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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Down Time For a Bit

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
Like I'm fucking Winnie the Pooh or somethin o.O "Fucking Winnie the Pooh" as in I AM him, not the action. Cause yeah...THAT would be extremely awkward o.O
--Choco, when describing how relaxing karate was for him

Dio: Welcome back, worms. How was the con?
Dea: Lovely. I think Lex's still recovering.
Diz: Wimp. -_-
Dio: Anything of import?
Diz: There's some seriously good Brawl players out there.
Lex: Hot chick population fucking boomed. I mean, shit, every three steps was like "shwing!"
Dea: We missed the cosplay contest. Ah well. ^^
Dio: Dynamite. Today we're posting from Random Lunacy HQ today. This place is a mess and I'm Dio "This Shit is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" Maxwelle.
Dea: I'm Dea "Cosplay Retiree since 2004" Maxwelle.
Diz: I'm Diz "Your Ike is a Cheating Whore" Maxwelle.
(all three) TOTAL relation.
Lex: And I'm Lex "I'd Climb Her for a Dollar" McCloud.
Dio: We need to clean this place up. There are costumes everywhere. Its like a freakin' orgy happened last night.
Dea: .......Is that a Lucas costume over there?
Dio: ........Ok, an orgy in one room and Lucas just happened to sleep over WELL AWAY FROM THE NOISE.
Lex: And you call me the pedo.
Diz: Says the guy who laments not getting that Ness cosplayer's contact info.
Lex: She was cute!!

Con fallout isn't pretty. Right after the con, I slunk my way back out to Manteca, and watched my precious little sister KP graduate middle school. *SNIFF* I'M SO PROUD. Therefore, my room looks like a closet exploded on my floor and my desk. I'd show pictures but there's clean laundry i haven't put away since Friday.
Lex: Dio, is this your thong?
Dio: ?? Nope. That's Raz's.
Lex: I just threw up a little in my mouth. ><
Overall: of the $55 I paid as entrance fee for the whole weekend, I'd say it was worth $40.

The Pros
-Costumes. They were pretty good this year. Some bad, but a lot of real gems.

-Hot chicks. God-dayum. O_O They were out in full force. And I mean, you couldn't go 3 yards before you saw another hottie dressed as Electra go by.

-Artists' Alley. It was amazing this year. So many artists, so much talent, and even cool things like those adorable Earthbound plushies I'd been eyeing for about a month. ^^ Yes. I have a Lucas and Ness plushie. I am so happy I could die, but I at least wanna get married before that so the dying in happiness will hafta wait.

-Relaxed atmosphere. Very little drama, thank god. Only a few snafus, but nothing on the huge range as previous cons.

-Dante, Vergil, and Wesker were there. Yeah, I mean the voices, but it was fucking awesome. ^^

-PA Music. The overhead music gave my ears something pretty to hear, like the Brawl soundtrack, various Final Fantasies that included even Crystal Chronicles, and even RickRoll Friday morning. Hell, anything's better than Nami Tamaki's ONE ALBUM on rotation for 4 FUCKING DAYS. ahem.

-Quiet Maid Cafe. It was in the back, they had more real estate, and the maid were cute (mostly Skuld, cuz she's fucking adorable). No clamoring fanboys.

