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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I'm Going Down To Electric Avenvue

Clio's Word of the Week:
Machead (n): A fan or otaku of Macintosh computers.

So! I once heard that some art movements thought that the more disturbing the piece was, the more effective. Well, I'm sure those guys would have been proud of some of the artists i saw yesterday....XD

Ok The whole reason i went up to SF MOMA was to check out their permanent collection of photography, mainly Dorthea Lange and Pirkle Jones, who both did a series called the "Death of a Valley". "Death of a Valley" was a photo docmentary of the town and valley of Monticello being abandoned, leveled and destroyed so that a dam could be put in place (and if you ask me, this seemed very Fatal Frame 2, as the same thing happened to All God's Village. Maybe Monticello also had vengeful spirits? XD;;) A lot of pix werer of the leveling, or abandoned buildings, tho most were of the last Memorial Day these people would have in this town, and their subsequent last visitation of the Monticello Cemetary before the bodies would be interred and moved to higher ground.
It was a sobering series, showing the destruction of such a small and pretty valley town, and it made me wonder about human developement...but musing like this will be used for the paper I have to write so no more brooding. Onto the rest of the museum day!

Dio: You forgot to mention the one thing that all museums do.

Oh yes. For anyone who decides to see a museum during a break of some sort, remember that all museums open at around 11 am. Dad and I headed up to the city and were there at 9 am...freezing and getting wet.

Loki: Its sucked, esp. since the Metreon opens at 10:30. XP

We wandered about Sf streets for abpout 1/2 and hour, stopping off at Urban Outfitters at 9:30 to grab my sister's Sally and Her Bitch Shirt. XD Love those Urabn Outfitter shirts....anyone wanna get me a I Love Jewish Girls shirt? ^^;; They're overpriced, UO, but they have great clothes.
After that, we wandered over to the San Francisco Central Shopping Center where we basically wandered....I got earrings, since 'm wearing them more often now. ^^ I got butterflies! ^^ Anyway, but the time we hit he Apple Store, it was only 10, so we browsed and I got some tips to make my music sound less crappy on Garage Band. ^^;; They had iPod skins, the rubber covers to make your iPod different colors....they had a set of 3 (blue, cleear and green) for $30 but I decided to buy them online cuz they had a better color selection.
Anyway, we get to the Museum, w/ tons of elementary and high school kids miling around it, so we stop off at a nearby sushi place for lunch. While we were eating, a scraggly pigeon wandered in looking for food. It was kinda cute in a scruffy puppy sorta way. Only in Sf, my friends...^^ And maybe NY. Finally, we make it into the museum around 11:30, and hit the permanent photo exhibit. Then we mosied over to the Romare Bearden exhibit (Dad wasn't as interested I'm sorry to say), where I had a visual feast of collage and color.

Syndelin: Hey, the Henri Matisse exhibit was closed for reinstallation. We had to make do w/ temporary installations.

Bearden's work w/ collage was really cool. He had a good way of balancing out the composition and media. A lot of his work was of civil rights, conjour women of the south and classic stories, as he was a great story teller. His Odyssey series was really neat; there was a sort of African spin on the old Greek myths in the presentation.

We went up stairs to the Pop Art exhibit, which featured revered artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Ed Ruscha. The comic style ones were pretty nifty, but some of Ruscha's artwork were pretty neat as well, esp. w/ his use of interesting medium (like gunpowder and his own blood). We saw Warhol's screenprints of Elvis and a young Elizabeth Taylor (standard issue Pop Art, you know); there were plenty of interesting pieces on display for me to just melt. I love Pop Art, it just r0x0rs my box0rs. ^^ I really enjoyed Wayne Thiebaud's "Display Cakes"; I like the use of color that gave the candy and cakes this whimsical childlike quality that most kids will imagine when gazing at a bakery display (or Tsuzuki ^^).
Robert Arneson's Typewriter and "Amended Version" were pretty intersting, and disturbing sculptures I managed to see. Typewriter's keys are, upon closer inspection, nothing more than fingers and orange fingernails, whereas Amended Version's typewriter is a melting, smashed machine w/ a bloodied hand emerging from the paper slot, and destroyed keys that spell HELP out on the grotesque keyboard. Yeah, it was kinda creepy, yet cool at the same time. Call me morbid.

After the Pop Art Exhibit, we marched up to the last floor to check out Supernova, a collection of 1990's art from the Logan collection. A lot of this was just plain odd and overall pretty damn cool to see. The 90s was a time of booming technology and new art perspectives.

Ihna: -_- What??

