. Their emphasis in tone is more subtle than Americans'. So in places where the acting would have been more believeable to American ears, it was flatter and more subtle, accurate to the Japanese version. You can tell, the director for the dub wanted to be as accurate to the original as possible, and while that fell through in poor scripting and mediocre acting, you really have to give them credit for trying to stay true to the original.
All in all, "The Golden Laws" wasn't a bad and horrible movie, but it wasn't terribly good either. It hangs in the realm of those who are probably Buddhists and undertsand the immense amount of spiritialization. Only if you know the stuff will you truly understand and probably like the film. Like Final Fantasy: The Spritis Within, the audience for this movie is very small and selected. Not everyone will like this film, and its thick and spiritial plot will probably go over the heads of the younger viewers despite its family animated feel. I give Ryuho Okawa's "The Golden Laws" a 2 out of 5 stars. Jesus H. Tap-dancing Christ.

Um.....thanx Inha...for that...interesting review. And it was an interesting movie, so....yeah. Well, this post's long enough, so I'll let you all go. Gotta get ready for another par-tay....XD So catch ya all on a later date!

*Till next time--any time--Lunies!!*


Thursday, November 20, 2003

Sneezy Game!

What's On Dez's Desktop: Seiichiro Tatsumi smiling psychotically; Hijiri Manase tasting Asato Tsuzuki's horible cooking.
(Note: Desktop changes. A lot.)

Lolita: Good morning, evening, etc, to you all.
Lex: This is Random Lunacy. We're posting....
Aro: You're reading it.
Rya: Today we're posting from the recording studio in the Random Lunacy Complex.
Loki: And its a wonderful day in our neighborhood.
Rya: So Lolita, how is life sans Raz the past few days?
Lolita: Not as bad as one might think. I spend a lot of quality time with all you guys and last night, Lex, Aro, Syndelin, and I all partook in a lil "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" marathon from Syn's TiVo.
Loki: We have a TiVo???
Aro: Apparently.
Lolita: Ne, Lex-kun? (pause) Oh.
Loki: Oh, Lex's having a sneeze festie!
(Lex sneezes a couple of times in the backround)
Rya: Must be the winter allergies.
Lex: Annnnnnd we're go..... *sniff*
Rya (sneezes): Dammit it must be contageous. My nose is kicking in.
Loki: I'll kick your nose in. Anyway--
Rya: Yeah, I think we're all just allergic to the recording studio. Or the complex itself.
Loki: Well, I guess that means we need to sacrifice the cat.
(MaoMao meows confused)
Lex: I think it might be the cat.
Lolita: B-but the cat is soooo cute!
Rya: XD Nekos not allowed in places with computer equipment. Nekos chew wires.
Loki: Yeah, well, cats are the root of evil, namely allergies, so I say we sacrifice her.
Aro: .......Riiiiight. I say we just sacrifice YOU.
Rya: Or dropkick you. Whichever comes first.
Loki: O_o
Aerith: I thought dropkick was 2 words.....

Yes, today, we're all playing the Sneezy Game, cuz the Winter Cold seems to have snuck up on us.....>< Runny noses sux0r. Anyway. Squeezing in a post before leaving, and this post is subject to editing. As always. XD

Tonight, about half of SJSU's Tsunami Anime Club's heading out to see "The Golden Laws", the movie we all got tickets for. Looks superb but I'll tell you how it goes prolly tomorrow. Time travel never looked so amazing. And fun.

Speaking of time travel, Defiance has certainly taken the cake for insane plot twists by time travel. My favorite dungeon in Blood Omen has now been fully 3-D rendered, and Raz and Kain are both in it. I smell sacrilige and Battle Royale. ^_^ I can't wait!

Raziel (singing): "Ev-rybody dies in---"
Aelys (beans Raz with a club)

Awwww.....such love! Anyway, watch this space for (ha!) coming attractions....XD And I guess only a few of you will catch that.....XD Good luck for Penny, as she's off to FIDM (fashion college) for her critique and interview! Send her lotsa luck, minna-san! So catch ya all at a later date!

*Til next time Lunies!*

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003


Clio's Word of the Week:

Chara (n): Short for character.