The Cons
-Asshat con ops. On the whole, w/ the exception of very few volunteers (1st years of course), and the video room guys, the con staff were buncha assholes.
---EXAMPLE: Peacebonding and Con Safety.
The rovers for peacebonding were ridiculous. I completely understand banning arisofts and actual blades for weapons. That's fine. I was down w/ getting my league baseball bat peacebonded for Ness (even had Lucas' stick and the plastic bat peacebonded). I understand getting most large sticks and waterguns peacebonded. I understand common sense.
But when you make someone peacebond a fucking paper sword but let a titanium golf driver go, that's just RETARDED. Seriously. I took my friend's "sword" (might I remind you its made of cardstock, shiny cardstock) to get it bonded after the rover told him to, and even the girl who did it agreed it was stupid. But we had to anyway.
I had no less that 4 people tell me to peacebond my bat as I walked literally 50 feet to walk my sisters to the at-con reg line, and another one tell me on my way up TO the peacebonding station. That's just ridiculous.
----Example: How NOT to handle an incident
There were a few Team Fortress scouts running about. It was a neat and simple costume. They, like Ness (and to an extent Lucas) carry bats as part of the costume. Cool. Then i hear from my friend that an incident occurred where a scout hurt someone w/ their bat. Suddenly, the con ops panic and start confiscating EVERY bat from any cosplayer, Ness' included (just so you all know, Ness was pretty popular; there were roughly 5 of us this year). Straight up started taking them from random scouts.
Ok, I understand that something happened, and that they were trying (in the dumbest way possible) to ensure not only safety, but to try to identify the weapon that was the culprit (and the owner). But to basically take them from peoples' hands w/ little explanation, that's not cool. The person injured gave a description, and its not the best, since this is based on someone in costume, but I doubt that the victim could pick out the weapon when they were all assembled.
A scout I knew personally was understandably upset; he was not at fault but he, along w/ others like him, were being punished for someone else's mistake. I felt that the panicked confiscation and sudden ban on bats was a bad way of going about the problem. No, i didn't get mine confiscated, since I simply carried it discreetly, but if I was confronted, I would have asked them to escort me out, since I would leave the con. They were unfairly taking other people's property w/o properly explaining the situation, and instead leaving the grapevine network to explain the situation.
If Fanime had, on their signs and in their programs, left a line about how they reserve the right to change their rules as they see fit, then I would have to give in and accept their decision, even if I saw it as unfair. After all, I understand the liability. Only they didn't. No where in any form did I see this right posted. Therefore, since bats were not a banned item going into the con, to others who had nothing to do with the incident, a sudden ban (that really only lasted through Sunday night) was a violation of our right to have it as a prop. I may be muddling my laws here and the such, but I stand by my opinion.
I had a yo-yo ball for Ness, and I spent the whole weekend swinging it around for pics and generally swinging it because my hands don't like to be idle. I never hit anyone but myself w/ it (I got good fast, simply cuz Ness looks like a n00b if he ends up hitting himself 50% of the time XD). I would play w/ it while I walked, even next to people. Did they make me peacebond the yo-yo, even after the Scout Bat Scare? No.
But they could have. They should have. But, like a titanium golf driver, the yo-yo slipped under the radar.
You guys know that yo-yos used to be a weapon right?

I don't pre-reg anymore. I should but I generally forget. That's the way the ball bounces. I'm ok w/ waiting in line, a longer line, of course, than the pre-and early reg'ers. Its nice down time, and I rarely have plans that first friday that early (reg usually starts at 8).
Now I see that this year I should.
Why? If you've never been to a convention, usually the line for at-con registration is about an hour to 2 hours long, where in you wait til you get to the booths, and a kind volunteer will take your info and money and print your badge right there. Then you go along your merry way. One line, one-two hours wait, one paper badge and a program bag. Simple right?
This year? You spend an hour or so in line til an available computer opens up. You enter your info into the computer, which will send your info to the booths. Right? Well, after you hit send on the comp, you write down an authorization code, and stand in another line (shorter, usually 15-20 minute wait), where you wait for one of maybe 2-3 booths (down from 6-8 in previous years), hand over your code, and money (they're supposed to check IDs...which they didn't), then they send you over to a table.
This table is the print area, where volunteers rapidly and frantically shove your name into its holder and lanyard, and have people w/ bad vocal projection shout your name like a lottery over an already impatient crowd. This is by far the worst part, since not only do at-cons have to wait, but early-reg does too, and there is no alphabetical, numerical, or indeed an sort of order to help organize. I was told this has "more flow". I saw it as a complete collapse of organization. By Saturday, it was metered out so there wasn't an angry mob by the time you had to go to collect your badge, but this was unacceptable. I'm sorry, but as long as the line was in the past, it was much more straight-forward and logical than it was this year.
In short: registration was a mess.