I have no idea, I'm just reading the website's description of it. If you ask me, it was a collection of weird and cool things. I think I saw Largo's cool thing in there somewhere...XD
I saw an all yellow piece w/ butterflies (real ones) glued on, called "Do you know what I like about you?" It was really pretty, tho i wondered why the artist chose to paint over the butterflies' wings. There were some cool paintings, like Yasumasa Morimura's "Monna Lisa" series, which depticts the Mona Lisa in her original painting, then her pregnant, and finally her w/ a cut away view of her pregnacy. It was interesting, esp. w/ her backgraound changing w/ her pregnacy (crumbling buildings at pregnacy, and a cave-like darkness in the cut-away).
Yet whilst browsing the floor, my eye caught a sculpture, shown here Took one look at her and said outloud: "Hey, I saw her in a hentai once." Yet no one around me understood the remark. T_T The sculpture was of a young, anime type girl w/ pink hair, wearing nothing but a teeny tiny bikini top in the act of jumping or moving. She has no...um, nether regions (think a Barbie doll, the old-school ones before they started coloring that area the color of panties), and it looks like she's grasping her nipples and spraying some sort of white substance around her, something akin to a jump rope. This sculpture, Hiropon, by Takashi Murakami, illustates a new movement called Poku (pop+otaku). I wasn't sure what to think other than, "My God her breasts are as big as basketballs", but the comment on how otaku's dream women are so far-fetched and malformed that all they can wish for is an ideal that will never come to be. Kinda like Persocoms, but that's a whole 'nother thread to be ranting.

Ok, that somes up Supernova in about a paragraph. XD We also dipped by a video installation by a (German) artist named Pipllotti Rist called Stir Heart, Rinse Heart. She played with scale and convention by (in one installation) placing a tiny monitor of her calling out to you in the floor. Its really tiny, making you actually look around the empty room for her. In the 2nd room, she hung various objects liek plastic containers, paper doilies, and clear tubes from the ceiling, and projected a film reel of...well, i wasn't sure, but it looked like medical shots of things like bacteria and stuff, and trippy blobby lava-lamp like visuals over it, creating this odd shadow theater of light and shadow. In the 3rd room was 2 film reels overlapping on a wall. The first was of the artist's native land (overhead helicopter shots) w/ (again) medical footage of things like brain scans and colonoscopies (well, i assumed that, they could have been from the esophagus). On the other reel was of (presumably) the artist walking around, blessing ppl w/ her menstration blood like some sort of holy figure and walking around this busy street. The imagry and symbolism made my head hurt so we shuffled out and decided that 5 hours of walking around was too much, and headed home. And that was my day at SF MOMA.

Dio: And let us say that symbolism and shock value are things that we her at Random Lunacy fully endorse.
Syndelin: Unlike Happy Tree Friends.
Dio: Yes, unlike that.

So, I'll leave ya'll w/ the knowledge that I intend to beat Inuki senseless for cutting his hair this close to Fanime....Yamino's sooooooo grounded. Ja ne, Lunies!

*Til next time Lunies!*

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Monday, March 29, 2004

Stupid Dead Kids....

Kozumi's Quote of th Week:
"Mio's older twin sister, a quiet, withdrawn...oh, who are we kidding, she's a gimp who gets possessed at the drop of a hat and limps off into the heart of danger."
--Souls at Zero, Mayu's description

What's on Dez's Desktop: Sae, the Repentence; Kirie and Miku; Tsuzuki puppy groveling; Wet Panto; Osaka CHARGE!

Well, back in the saddle again. Its Spring Break, yo! Time to par-tay like 1999! Cuz frankly, we didn't in 1999.

Dio: Good to see that Prince is still alive and kicking here.... Damn it, Syn! Turn off that blazing song!
Syndelin: *sheepishly turns off music*

Been reading up on whatever I can get my hands on.... I've just obtained a Fatal Frame 2 FAQ for the Spirit List, and since Sat. night I've been bisting my ass off trying to get all 152 ghosts. Today's 4 hour endevour involved me trying to capture a little kid who runs about 100 mph thru a hallway. Kono gaki......>< This brat took me hurs to get, and all I got for it was an empty pic and a spirit listing. So far, I've gotten every ghost in the first 5 chapters on Hard Mode, but it isn't easy. I am desperately looking for tips and help on the missions because I really want those gothic lolita outfits. ^^;;

Tomorrow, I'm heading up to SF and SFMOMA (the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art BTW), and Wednesday I'm mosying down to Tracy to see Tamago's family's new house. Maybe we'll see Inuki too. So! For those who are planning to be in my photo shoot, the plan is for Thursday, 12-1 pm, at the Student Union (SJSU). Please wear nice white dress shirts if possible, and dark/black pants. If anyone has a bag of apples, please bring those too. I'll call you participants either tomorrow or Wed nite. Thanx!