Finals fast aproaching. I've been given a basically blank check for my final project in 2D concepts. Whoo-hoo. ^_^ My dear Koi and I were up late last nite, plotting our costumes for next Fanime and Yaoi-con. Hotness. I am officially backed up, so for any of you who wanted me to do a costume, I may not be able to do one unless its one of the ones Ryochan and I have pre-decided. The list goes as follows:

Pet Shop of Horrors
Matantei Loki Ragnarok (who didn't see this coming XD)
....I know I'm missing one.... Ah~~ Brain fart....XD

Anyways, yeah. Ryochan'll chew me out on the ones I forgot, but those are the ones that I need to be starting on.

Not much else.....The Golden Laws'll be tomorrow.....XD Yay! Anime movie! The only bad part was that the club guys lied by putting MaLoki up first, instead of doing Gundam Seed and Someday's Dreamers first. Bastiches.... means I'll miss out on more crackheadedness and Loki. How could you do that to me????? So yeah, minor pouting, but not as much as the pouting earlier today, when playing Defiance and being thoroughly trounced by TWO bosses at the same time.... Ah well, you know its a good game if you die a few times right?

Raziel: "Avernus! Avernus! Ev-erybody dies in Avernus!!!"

-_- Thanks Raz, for that scintillating musical interlude.

Wrapping up....perhaps a short post tomorrow if I have the time. So catch ya on a later date!

*Til next time, Lunies!*

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Guess Who's Back...Back Again.....

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:

"Bisexuals are like vegetarians....who eat turkey on occasion."
--Overheard while at school; That 80's Show

Well, after some techinical difficulties, I'm back. Internet down, comp being a punk, a birthday party, and the general lack of energy to post all contributed. So I'll try to give an overview of what happened since...what, the last post I did???

Um, Legacy of Kain: Defiance came home with me, and let me say, I've been a fun person to live with. XD I won't go too in depth with it now, I'll only say that the game's friggin' amazing. And Moebius is a git.

Lolita: T_T I miss Raziel.
Kozumi: I'm sure we all do.
Lolita: Oh well, I suppose its only fair, since I'll be gone for awhile when FF11 hits the PS2 in March.
Aro: And let me say now, that you both will be VERY fun to live with then. -_-
Rya: At least you're not doing conversion rates for days to hours on FF11.

Friday, TenTen, my sis Penny, and our friend Chumsy headed down to the movies to watch Scary Movie 3. Yeah, it was bad but not as bad as the 2nd one. Its was still pretty hysterical. That and it had Ring references, so its all good. ^_^ After the movie, we browsed the Great Mall, and who did I meet in one of the candy shops but my old best friend Sarah! ^_^ We'd been best friends in Middle School, but we lost touch cuz we went to different high schools. It was pretty cool, I missed her so much. turns out she's been working there for awhile and she's going to school locally. We exchanged contacts so we can still keep in touch. Man, good times, good times.

Saturday was Fairsilver's 21st birthday party. I met some cool people, new friends. ^^ A cosplayer and a guy who had a smack-load of AMVs. We watched some AMVs, and played a lil Blackjack, where I kicked ass. XD Which is really bizzare cuz I was having a load of trouble Monday playing the same game! Yeah I blame it on Loki. *dropkicks Loki*

Loki: >< Godammit!

All in all, it was more of a hang-out party, so it was pretty neat. I hope my party for 21 is that mellow.....XD Yeah right!
So yeah. Better finish up. Dunno if I'll be posting, given I'm busy with Raziel runnin' around tearing up mansions. XD So, til a later date...!

*Till next time Lunies!*

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003




Friday, November 07, 2003

I'm the Farmer, I work in the Fields All Day....

Good whatever time zone, Lunies. Ye host Dez be back for some light ramblings and perhaps a musical interlude.

Um.... We're making way for yet another addition to the Head, a female this time, and one prolly LESS volitile that the last to additions (coughhackAshtoncoughcoughLokihackcough). More news on her arrival and stuffin's soon. On that same note, there's been preparation to attempt a CLAMP, and start crossing over my various series to wreak havoc on the world. This is very substancially different than Random Lunacy the Comic, but mostly the same, only on a larger scale. Candidates for participation extends to the main characters of Neo Black 9 (generations 1 and 2), Pot Sticker, Possessive Ink, Ecstacy Education, Ragnatropolis, and the yet to be unveiled 4-koma series, codenamed "Console", and may be limited to characters whom are participants in these established series. Yes, yet another undertaking for me, when I'm already working on everything else. Don't make me and Ryochan get into the crossovers that occur at Satan's Diner. Believe me, this is prolly much more saner...XD

And now, a musical interlude from Syndelin:

Meeting on the Planet
By: Two-Mix, Translated by Kaijuu_M

In this clockworks city [Earth] stop the alarm [clock alarm] and quickly
Let's go look for what [the smiles] we lost by rushing too much

To go on changing and to go on without changing
Are both hard to do but I like the two of us as we are...