-Unhappy staff
It happens every year, but this year, the volunteers and staff were understaffed severely. It seems the mistreatment from previous years had caught up with the con. Long hours, bad management, little compensation (i had a friend who paid admission earlier this year, then was roped into staff, and wasn't yet reimbursed for the admission). This is what staffing volunteering at Fanime has become.
And if the staff was unhappy, esp. the rovers, you can bet they took it out on the attendees.

-The Internet
I don't mean the connection speeds (though they sucked). I mean the dumbshits in the Guy Fawkes mask playing Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" on a boombox the whole con, in an unending rickroll. Its only funny the first day, asshats.

-I lost the game

-Dealer's room
Eh. Kinda sucked this year. i spent more at Artists' Alley than the Dealer's Room. It was small this year, and I heard cuz to get your foot in the door, it took a grand per table. O_O As such, the prices were a lil (sometimes insanely) higher. Good thing I found the Lucas wig at Swap Meet cuz the wig ppl didn't come this year. *shrug* Wizzywig was there tho. ^^

-Protesters and a special appearance w/ Jesus
I have nothing against the guy who dressed up as Jesus for the con. Call me sacriligious, but it was pretty awesome. He was cool. What wasn't cool was the protestors telling us we're all going to hell outside the con. I don't know if it was anime, the con, the cosplayers, the crossplayers, or yaoi, or what he was protesting, I only know that he was telling us we were all going to hell.
Until our pal JC showed up and stole his thunder. That was cool. ^^ I was down w/ that.
Its just that the incident totally took precedence over the Brawl gathering that I missed by mere minutes. T_T Damn protesters.

-Yeah, I still regret not getting the cute Ness' contact info. She was cute. ^^

That was my weekend in a nutshell. All things considered, it was pretty nice. ^^ My cosplay docket was:
Thursday (swap meet): Wii-tan
Friday: Mio Amakura (Fatal Frame 2)
Saturday: Lucas (Mother 3/Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
Sunday: Ness (Mother 2/Earthbound/Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
Monday: Ninten (YES, technically it was Ness, but I wore the red neckerchief and spent my last hours messing w/ ppl)

(Sunday nite)
Random guy: Hey, um, Ness, ca I ask you something?
Me as Ness: Shoot.
RG: How did it feel....when some bug came through time from the future to tell you you had the save the world from aliens?
Me: .....I honestly though i was stripping BALLS. Seriously. I was all "DUDE, Porky, that bug is talking to us....WE ARE SO TRIPPING BALLS RIGHT NOW. We should not have eaten those mushrooms in the forest". ....But in all honesty, it wasn't so bad in the end, cuz I got to hook up w/ a hottie [Paula] in the end. *Thumbs up*
RG: You just seriously made my night.
Me: Just kidding, I'm Ninten. You got the wrong Mother character.
RG: Really?? O_O
Me: No, I'm messing w/ you. I really am Ness. ^_^

I'm a horrible Ness, i know. XD That's why being Ninten on Monday was fun.

(Saturday afternoon)
*Me (as Lucas) and Choco (as pallette swap Mr. Saturn Ness) walk by a artist's booth*
Artist Guy (to Choco Ness): Hey, you know you wanna buy this bookmark. (bookmark in question is a Pokemon Trainer bookmark)
AG: Huh? *looks at me* Really? You wanna see the others? (other bookmarks were Marth and Pit)
Me: Nope. Just PT. *gets wallet* Of all the characters in Brawl, he's the only one I'd bang. PT's sexy.
Me (Still as Lucas, mind you): Seriously. I mean....Marth's a fag, I don't like Pit, Ness is a little bastard, and Lucas is too cute to think about like that. So, *points to PT* I'd hit that.
Artist Chick next to AG: Yeah. And Pit's Greek, so we know what his preferences are.
Me: oooh. Exactly. How much?
AC: $6.
Me: Sold.
AG: You made my day. I had no idea we'd turn Pokemon Trainer, or any of this, into something sexual.
Me: Yay. ^^ Look, Choco. PT!
Choco: O_O Lucas....
Me: Oh yeah....I'm Lucas today. -_-

