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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Apple Turnovers


So, there's this game called Apples to Apples. You have green cards w/ adjectives, and red cars that have people (famous ones like Helen Keller or Gandhi, or groups like ninjas or girl scouts), things (like porcupines or sporks), and places (bathrooms, or states and countries). The way you play is that one person puts a green card up like "spooky", and the rest of the players put up red cards like "republicans" or "my room". The person who puts the green card down judges which best suits the green card and the red card that best matches earns that person the green card. Depending on how many people play, you keep going until you earn a certain amount of green cards.

Well. We don't play it by the rules. The only rule (besides we play til we're tired and want to go play something else like Family Business or Brawl). is that we will put down sometimes the most wrong cards for the green cards in order to make the judge laugh, and arguing your case for something is totally ok, even if you're arguing for a card that's not even yours.

The green card: Delightful
The Red contenders: Ninjas and Pirates (the other cards are not important. House Rules state that Ninjas, Pirates and Girl Scouts are automatic winner cards lol)

Our judge had to take a walk around the building before he made his eventual decision that Pirates > Ninjas. His reasoning: One Piece > Naruto.

Sound judgement.

So here's a few instances of the idiocy of Apples to Apples as done by my friends.

The Green Card: Squeaky-Clean
The Red Contenders: Porcupines, Zucchini, and other things

Davey: Choose zucchini.
Kitty (judging): What??
Me: Why did someone put porcupines?! And zucchini??
Davey: Zucchinis squeak. If you rub them together, they will squeak. I will go to the store and BUY some and SHOW YOU.
Kitty: Porcupines??

The Green Card: Peaceful
The Red Contenders: Spontaneous Combustion, Hiroshima (seriously), other things that were very much NOT peaceful

Choco (judging, and turning over red cards): Ok! What's peaceful? .........WTF HIROSHIMA?!

Me: COME ON, Choco!! Spontaneous combustion!
Choco: That's not peaceful!!
Me: Yes it is! Its going peacefully into the good night!
Davey: ....on FIRE.

Flavor Text on the Grunge Rock Card:
Hey, it beats Disco. Then it drags disco into an alley and beats it some more!

Flavor Text for My Cold Dead Fingers card:
Often associated with the right to bear arms.

During a round, Kitty was playing Phoenix Wright, and talking about one character who doesn't talk [Vera]
Kitty: She doesn't talk. She draws.
Davey (completely unaware he wasn't talking about Apples to Apples): Hellen Keller??

Yeah. Apples to Apples. It makes you say dumb things. XD

*Green: Delightful, Red: Lunies*

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Friday, September 12, 2008

This is the Story of a Cat and Mouse

Whom I remember from my childhood, as many others have.

Sometimes the cat was an aggressor. Sometimes the mouse.

And sometimes there was music. Music that even though we know it, we wouldn't have known it like they had.

But, we remember. We pay tribute. We laugh.

*Is you is, Lunies*


Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm a Rooster Illusion


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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Late, and Long Awaited Dark knight Review

Finally went to see it w/ my bf who promised me, but didn't have time to take me earlier.

Anything I say has prolly already been heard so I'll cut out the fat and leave you w/ the short, SHORT version:

-I loved every character. Everyone was just awesome in the film. EVERYONE. I'm throwing extra love to Gary Oldman tho cuz he's fucking sassy.
-Had the perfect amount of explosions. YES.
-Dug the Batmobile (I haven't seen the 1st Batman flick so this was new to me) and the bike. SLICK.
-Wow....Gotham City has daytime hours? XD
-Didn't see the Watchmen trailer. T_T
-I love a good detective film.

All in all, I spent $8.25 (we fortunately caught matinee cuz it was Labor Day), and I would have paid LA prices (in the neighborhood of $15) to see it. Totally worth the money.

*Told you it was short, Lunies. XD*

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