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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

...And I Feel Fine...!

Aro: Hey, Loki, say "The End of the World is near".
Loki (amused): "The end of the world is near"??
Rya: Like, all apocalypic like.
Loki (James Earl Jones impression): THE END OF THE WORLD IS NEAR!
Rya (falsetto): Repent! Repent!!
Bethany: Repent all sins, sinners!
Aro (joining in): Give us your women!
Ashton: And young boys.
Loki: No, no, this is the Apocalypse, not Mars Attacks. Its all about General Chaos.
Ashton: General chaos calls for light rioting, a dash of looting, and a smatter of rape.
Bethany: Maybe YOUR Apocalypse does.
Ashton: It does.
Aro: We've done Y2K. Its all about the End of the World now.
Rya: As we know it.
Loki: And I feel fine.
Bethany: Oh good, I'm glad REM's hit is still alive and kicking. Who started all this End of the World/Ragnarok/Apocalypse thing anyway?
Loki: Well, there was this chap named Nostradamus--
Aro (interrupting): Well, it all started back in the 1800, when I had a vision in an open field....
Ashton: *plays a banjo*
Bethany: What the hell--??
Loki: No Aro, it wasn't a Divine Vision, it was the dinner you had.
Rya: Something tells me that ancient tv dinners before there was a tv was a horrible idea.
Aro: Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have eaten steak sitting there for several weeks....
Ashton: How'd you chew it?? With a bandsaw?
Loki: No, no, the green stuff is NOT healthy.....XD XD It wasn't really spinach. It was probably moss.
Bethany: You ALL are on drugs.
Aro: And on vintage steak with spinach-moss.
Loki: I think that impending doom gives one a light and free feeling.... Its very liberating, and makes life all the more vivid.
Bethany: So does drinking moldy eggnog.

First order of bidniz: A Happy Birthday to Ryuutchimalfoy!! We're drinking champaign in your honor!

Aro: Namely because I wanted to get into the New Year's alcohol early and needed a good excuse.
Lex: Hope its non-alcoholic....don't hurt me Dio!!! XD

I drink a toast to you, I drink a toast to the New Year, I drink a toast to the old year, and I drink a toast to Bragi. .....So I hope you're happy now that I'm smashingly drunk! ^^

Loki: ^_^ Cup of Vows this ain't.

Ahhhhh, the wonderful sounds of my dog attacking my little sisters....I love the screaming...XD Demon dog, I swear...and that damned cat Simba, who's quickly earning a right to call him many many names, keeps thinking he's the cutest thing ever whilst wreaking havoc in my room and being a general pest. Hmmm, and people wonder where my Loki got his personality....

Loki: My personality's based off a *cat*????
MaoMao: *purring* Welcome to my world, sugar. >^.^<

Just picked up the latest Rising Stars of Manga....and am both inspired and despressed. I wanna be in it...yet my artwork isn't NEARLY up to par with half these contestants.....T_T I'm best off self-publishing, yet parts of me are screaming for me to at least try. I don't know...the deadline for the June issue is this March....but....yeah. I wouldn't know where to start or which characters/story to use. I just don't think I'm cut out for it, being nationally published. Comaired to the likes of Chou-chan, Sahana, Eve-chan and even my Kois Ryochan and Fox, I pretty much suck. Sometimes I feel like my drawing ablilities, for all the years I've tried to hone them, simply aren't good enough. Stories I have an excess, but talent to pull it all off....well, its in something of a short supply for me. Then again, I don't do it for money, I may do it for recognition, but I guess I mainly do it all for the love of the art. I can't live without a sketchbook (little more than a college ruled notebook) and a Papermate .5 lead mechanical pencil. Maybe I can't make a living off it like my mom wants me to, but....well, with out my constant compainions like Rya, Aro and Loki, I guess I'd be less of a person than anyone else. Bottom Line: I wanna be recognized so I can show those naysayers that I AM someone, and I want to share the worlds where my characters live so that they can feel just as complete as I do.