I go on spreading the wings of dreams on a back of showering stars
A night [space] flight that makes the heart dance, to the far distance...

When I've forgotten freedom
You give me the courage to look at the true face
Now in these joined hands
A small miracle goes on being born

The strange feeling as if nostalgic when we first met
We both felt it didn't we, as if to trace back a distant memory...

Both long ago and now [tonight] we're looking at the same stars [starlit sky]
I want to be reborn over and over close by [next to] you...

The accelerating heart is knocking at the door to dreams
Time travelling with love in these arms, to the future...

When I've forgetten nature
You give me the land to run out on with bare feet
The overlapping two shadows
A new story [history] goes on overflowing

I go on spreading the wings of dreams on a back of showering stars
A night [space] flight that makes the heart dance, to the far distance...

When I've forgotten freedom
You give me the courage to look at the true face
Now in these joined hands
A small miracle goes on being born

Seems quite around here...and we all know that's not a good thing.... *looking* NE!!!! Where are all you guys?!

Aerith: Playing FF11, dear.

Ah, dear God. Not you guys too.....

Aerith: Defiance doesn't come out till next week.

That's right....>< Um, lessee.... Well, against my better judgement, I'm gonna let Loki wrap up since Aro isn't here, and Rya's off doing something else....

Loki: Evil things. Anyway, I'll be hitting clean-up...so.... A double movie review of Brotherhood of the Wolf and Run Lola Run soon to be forthcoming, Inha reviews the books American Gods and Party Monster, DJ PC spins some tracks, news on whether or not Kain is the undisputed king of Badass or if the crown goes to Raziel, and perhaps even my own account of how Thor cross-dessed to win back his beloved hammer. XD XD XD And more news on how much of a freak our host is for buying her friend's hair for over $50.

*Till next time Lunies!*

Bite me, Loki.

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Thursday, November 06, 2003

To the Wolf....

Clio's Word of the Week:

Glomp (ver)--An action similar to a hug, however it may be preceeded by a running jump, and may or may not involve groping. Most glomps occurr behind victim, though some are performed in the front. At times, a female performing a glomp may remove her shirt for added effectiveness. The main goal is either to A) suffocate the victim (especially in cases where the glomping female has large breasts), or B) mess with the victims' head, or even C) show appreciation.

Loki: That was the most in depth definition of a glomp I've ever heard.
Aro: Interesting. I had no idea girls removed their shirts for glomping.
Rya: Actually I believe its called "Attack of the Glomping Blowfish, Part 2".
MaoMao: Not quite, but close enough.
Loki: *singing* "Suffocation takes coordination. Suffication: a game we all can play."
Aro: That sounds like that French song....
Ashton: I always thought a glomp was an assassin's move in which you'd choke your victim to death.
Loki: It was. Then girls started to use it and it ceased to be deadly.
Aro: In some cases.
Rya: My tip is to have a running start, preferably from at least 4 yards away. Make sure you're stealthy about it; it's better when they don't see it coming.
MaoMao: But the fear of God they get when you yell their name milliseconds before making contact...that's priceless. And I'm MaoMao, RanLune's Sexuality.
Rya: XD I'm Rya Li St. John, RPG Avatar.
Ashton: I'm Ashton Crow, Master Seme.
Aro: -_- I'm Aro of Swords, CardMaster and General Drunkard.
Loki: And I'm Loki, Mischief-Maker and general Godliness.
Aro: Riiiiight.
Loki: Hospital bill: $1000. General property damage: $200. Psychiatric Bill: $800. Glomping the hell out a rival: Priceless.