I'm an even worse Lucas. T_T

(And just so I can clear this up, I am really serious. If I had to pick which Brawl character [girls excluded cuz I'd pretty much bang them all; only Samus would bang me ^^] to bang, it boils down to PT/Red. I think Marth and Ike are fags [and, as I've mentioned, I hate Fire Emblem charas], Pit's Greek, so we know he's already gay, Snake would never be home, Captain Falcon...just....no, Mario/Luigi/Link are taken [technically], Lucas is too sweet to think of in sexual terms, Toon Link is far too weird, I don't do furries [which counts out Fox, Wolf, and Falco], FUCK Ganondorf I hate him so much, Wario...GOD FUCK NO, and Ness.....well, Ness is a different story. But PT? Hell, I'd hit that and it'd be super-effective. ^__^
Ok....Ness is a close second, but only cuz he's a little punk. He'd Nancy Kerrigan me when I wasn't looking. Yes, I have a shota complex. You should know that by now)

ANYWAY. All in all, good con. I enjoyed myself. If any of you guys are in town/are local to San Jose next May, I heartily recommend coming down. ^^ The only place where you'd see Electra hanging out with Shredder next to the King of the Cosmos.

*Next con--Yaoi Con W00t*

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

3 Things in my Room

So DJ D did this cool post on his blog about 3 groovy things in his room. Suffice it to say its spawned countless others to do the same. While I feel that 3 things wasn't quite enough, I was able to narrow it down. I picked things that say other things about me, things that most people forget I'm into.

First thing: I love miniatures
What you see here is a "room" I've created for my 29cm ball joint doll May (whom you may remember from about 2 years ago). Its onea those modular Target brand shelve thingys, a 9 cube one. I dedicated one whole cube to May, and furnished it as best as I could w/ the limited space. As you can see, its not too large, but she can stand ok in it. The desk in the back was a gift from a friend who knew I loved miniatures.

Ever since I was young, I loved tiny things. I dunno why. I started collecting mini household items when i was young, and stopped after awhile due to other things (games, cosplay, etc), but I always wanted a doll house to display the tiny things I collected or made. One of my step uncles had a house, but got rid of it due to space, but they always kept the items that went into it, from tiny ottomans to mini table sets. I've always been fascinated by the level of detail put into it.

About 3 years ago, I started buying miniatures from Kinokunya; they had different mini brands of stuff from school lunch sets to household items like dishracks. I still collect them, and I got my little sisters into it too (only they actually have a house to display the stuff cuz their dad made one XD). When I got my first 29cm bjd, I was thrilled to be able to have something to display the stuff with.

One of my favorite things in he room is her bug terrarium in her shelf (in the top left)--cuz it has mini beetles in it--, the modular table in the front (it can stack to make shelves), numerous Japanese fair items (not all shown, but the mask is on the chair and I have a few fans, a bag of takoyaki, a crepe, a water balloon, and a purse), and her mini DS (its an old school pink one, exactly like mine ^^) that I found on a keychain. The stuff I have in there now is a fraction of the many items I own (I swap out stuff in seasons). Minis are fun. ^^

Second thing: the limited edition NiGHTS into dreams storybook
Its worth mentioning again that I love NiGHTS; its one of my favorite franchises, ahead of Fatal Frame, Silent Hill Smash Bros. and Legacy of Kain. Though its taken well over 11 years to get a sequel to a game I've loved since my childhood, I still feel that I'm a pretty big fan of it.

Recently my friend Liltichan (who runs Animeish.com, buy her stuff :3) was getting me various NiGHTS goods like a poster, a mousepad, the T-shirt, and the soundtrack, to name a few. But my most prized possession next to the plushie (which i got for a fraction of its usual price of 3 hundred kajillion dollars) is the storybook here.

I don't know the numbers, but I do know it was a limited run. It follows the story of NiGHTS, his rebellion against Wizeman prior to the game, and Elliot's story (though only the parts in the dreams, not his backstory), ending w/ a brief glimpse of Claris. The illustrations are beautiful, w/ these expressive and flow-y lines and a dreamy watercolor quality. I heart this book to freakin' death, and when I get my friend to translate it for me, I will read this to my children before bed. I paid about $100 for it, which I see as a blessing as you don't find it very often anywhere (except I heard recently they're re-printing it for the NiGHTS into dreams remake on the PS2 -_-).