Sate, enough wallowing in the muck, its time to partay!! Like its....um...never mind. *points* You all should go out and read the Kindaichi Files!!!! Damn good series, even if I never can tell who did it. To a detective who's taller than me!! *raises glass*

Aro: *w/ glass* And doesn't wear shorts?
Syndelin: Please, if he wore shorts, he couldn't keep that "mouse" in the "house".
Loki: Which seems to please most of you fangirls just fine.
Hermod: *pouncing on Loki* Yay! What are we toasting to???
Dio: *watching the boys* Underaged shonen ai snogging, apparently.
Loki: I'm so out of here.
Rya: Sucks being one of the only straight males here, ne, Loki-kun?
Loki: I AM the only straight male. Raz doesn't count. He's the only straight corpse.
Lolita: Unless you count Drag Zombie.
Raz: I AM NOT wearing those fuck-me boots, so forget about it.
Loki: Actually....that might be interesting.
Lolita: *smiling* It is.

Okay guys, let's save the partying for later tonight. I'm sure there will be another post just before the ball drops....Because the whole kissing thing may be a little awkward....

Raz: What, so we're kissing all the straight girls??
Loki: No, I AM.
Aro: So Loki gets to pimp. I don't see how that's different than any other day.
Loki: Says the bi male who's planning on macking out w/ every other guy here.
Aro: ^_^ I love you too, Loki-kun.

^^;;, So catch ya later, ne? Minna-san!!

*Till the ball drops, Lunies!*

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

My Computer is Making Kingdom Hearts Sounds...

Clio's Word of the Week:
X(?)-- In fanfictions w/ pairings and/or sex, X means "by" (ie, 1X2, or Heero by Duo); the name that preceeds is usually the seme and the name that follows X is usually the uke.

Star Ocean has been delayed in that Defiance called to me once again.....can't help it, I love Raziel and Kain.

Raziel: I am a badass mother fucker, am I not.
Kain: I certainly hope not.

For those on Tsu.nu's forum (which I think is now private), you've prolly heard that now I'll be making chibi dolls as a way to fund myself. No, I'm noy like Liltichan, cuz she r0x0rs at eBay, but Ryochan and I'll be putting some dolls up for sale. No piccys of them yet, but if you have seen my handiwork, then you'll know what to expect. Following dolls are currently in production:
*Kenshin & Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin)
*Naruto (duh, Naruto)
*Zoro (One Piece)
*Sakura Kinomoto (Tsubasa Reservoir)
*Samara/Sadako (The Ring and Ringu respectively)
*Trunks (Dragon Ball GT)
*And possibly, as its been started, Bridget (Guilty Gear XX)
I'm not including ones that have already been made as gifts for certain ppl....(ya'll know who you are). BTW, the Ring girls will have a cardboard TV and well as bonus accessories and will have to be sold w/in the week they are made because I don't want them in my house. ^^;;

I also have a lone Loki doll but I have a feeling I'm not giving him up either because A) he's isn't up to my normal standards (some minor faults), and B) he's just so damned cute. No, Aise, I am NOT molesting it. That's just wrong....and besides its made of felt and far too tiny, and no, Starherd and Ryuutchimalfoy, I do NOT make them anatomically correct. Be-heh, I'm thinking of making Sam and Frodo ones....but the detail on their costumes is far beyond my capabilities.

Diz: ^_^ Chibis are shibby.

Anyone know why the blog post thing is different for Macs and PCs? I can't check the calander thing in the post area on my Mac cuz it doesn't exist. Moogle-man, I think you may have an answer.... Whelp, better get back to work, so I'll catch ya later, w/ one more post before the new year/apocalypse! YATTA!

*till next time...if the world doesn't blow up, Lunies!*


Monday, December 29, 2003

Pre-post Apocalyptic Report

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"I like how Elijah Wood said the battle at Minas Tirith made the battle at Helm's Deep its bitch."
--Commenting on how nice the battle was, after watching the epic end of the greatest trilogy in history.

