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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Animal Makes This World

Kozumi's Quote of the Week
"Guess where my jaw went when I saw this thing. Fucking China."
--Matt, X-Entertainment

Yes. I dunno if AC's ever been mentioned here (and it had to have been cuz it comes up in my tags list), but I have to say its one of my favorite franchises ever.

For the uninitiated: Animal Crossing is a life simulation, wherein you move out from your parents, then strike it out on your own in a town, paying off a mortgage (yes), and doing chores, and communicating with your animal neighbors (you're the only "human" in town). Sounds boring, esp. for you Madden/GTA/FPS fans, but the charm of the games are the customization of your home, your clothes, and even your neighbors.

The other part of AC is the community. In the GC game, you could visit your friend's town by popping in his memory card and taking a train. Wild World for the DS takes it one step farther, by giving you the option of using Wi-Fi or Ds-to-DS linking. Looking at other friend's towns is one way to see the uniqueness of other players. Also, by trading or selling items, you can work on completing your furniture catalog (not that you get anything XD). Or you can have fishing or bug catching with friends.

Its like Gaia, only way better since you can't really have trolls and insults w/ FCs and the ability to express only three words at a time. XD

What am I most excited about? The return of the holidays, like Halloween or Christmas, and new ones like....Bunny Day. ^^ Even getting masks to look like your Mii. The city concept is amazing, and the voice chat thing is just the cherry on the sundae. ^^ I can't wait. Nintendo owes it to me, since they never added an Animal Crossing human as a playable combatant in Brawl (*grumble*).

Now. When Fatal Frame 4 gets a trailer, I think I could be happy. ^^

*YES! I paid off my house! I'm completely free, Lunies*