If anyone can send me nice fanart of any charas from Fatal Frame (1 & 2), I'll huggle you til your head pops off. ^^ How 'bout we make this your homework assignment? ^^ X3

Gotta go eat, catch ya later Lunies!

*Til next time Lunies!*

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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Return of Potter Puppet Pals?

Ph34r Voldemort?.

Just to say that someone else found them and they work now. Watch them or be BOTHERED.

*Til next time Lunies!*


Saturday, March 27, 2004

Whoo-Hoo! Hey Dez, Welcome Back to the World of the Internet!

Kozumi's Quote of th Week:
"Boys, its time to change the milk when you can chew it."
--Bridget, to Ashton and Effram, when cleaning our their fridge.

Clio's Word of the Week:
ROFL (abbrv): Roll on the floor laughing.

Well, its been a long vacation, ne? Interent's been down at my house, after yo-yoing for the better part of 2 weeks. Not that anyone really cares tho....as most of the more desperate readers have contacted me through IM/iChat.

So what's going on w/ RanLune lately? A lot unfortunately. So I'll try to hit everything, bear w/ me. We shall start w/ dropkicking Loki... *dropkicks*

Loki: >< DAMN YOU!

And then roll into school: It sux.

Inha: Thanks for the update, genius.

I've beated Fatal Frame 2 on Nightmare mode, and all I got were these sexy bondage outfits....XD Maybe there should be a shirt for that. I am currently 4 missions away from the Gothic Lolita outfits. If any of you l33t g4/\\3rz can beat some misssions for me, I'd be eternally greatful. Ne, Mantarok? BTW, Itsuki is hot.

I've heard rumors that the Mantantei Loki manga got picked up by ADV. I'm not so hot on the idea myself (as my preference is Tokyopop)be worth my money. But if they decide to do the anime too...well, I'm not sure I'd be so hot in getting it. If Ocean Group's not doing the dub, then it isn't worth my time, though Doug Smith may make a good Freyr.....XD Any further info on the manga is greatly appreciated.

Kenya Believe It
More flash fun.

And now: Anime OD

Con report and comments by our hostess and Dea Maxwelle, cosplay enthusiast.

Dea: Hello-lo-lo.

Very nice. So, basically Anime OD was a small con that had its usual run-of-the-mill things like a cosplay event, panels, a dealer's room, and lots of pretty people in costume.

Dea: *squeal* Whee! Cosplayers!

I would have skipped it, due to my mother's b-day on the day of the con (2 day con but Friday wasn't very eventful), but Tsunami Anime (SJSU's anime club) had some reps from Anime OD and they'd mentioned that Fuchizaki Yuriko was going to be a guest.

Dea: I doubt many people know who that is....

Well, the should. Fuchizaki-san is the voice actress behind roles like Anthy (Revolutionary Girl Utena), Li Koran (Sakura Taisen), Megumi Morisato (Ah! My Goddess), and my personal fave: Loki.

Dea: You shoulda seen Dez's head, she nearly got whiplash looking at the reps to see if they weren't kidding. XD

So I coook up a story about how I can't make it to mom's b-day and prepare the only costume that hasn't been retired.

Dea: Not Aerith...its been retired indefinently.

YEah, I felt really bad about ditching my mom...but most of you know I don't have a good relationship w/ her anyway...especially after last Thanksgiving.... let's not go there. So! My beloved Koi and I both arrange for meeting at the con (*squeal* I got to see my Koi!). I get there late Friday w/ her and a good friend, whom I will call Chester, for lack of a better name. =P We watched a video game sound/music/voice panel for a Sakura Taisen game. Some guy did a human beatbox...XD. It was freakin' excellent. Inuki (or Fenrir as he calls me Daddy...XD Mwa-ha) and I headed home to recoup for the next day.

Inuki had a smack load of wallscrolls and posters to sell at the swap meet so he and I had to lug it all to the Santa Clara University campus, which though I know it well due to Get SET Summer Week is really friggin' big. And I had to do this in my loki costume....did I mention it was about 80 degrees in full sunlight? And that my Loki coat is made of crushed velvet? Suffice it to say it was really friggin' hot in that thing...w/ a wig on and everything. After a few miscommunications and the such, I met up with Chester, now Miroku from InuYasha and my koibito, dressed as Mayura....

Dea: XD She told you too.