Well, Wednesday night, I was supposed to post, and make contact with a few of you via IM, but Daddy brought home a copy of "Brotherhood of the Wolf" and, well, let's just say I got distracted. ^^;;; Man, this movie rocks. The cinematography was excellent, the story was pretty cool, the fighting kicked ass, and the effects were stunning. You laugh, you cry, you cheer. And it has a sword not unlike Ivy's from Soul Caliber. That alone is the price of admission. That and the realy cute indian Mani. XD I suggest you all give it a try. Its a French movie, so those of you who are otaku can hang with the subtitles. Either way, dub or sub, the movie's great. Its just more fun seeing people kick ass speaking French. Just like "Run Lola Run", only that was German, and German just sounds freakin' COOL not matter what you're saying.

For those of you who actually read the date and time, you'll notice that I'm posting when I should be in class. Lucky me, my Geo prof cancelled class and I'm posting in my pajamas. ^_^ Its very relaxing. Anyway, I haven't been feeling well as of late (Tuesday night/Wednesday morning), and am feeling the onset of a cold. -_- So we all partook in our good green friend NyQuil and tried to sleep. Only the drowsyness thing didn't kick in till sometime around 1 in the morning.... You know that point when you're kinda waking up but not really awake and you can hear everything around you, but you're still dreaming? Well, I was dreaming that I was walking across a street and I mis-stepped off a curb and kinda stumbled. Well, that stumbling WOKE ME UP. Its like a falling dream when you hit the ground and wake up, only I stupidly fell off a curb. >< Man, if I were gonna wake up from a falling dream, at the very least I'd like to be falling from more than a FOOT off the ground. >< Gwar at dumb dreams.

Kinda cranky now, given my stupid ex (no. 2) wanted me to apologize for being rude to him. I have no earthy idea what the fucker means, and I don't intend on apologizing. I mean, if he did the the same to me, I'd let it go, cuz I really don't give a damn. But noooooo, bastard doesn't want to leave me the hell alone.... Why doesn't he go make out with that wench of a girlfriend in the middle of a freeway.....>< Well, I don't really harbor ill-will towards his current girl, cuz she seems nice. I just feel sorry for her dating that oaf. Man, thinking about it makes me irritable. *drop kicks Loki*

Loki: >< OWW!!! What'd you do THAT for?!?!?!

Cuz it made me feel better an dseems to be a new trend around here. Next to you running face first into three-foot tall tables.

Loki: XP Bite me.

*mugu mugu*

Loki: O_o Ouch! That's it, I'm setting your kitchen on fire. ><

XD XD Ok, now I feel much better. On the subject of Scandinavian Gods (of which I'm sure you're all sick of....mwa ha ha), last night was an episode of Stargate SG1 that had, what else, Norse Gods. Well, little big-headed aliens ACTING like Nordic Deities. Freyr looked like one of the Visitors from Southpark. XD XD XD And the planet who worshipped them looked like Pilgrims. Now I'm not gonna knock 'im on accuracy here (despite the fact that the aliens were called the Asgard, not Aesir, as they should, and I'm pretty damn sure that the pilgrims were a little late for worshipping pagan gods), cuz ep 5 of Maloki/Ragnarok had incorrectly used Baldur's palace Glitnir.... I like to be a stickler for accuracy, but I'm also open to interpretations. I'm sure there was a note about Glitnir before the episode, its just that I MISSED it cuz my friend Jerome-kun got his frickin' foot STUCK in one of the lecture seats at anime club. XD XD XD Good times, but I still smacked him for it. ^^;;; So ya, point is: Norse Mythology will kill us all.

Rya: That's not the point.

Um, I mean, Norse Mythology is everywhere and is converging on me cuz Ragnarok approaches?

Loki: That's it.

Anyway, this post should tide ya'll over for now. Dunno what the next post will be or when cuz I gave up in trying to plot them all out. Stay safe, stay healthy, and don't eat the rutabegas.

*Till Next time Lunies!*

Dio: What the hell...?

Monday, November 03, 2003

Welcome Back Kain.

