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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Show Me the Meaning of Being Lazy

Kozumi's quote of the week:
Child-like innocence is a necessity of this world. Otherwise, we would have *never* believed a video game about a portly plumber who falls down a kingdom and into a magical mushroom land, filled with mushroom people, where an army of evil turtles are trying to ruin their shit. If you tried to tell that to us today we'd be like "WTF are you snorting man, gimme some!"
--Az, I am a Japanese School Teacher (Gaijin Smash)

School has officially started (in that its the 4th day in and thus add codes have been for the most part issued). And there has, w/ the exception of last April/March, never been a time when I have wanted to jut sit back and goof off than before. Sure all summer, I had the time, but my nature is to really just laze around like a fat cat in a sunbeam when I have all the free time in the world, and update things like DA and my blog when I have next to none. Its an odd habit I really need to kick.

So. This semester is full of retakes, and so far, it seems like spring 08 again, since I decided to be a dumbass and book myself not only the intro to Autodesk Maya class, but the habitat project class (wherein you must produce a 12 inches by 22 inches, photorealistic pencil rendering AND acrylic painting of a habitat w/ at least 30 animals and plants), AND the illustrious Sheldon Borenstein's friday drawing class which is about 6 hours of straight drawing. Oh....and there's that non-fiction class.....

So! Expect to see me a bunch of times when I'm trying to escape from work. lol.

What's new? Nothing really. Most updates'll hit DA first, then here. I haven't been up to much besides Brawl/Pokemon/Earthbound Diaries and the new series I've been working on, Distance. I am preparing for a massive Neo Black 9 revival, since next year will be the 10 year anniversary of existence.

At some point I'll be finishing that brawl vid I promised. Haven't gotten around to really getting my footage of the Tabuu fight mostly cuz Tabuu is a cheating whore. I might start another vid to get me started.

Halloween, Lunies! Its coming! I've been sniffing around Guise's blog and though I've been merely lurking, I can already see the beginnings of something for the witchy october season. Can't wait. Also I'll be attempting a Halloween countdown myself, perhaps w/ more reviews and scary things like Dionaea House or a spooky flash game.

And I'm jumping WAY ahead, but for you Advent-urers, I've been doing some XE AC related stuff and hope to have it up soon. ^^ I miss HU.

Ok! Update over. Back to making temples and helmets.

*Welcome to hell, Lunies*

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Get SET Summer Week 2008

The graduation video for this year's Summer Week at Santa Clara U. ^^ It was fun this year.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Could Use Some Booty Sweat Up in HERE

I'm not good at reviews these days. I dunno. Its hard to really review something for me nowadays without ranting. XD I feel everyone has this same problem. But after mentioning how I saw Tropic Thunder to the Dark Entries Crew I was in spired to at least give a quick primer review thingy for it, seeing as how I did one for Wall E.

So. Tropic Thunder. My dad, who was in the Air Force when he was may age and starts some of his stories w/ "This one time we got so drunk/high/smashed...", took my sister and I to see it. My dad likes war movies, so TT was his cup of tea. Bring a sense of humor not easily offended and experience w/ movies like Apocalypse Now and Platoon to the theater and it'll make the experience that much more fulfilling.

The first few minutes of the film is spent w/ humorous and very unexpected "previews" of movies the "actors" in TT have been in. Believe me, you'll know when. To the fellow who shouted "What the FUCK???" at the Booty Sweat video, I salute you. ^^

There were times when the movie went to places that only Guise would dare to go. I heard my dad mumble "did they just go there??" a few times. I loved every second of it, from the pyro tech guy to Tom Cruise's roll as Les Grossman. As a parody of those war Vietnam movies, it does it homework pretty damn well.

I know this movie isn't for everyone, so let me break it down to this: if you enjoyed Dodgeball, this movie is right up your Satan's Alley. It has about the same crude and inside joke humor. It is full of the most retarded and stupid humor I have heard in a long time. And speaking of which, the use of the word retard amuses me, mostly because I'm so sick of the repeated and continued neutering of our entertainment to be politically correct. Bleh.

Enough of all that. Of the $10.25 spent on the ticket, I'd say it was worth every penny to me. Just be sure to wear an extra thick skin. ^^



Monday, August 18, 2008

Johnny 5 Fell in Love With an iPod

I'm one of those silly types to chase after the bus/train/etc and so this is why I'm offering a short yet honest review of the latest Pixar film Wall E. I'm sure you've heard numerous reviews, raves, critiques, chats about Wall E, from extended Pixar short to Cute Overload w/ robots.

First things first. The short that preceeded the film--Presto

I loved every second of it, from the tip of Alec's ears the the bottom of the portal top hat. Its probably the best short film I have ever seen bar none. Take equal parts Bugs and Daffy and mix it w/ Portal, and there you have comedy genius. The timing in Presto was probably the best in almost any animated adventure, timing you can only get in Termite Terrace pictures.

I would pay $8 to see Presto. Hands down.

Next: our feature presentation.

First off, you need to really remember that though this is a children's movie, don't go in expecting candy and rainbows. The first scenes of Wall E are very straight forward and honest; the Earth is a literal trash heap, abandoned and neglected. The film's not shy about the consumerism/laziness aspect of modern living. If you take offense from someone telling you upfront that your yard is a mess or that you need to take a shower, then you're not going to like the film. Its not in your face if you don't take offense from being told that this is indeed a very real possibility for our future. I am aware of the trash issue, the inactive lifestyle our society has taken, and despite the ugliness of it, I accepted it and decided I wanted to change my lifestyle, even just a little bit.

Ok, enough of the Green Rant, cuz I had my fill over the last few weeks (long story). I wouldn't call Wall E depressing, because that would mean there was a distinct lack of hope throughout the film. And even in the middle of endless chaos, there were still beautiful things in the world; Wall E's collection, the stars, sentient beings, even the small change in two characters in the middle of the film. There is hope, much like that box Pandora messed w/ (or an urn, what have you), and she is at the bottom of the pain, and all you have to do is be willing to let her out.

Animation-wise, HELLS TO THE YES. Wall E's emotions, EVE's emotions, even the sweeper bot and the autopilot, all of them were able to get across emotions even ideas with minimal lines, and to me, I see that as an achievement. How many movies, shows, even comics (ESPECIALLY comics, what with their endless word ballons, even in the midst of fight scenes!!) rely on heavy dialogue just for the simplest of messages of fear or annoyance (i love EVE's annoyed face, its so cute), or even love and joy. That says volumes about the direction and animation.

I could say more, but they'd be thinly veiled commentary on the state of entertainment and more rants on how most animation sucks ass these days. XD So enough of my rants and onto the meat of the review:

Of the $10.25 i spent on my ticket, I'd have paid $15 (and if I lived in LA, I would have -_-). If you only see one animated film this year, Wall E was it.

Now. Onto the Tropic Thunder review. XD

*Objective, Lunies*

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