I know, but the shock was....well, shocking. She does the voice too well, cept for the times when she said "Loki-sama" instead of "Loki-kun". She's my Reiya for Fanime, you know. Our makeshift skit for the night was Loki debunking Mayura's Bag o' Fushigi Mystery...much like an episode of Myth Busters, only more verbally abusive. XD Inuki parked himself in front of the school cafeteria and sold stuff for the better part of the day....with our help of course.

Dea: Who could refuse Loki and his incredible stretchable Ecchan? XD

Incredible, stretchible, edible Ecchan....XD Wanna eat it. Anyway, I managed to meet up with the other (child) Loki cosplayer from Cosplay.com, Hanyaan Fairy (I hope I spelled that right! Don't eat me if I did misspell it!). HEr Ecchan could sit on her shoulder! 0_0 I am not that l33t. She even had a staff! *bows* I'm not worthy!!! I'd cut my hair to make it easier to wig but...I love my hair ^^;;.

Fastforward to the juicy parts: the Fuchizaki-san panels! Mayura and I headed to the first one, where she was basically giving a background on us, then doing some voice acting on the screen behind her. I love her Li Koran voice!!! She's so cute!!! Pix soon to be forthcoming. She even let some lucky fans go up and do scenes with her!!! *squeals* It was soooooooooooooo cool! Randy-sempai, a l33t seiyuu enthusiest, tried to "steal" her away.... Until she caught sight of me during a voice scene--

Dea: How could she miss you? You had a birght orange wig on! XD

SHe's all: "Ah! Loki desu!" I got really flustered...I got picked later on for a voice session...to do music. So I attempted a pathetic beatbox.....XD It was soooo cool to be standing on the same stage w/ her. Later on would be her Q & A Session and autographs so I made sure that I would watch the time.

Mayura and I took some pix afterward of various cosplayers (an all day thing of course XD), helped Inuki sell things, and generally being the cute Norse God I could be....ok that last one was a lie XD. Eventually, we decided to check out the dealer's room. We browsed, bought some stuff, and lo and behold, there's Fuchizaki-san checking the place out too. I manage to work up nerve to ask for a picture, so her translator sets it all up and Mayura and I troop outside and we get ready to take pix. For this con, I brought my Loki doll, the one I made during last Christmas, so Mayura could have something to hold for pix in case I was gone. I had it in the dealer's room, but when I went to get it, it was gone! I had probably dropped it somewhere, and as I was frantically looking for it, Fuchizaki-san asked us what was wrong, as I pantomimed a doll, she told us (thru a translator of course, though my Japanese isn't thoroughly bad) she'd found it and gave it to a vendor to hold in case it was someone's. She also added that she almost kept it....XD So w/ our doll restoed, we took some pix with her (she said "Punyan!" when she saw my Ecchan...I nearly died. Esp. now thanx to ep 19 (?) of MaLoki w/the mirror curse). I was practically floating. ^^

Again, flashing forward....the Q&A session was fast approaching, and I needed something for her to sign. Inuki dashed off and came back w/ a pencil board for MaLoki (so cute ^^) and Otakuya and I were off to the session; I got to ask one Q and then we had a Paper Rock Scissor contest for prizes (I lost 1st round). After that came the autographs, and I had the pencil board signed. Then I gave her the Loki doll. Yes, the Loki doll I hand-made, the one I'm really attached to, and the one I had lost that day....I gave it to her to take back to Japan. I was kinda sad, but she seemed to liek it so much. ^^ I hope she gave him a good home.

Right after was the cosplay rehersal, in which Mayura and I did our blocking, checked in and basically hung out til showtime. I was nervous, as always, but I calmed down playing with a friend of our's baby. He was dressed as Ryo-Oh-Ki and she was Ryoko. It was sooooooo cute. ^^ An up and coming pop singer named Mayu opened the cosplay, and soon we were into walkthroughs. During ours, Myura glomped me...and my wig fell off!

Dea: O_o

S'ok, I got nice hair anyway...and we played it off well enuff...XD Our skit made people laugh, which is what we always go for. Ryoko and Ryo-Oh-Ki got a prize...it was so cute. And there was open mike....um, I guess you could call some of it singing....while the judges were deliberating. XD William Hong made 2 appearances for the cosplay...I suppose that beats American Idol anyday. LOL

After cosplay, we nipped out to eat, then we did some karaoke (M6ayura did X-Japan, I did Chou, and Inuki did the theme from lodoss War), then caught a bit of "This is Otakudom". I spent the night at Mayura and Chester's apartment they rented for a few nights (god bless the the Bay Area), and the next morning they dropped me off and headed for home. That was the weekend in a nutshell, there are more details, but you'll hafta catch me for those.

Well, this post was uberly long, just like in the days of old where the movie reviews ruled. XD I'd better let ya'll go. Catch ya on the flip side, yo!