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"Yes, I would like thighs...er, I mean, fries with that...."
--Overheard, ordering hot wings, while at Hooters

Lolita: Good morning for us, and good everything else for everyone else.
Raz: Today we're posting from Nosgoth.
Aro: Man, these goddamn Serafan minions are really getting on my nerves.
Rya: Welcome to everyday in 1999.
Loki: You mean, "we're gonna party like its 1999"?
Raz: -_- Oh good. Glad to see that the 80's are alive and kicking again.
Rya: I don't think that was the 80's....
Aro: Whatever. Hey did anyone catch the "I Love the 80's: Strikes Back" thing on VH1?
Raz: We did. It was bizzare.
Loki: "Ch-ch-ch-Chia!"
Aro: "Rock me I'm an apple danish!"
Rya: No, fool, it was "Rock me, Amadeus."
Aro: Either or.
Lolita: I personally liked the music video segments.... *singing* "I wanna know what love is!!!!"
Aro: Please shut up before I throw you to the Serafan.
Loki: XD Uh-oh, hot sauce in the hole!
Rya: I'm Rya Li St. John.
Aro: Oh yeah, intros. I'm Aro of Swords.
Loki: I'm Loki.
Raz: I'm Raz-Raziel.
Lolita: And I'm Lolita the Pure.
Rya: Interesting...only I have a last name this time around.
Aro: Cuz names are overrated.
Lolita: *still singing* "I want you to show meeee!!"
Aro: -_-6

Well, the time has come for us to do Part One of the Defiance party, as we are all looking quite forward to the next chapter in the Legacy of Kain series. Another downloaded trailer has us all eagerly anticipating the release of everyone's favorite time-travel-brain-squeezing action/adventure game. Plus if you pre-order at Gamestop or EB, you get a comic book to boot! Well, if that don't start my soul sucking eagerness, I dunno what does.

Raz: The song "Soul Man" gets me started.
Aro: And if YOU sing, I'm gonna impale you with your own sword...thing.
Loki: "I'm a soooooul man! Da-da da-da da-da da-da! I'm a soooooul man!"
*Aro chases Loki, swords swinging*

Battle engine looks sweet, as do the graphics. Slow down seems to be at a minimum and the backgrounds are simply amazing. ^_^ I will be very happy November 12. Whee! Time to kick some Serafan ass, yo! Michael Bell! Michael Bell!!!

Whelp, better head off, as Aro and Loki are tearing up the place. Again. ^^;;; So, all you FF11 peoples better have yur fun while it lasts w/ me, cuz the day Defiance comes out, I'm gonna be unattainable just like you. Oh man, I'm STILL gonna be a geek....XD Cept that I know Raz can tear out the throat of any Taru Taru that comes his way....XD What a picture.... Catch ya all 'n the flip side, folks!

*Till next time Lunies!*


Sunday, November 02, 2003

Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well... Good even' my little droogies. It is I, Alex, your friend and humble narrator. I know I've not frequented this place enough, oh my brothers. But I've seen it all on my oddy knocky, just ittying about. *Looks around and catches sight of Muraki and Aise -censored- ing with Tsuzuki, Loki and some other bishis* This seems to be quite odd. Cast your glazzies to the veck over there. It seems he's got himself a malenky malchicky wick and getting ready for some of that ultra-violence. A little of the old in-out. I, myself do prefer the nice young divotchkas, but I'll not interfere.
And, in any case, one such devotchka, Dez, has asked that I relate to you some of what I have so recently been up to.
OK, it's too hard to talk that way. I was going to do the whole post in nadsat, but it's too freaking difficult to work in all the malenky, little words. But I'll sprinkle a bit here and there to confuze some *coffdezcoff* people. Plus the talk is stuck in my head and I can't stop it... Oh, well. Here goes nothing.
Well, so far I have been to a grand total of four parties (count 'em, 4) since I began my college life. One of which was at the house of a family friend, another of which was at Dez's... I am such the party animal *waves a single, lil' noisemaker in the air* Ok, the other two were all right, too. At the first one I did get to see three malchicks all lubbilubing at once (if it sounds wrong, it probably is).
The second was all right. The police were all over, though. No milk-plus for yours truly... It was basically a bolshy, big dance. No booze or drugs. There was a quick fight I think, but it wasn't much. It was, supposedly, a party that had country-wide fame. 'The Bowles Party' (at the all-guys dorm) is supposed to be this exclusive and pretty big-shot thing, but I didn't think it was that great. It ended at 1 or so and I just stayed the night with my friend who lives there.
What else has happened... I got an A on my psych midterm... a long time ago... some midterms are coming up... I kidnapped Loki, Thor, Hermod and Heimdall from Dez... My anthropology teacher draws awsome carnivores and stick figures... That's about it, my droogs. I bid thee goodnight. Oh yeah! One more thing *dropkicks Loki while humming "Singing in the Rain"*.
*Until I next viddy thee... adieu*