The book is special to me because even though I didn't know of its existence until about 2 years ago, it still brings me back to my early years, when the Mascot War was raging and middle school seemed to go on forever. When I go through it, I feel a child-like sense of awe, a feeling I haven't had in a long time. Books like these are labors of love, especially for a game series that has been lost in the turbulance of newer consoles. And even if its not the best children's book, it still means a lot to me.

If my house was burning, this is one of the things I'd take w/ me. Even if it were the only thing I could take, I'd be happy.

Third thing: My great-grandmother's music box
I was a little monkey when I was young. My grandmother had all these trinkets and gewgaws (yes, that's a real word, look it up) that she had to put on her highest shelves to keep me from them. Of course it didn't work cuz I love to climb things. XD One of these treasures I'd risk breaking my neck over was this little Sweedish handcarved music box that played "These are a Few of My Favorite Things". It was shaped like a lil house, complete w/ flowers in the windowsills and a shingled roof. The best part of this box was that it had a lil filament that would tug the music box's trigger and play the song. But it was engineered in such a way that it would trigger it only once, and you could close the box and listen to the song play once, then shut off with this click. If you left the roof lid open, it wouldn't keep playing, unlike other music boxes, which play while its open, then shuts off when you shut it.

I loved that music box more than anything in the world. Its a lovely piece of work, and its one of those things that instantly takes me back to my younger days when I would spend time at my grandparents' house (they live in Vallejo, which is only an hour or so away, but w/ the way gas is....). My grandparents, in an effort to reduce inheritance drama in the inevitable time of death, told the grandchildren (and my dad and his sisters) to put their names on a piece of paper and put it on, or around the object they wish to take later. I fought my aunt over the music box, and I've won cuz I made sure to hide the music box in my granny's room XD. My granny said I would get it because of all the years of me nearly breaking my neck trying to play with it. Woot.

The one here in my room is another one bought at the same time as my grandmother's. It was a gift to my great-grandmother a long time ago. They have similar designs, only this one has a different paint job, and it plays a different tune (i haven't a clue as to what it is at this time). I don't know who bought the boxes or when, but I do know they have to be the same age. When my great-uncle passed away, my great-grandmother descended into Alzheimer's and fell hard. My grandfather moved her out here to California from their hometown of Davenport, Iowa. She lives in a home, and doesn't remember us very well. Its heart breaking because I remember her so full of life. Its amazing what can happen to a person in only a few short years.

When they moved my great-grandmother here, they had to sell the house and collect her things, from furniture to personal effects like clothing and other things. Knowing how much I loved hers, my grandmother gave me my great-grandmother's music box as a girt for my birthday. I keep a few things in there, not much because the compartment is tiny. Its very special to me. It doesn't play exactly he same as the other one (it takes longer for the music box clasp to click, so that it sounds like an aging egg timer when the song finishes playing), but that's just fine. I like it all the same.

Well, those are 3 things that I deem worthy of showing. Next post may or may not cover what was cut. XD

*til next time, Lunies*

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Monday, May 05, 2008

A Meme??

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"Didn't think I'd get so much for so little by something so hot.
--Jyun on Bunny Haruhi and boxes of hentai.

Ok. I'm running on less sleep than a CS major in finals, but I still feel obligated to do this since I was tagged in a rather round about way, and hell, I'd never done it. This 6 things meme came from
  • Guise
  • , who was tagged by kittymao, who was in turned tagged by The Pilver. I do not know who tagged her first. Its like telephone, only I'm still understanding that the point is not about ostriches but random facts.

    Seriously. I need some sleep. ^^ Mr. Sandman, you're a dick.

    The rules:1) Link back to the person who tagged you. 2) Post the rules on your blog. 3) Write six things about yourself. 4) Tag six people at the end of your post by posting links to their blog sites. 5) Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their site. 6) And let your tagger know when your entry is up.