*Til next time Lunies!!*

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I Have Seen Hel(l)

Kozumi's Quote of the week:
"They're not cute. They're what you see before you die."
--Best Week Ever (Feb 29-Mar 6?), on the "spongemonkeys" of the Quizno's Ads.

Sorry for the brief posting, but FYI Anime OD was freakin' excellent!!!!! Full-blown con report extravaganza soon-to-be forthcoming, as I am currently talking to my lovely Aikata. So this post will be rather short....^^;; Suffice it to say that I have seen the seiyuu light and the rumors of my "wardrobe malfunction" are completely, totally, and officially true. XD Ha ha, stew in that Lunies....XD J/K

Sate, I'll be seeing you soon! Speculate, wonder, and rumor...feel free! Except you Aise....that'd worry me. XD J/K

*Till next time, Lunies!*

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Para Para Paramedics

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"What are you talking about? I have witty coming out my ass."
--My sister on her best trait

Clio's Word of the Week:
LMAO: (abbrv) Laugh my ass off.

What's on Dez's Desktop: Sexy Mafuyu Hinasaki, Kain and Raziel doing what they do best: kickin' ass and takin' names, the clan symbols from Soul Reaver, Yamino and his Canadian spatulas XD.

*Cue bad pop organ music*
Rya: Welcome to Random Lunacy.
Aro: The freaky-deaky funk-o-matic 7th inning stretch version.
Loki: As we stagger to our feet to slurr the National Anthem, cuz some of you have been drinking an average of 1.5 beers per inning.
Aro (drunkly): "Taaaake me out to duh ballllllgame....."
Loki: That's very nice.
Raz: At least he doen't sing it terribly off-key with his hands in his pants.
Loki: I reiterate: that's very nice. XD
Aro: No, that's Rosanne.
Rya: Ok then. Introductions. I'm Rya Li "Sexy RPG Avatar" St. John.
Aro: I'm Aro, l33t 5|-|1|\|1g4m1 Extrodinaire.
Raz: I'm Raz-Raziel, "Resident Badass".
Loki: Or as we like to call him, Dr. Badass. And I'm Loki, owner of your soul and Voted No. 1 in the RanLune Cuteness Chara Poll.
Rya: That is a LIE. You pulled 2nd.
Loki: It IS a lie, since we didn't have that poll yet, but c'est la vie. Hey, Anime Overload's this weekend. Who's going?
Aro: Well, given that there's gonna be some cosplayers going, I'm there. Dea too, since she's ready to rabidly attack the cosplay contest. Gotta see that. Rya, you going?
Rya: I'm there. Gotta check out the swap meet. You, Loki?
Loki: Hell yeah baby. Raz?
Raz: Sorry I can't cuz I'm having my eyes dilated.
Aro: XD! WHAT??
Rya: You don't have pupils to dilate.
Raz: Actually I do, they're just the same color as the rest of the eyes.
Loki: Yeah, this is just Lolita's, mine, and Dio's plan to deprive Raz of his senses.
Raz: -_- Sure. What's next?
Loki: Touch.
Aro: What are you going to do?
Loki: No, we're actually taking off all his skin and deadening his receptors.
Rya: Um....Raz's skin is scales, doofus.
Loki: Oh. Then its hearing next.
Raz: -_- I hate you.

*dances like a fruit* One of my photos for my project came out really good. Its of my hair and hands...now I just have to get a good stop action blur, and my self-portrait and I'll be set. ^^ Wow, I might actually finish this on time! ^^;; Don't eat me Ryochan, I'm doing hw, I swear!

Just so you all know: Fun Dip is legal crack for kids. Jee-ya!

Anime OD's this Fri and Sat, and its also Ryochan's b-day.... Beh, now I'm gonna get it....XD Its my mom's but she knows I'm "busy". ^^;; Can you believe Ryochan and I came up w/ a skit for OD in about an hour? Feel the power of cosplays on crack. And no, Mayura, the Himura mansion doesn't exist. Period.

Speaking of mansions, does anyone know if Mansion of Water for Kodocha is out yet? Or Paradise Kiss vol 5? I really wanna read those....^^ Oh and as a note on a past post, yes some of the manga I mentioned are NOT Tokyopop publications. I know some (like Yu-Gi-Oh) are Shonen Jump, etc. Sorry for the mistype, and no, I'm too lazy to fix it. XP

Well, foodage is here, so I shall eat. ^,..,^ *mugu mugu* Ja ne, Lunies.

Loki: Come on guys, let's go get Raz's eyes dilated!
Raz: ......
Aro: Whoo-hoo!

*Til next time Lunies!*

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