    Factoid Numero Uno:
    I used to write fanfiction as religiously as a 2 month newbie to Full Metal Alchemist
    Fanfics are not something I'm proud of now that I realized that instead of borrowing characters to play in my worlds, I could just as easily create my own. I managed to kick the habit of writing them back in about 1999, when I first started writing my own comics, and I haven't looked back since. I have nothing against the hobby; I think its pretty cool all things considered. But like most things, the aspect of fanfiction I loathe is the community. People are just jackasses sometimes. Its like any fandom; I've met quite a few in the comics and fanart end.

    Also, I've had the misfortune of reading some really bad ones. Good thing I quit being an english major. ^^;;;

    Factoid 2
    I like older women and younger men
    While it is not an active preference, it seems to be a trend. My last girlfriend was older than me, but all of my boyfriends have been younger. I'll cop to it: I have a big sister complex. XD Born as the eldest daughter of 4, and raised as a tomboy, I can only assume that the reason I have a lot of guy friends is because I'm jut so comfortable around guys more than girls. And as I'm still in college, new friends I meet end up being younger than me. Its starting to become a sobering thought that the youngest of my friends is 18 (she just started this semester at SJSU).

    Most women I've been with have been much more experienced than I and maybe that's why I find older women attractive. That is not to say that I don't find the young tarts at school at all unappealing (college girls freakin rock ^^), its just that for the kind of women I like, they seem to be more mature, obviously. Perhaps its the big sister complex swinging the other way.

    This is not to say I have no lolita complex and just a shota complex. Heavens no. I have both, despite the fact that my tastes in both guys and girls will increase with my age (At 18, i'd have no qualms about hitting that w/ a sophomore, but I'm 25 and I think I'd want them to be hitting the 18 mark cuz then, I don't have curfew to worry about ^^;;;).

    If you've been a long-time reader, you know what I mean. XD

    Fact 3
    Despite my out-going nature, I still get fits of shyness and ill self-esteem and I'm afraid of my outgoing and extroverted nature sometimes
    I don't know why, but there are times when I just clam up and get shier than a kid going into kindergarten for the first time. Interviews, most people can understand; make a good impression and all that jazz. But if I'm meeting someone I admire or someone new at work or school, I get really shy. I'm also afraid of taking charge of things, despite being someone with a lot of experience.

    I just got promoted to co-head counselor in at Get SET, an summer engineering camp for girls in high school. I'm frankly scared to death of being in charge. I think that I'm really a push over and that I have no authority. To give you an idea, I've been a counselor for the program for nearly 8 years. I'm the only counselor that has been both in the program as a student (i was in all four years), and the only participant who has consectutively been involved as said counselor. That said, you'd think I'd know what I was doing by now.

    Truth is, I'm afraid of my own personality. I'm afraid of confrontation. I love to talk a good game, saying I'm the big sis who can kick ex boy/girl friends' asses if they hurt my friends or tell off the annoying jackass that just won't leave me alone. But I find I just don't usually. I'm afraid of burning bridges, and I'm frankly afraid of getting my ass kicked (I've been in a lot of fights and I'm not usually the winner). I'm, in reality, a push-over, and sometimes, I scare myself w/ my outgoing nature, be it in defensive aggression or things like flirting or getting involved with leadership.

    Fact 4
    I cry especially easy
    I guess I'm just really empathetic. Hell, I cried at the end of SubSpace Emissary. I was a mess during My Sassy Girl (but to tell you the truth, the movie's a damn wild ride ^^). I dunno why. Hard part is trying to hide that, since I like to put on the front that I'm tough. ^^;;; I'm a sucker for a sob story, and I swear one of these days, its going to bite me in the ass.

    Factolio numba 5
    I have way too many hobbies and interests, and most of them are expensive
    Games are a given. You can't read my blog and not see that I'm a gamer. But, I'm also an avid collector too. Currently, I have a Wii, an X-Box, a PS2, a PS, an SNES, an NES, a Sega Genesis, an N64, and a Sega Saturn all in working condition in my room. That's not counting my Game Gear, my ol school brick Gameboy, a Gameboy Color, a Gameboy Pocket, a Gameboy SP, and three DSs (two old school, one lite), my Atari Flashback, my actual Atari 2600, and games for all those systems (and a few for systems I don't have XD).

    In light of recent events, I'm saying hello to a copy of Mario RPG and Earthbound, finances willing. And no, I don't mean the VC ^^

    But I'm also really into photography. I own a 35 mm Canon EOS that was by baby until I recieved my very own Holga. She takes 120, and though she's requires the expensive film, I love it. Its got that vignette style edges, the blurry soft focus, and the tendency to have light leaks. Developing the film is hell too, since I no longer have access to a dark room (I don't take photo classes anymore), so traditional photography is, while fun, is expensive.

    Yeah, I have a digital camera, but I like the sound of traditional shutters ^^

    I also love to twiddle around w/ music, despite my incapacity to write music or know anything like scales and notes. Thank god for Garageband. I also love listening to music when I work, be it writing, drawing or cleaning.

    Oh yeah. Writing. I do a lot of that. I think you know.

    I love cosplaying, despite the fact that I'm semi-retired (I'm not super active and I no longer compete). That can get expensive, depending on the costume. Thankfully, my recent interests have easy costumes that don't require too much sewing or prep.

    No. Screw that. The Earthbound shirts are a pain in the ass. Striped shirts don't come in the right colors. Fuck you Ness.

    I love to sew dolls. But there're not nearly as good as some, but I'd like to think they're cute. I also love to cut up t-shirts and make them into new shirts, bags and skirts. I'm a Generation T fan. ^^

    There's more but those are the ones that eat up time and finances. Besides art, of course. ^^

    And Fact 6
    I'm incredibly domestic and a homebody
    Part of that is laziness. I love being home, in bed, w/ a laptop and a game/tv on. I couldn't bear to move away from my hometown, and when I visited family in Iowa, I actually got a little homesick. I just love where I live, even though its nigh impossible for me to own a house for myself anytime soon. I'd love to travel, but chances are no matter how much I love another place, it can never be home for me.

    Which means I'll have to keep on the straight and narrow so I don't have to go on the lam. ^^

    Okie dokie. That's 6.
    Tagging. This is hard since many of my friends don't blog anymore, and I'm not sure who else has done it.
    So. I'm stealing a page from Guise's book and saying that if you haven't done it, do it. If not, then I'll try to find at least one person who hasn't and link back.
    li>Moetic Crepes My friend Sunara still writes. ^^ There's one.

    Ok. You're dismissed.

    *Til next time, Lunies!*

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    Thursday, May 01, 2008

    Brawl Diaries: Playing w/ Ness

    Going back to my original point of how I curse like a sailor during games, one game I've found I enjoy screaming at is Mario Kart DS. Roughly every five seconds, the SJSU Student Union is flooded with screams of "FUCK YOU CHOCO!" "I'm sorry, Skuld!!!" "NOOOOO, I HAD A FUCKING GOLDEN MUSHROOM, ASSHOLE!" "I'mma fucking kill you!" "Outta the fucking way, you fat ass Bowser!" "GIMME A HUG!" "OMFG Dio has a starman!" etc, etc.
    So, its basically like this:

    Typical Mario Kart Love by ~DioMaxwelle on deviantART
    That's Mario Kart in all its vulgar glory. Don't get me started on Bomberman for the DS. It makes this look like preschool. XD

    As for Brawl, the same kinda dialogue occurs, just not as....colorful. It certainly is loud. My favorite saying is: "You're a cheating whore" or some variation of it. Its like my mantra. If I could, it'd be my taunt for online play. I'm not a tier whore; my preference for the EB charas stem from the fact they look fucking adorable, not because, like a weapon, they can be deadly.
    I have no self-control with this kinda thing; cursing is second nature. The problem is that other people cna pick up on it because saying "shit" is like breathing to me. So, if Ness, instead of Lucas came over to play, it'd be more like this:
    Yes. Ness would pick up all his dirty words from me. Its not like he'd be learning them from Paula and Jeff. No, I don't' spam PK Fire. Not with Lucas. With Ness, I'm a fucking lighter.

    I have a feeling if Ness hung out with me, we'd be doing "yo momma" jokes every 3 seconds.

    *You're goddamn cheating whore, Ness*

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