Well, we still have some time before the world goes boom, as I always try to predict every year, since 1990. XD Nothing yet, but we're still over here trying to get Aro to open the gates of Eden, Rya and Co to seriously muck about with time/dimension/continuity, or for Loki and Heimdall to finally throw down and start Ragnarok, whilst Syndelin plans a late Y2K. Ph34raG3? Not quite, but close to it.

A resounding "HOLY MOTHER OF DOG" for the last Lord of the Rings movie, Return of the King. Had everything I needed to see, including Frodo kissing Sam. Yes, I mean it, but no, not in the way I want it to mean. XD

Raz: We all agree: it DID make Helm's Deep its bitch, that battle.
Lolita: And such lovely sets as well!

I'm glad I'm finishing the year with a DAMN good movie, as opposed to mediocre ones or terrible ones (*coughcoughGoldenLawscoughcough*) So we here at RanLune are very happy widgets. ^^

Christmas w/ the family was pretty cool. Got some stuff, but really nothing that most of you didn't hear about....XD Yes, I ended up in getting the cobalt GB Adv SP....no games for it exclusively yet, but I have been playing the Harry Potter game...dunno which one, and I've been cursing cuz Hogwarts is so damn big. XD Curses! And, yes, Hana, I am starting Star Ocean, as soon as I get a moment's peace....
One thing of note is this massive jewelry chest that my grandparents got me. This thing is freaking HUGE; about 1 1/2 feet by 2...in that neighborhood. Nice dark finish and side panels that lock for my necklaces. I dunno where I'm putting it but at least now I have a place for all my necklaces and other cosplay accessories.

I've been doing a lot of sewing, mostly finishing a certain someone's b-day present....^^;; (you know who you are) and making a variety of chibi dolls. Plan is to sell them on eBay and hopefully add to the almost non-existant "Funds for Dez's Cosplay Fund". XD Hey, I gotta finsh that Reiya costume...gimme a break, ne? Plus gotta do my costume from Bastard! if Ryochan would so kind to toss some images my way....XD

Whelp, more randomness to come, but now I have to get ready to go tackle Star Ocean, if nothing else bars my way...^^;; So catch ya'll later....

*Till next time, Lunies!*

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Friday, December 19, 2003


What's on Dez's Desktop: Duo blowing out Relena's candles; Dante packin' heat; some little pink thing I wanna eat XD XD.

Aro: Loki did something stupid.
Kozumi: Aw, man....
Loki: ^^;; Um, yeah....
Rya: And this is the last time we let you be in charge of posting....
Loki: So I hit some command keys I shouldn't have..... ^^;;;
Kozumi: I think this time we should actually *start* the post before it goes down again.
Rya: And this time, we're all high and hyper now.
Loki: XD Instead of all slow and turtle-like as before. Yeah, cuz....well, for those of you who didn't see the 1st post, which is prolly ALL of you.....
Aro: Espcecially cuz now we're retyping it.
Loki: I, uh, dunno how that happened.....
Rya: You touched keys.
Kozumi: Keys he should never have touched...XD
Aro: Instead of like downers, like we were on the fist time, we're more like we're on condensed Pixie Stix.
Kozumi: XD "Why, I'm the precocious Pixie Prince!"
Loki: .......Thank you for that lovely Dexter's Lab reference.... Ok, before I reset this all by hitting the wrong command keys, let's start the real post and start and I stop pushing buttons and breaking things.
Rya: I'm all for Loki not breaking things, or pushing buttons or frankly not doing anything. Hi, I'm Rya li St. John.
Aro: I'm Aro of Swords.
Loki: I'm the Trickster God Loki.
Kozumi: And I am Kozumi....who appearently has no last name.
Rya: We could always give you one.
Kozumi: No, cuz then you'd start calling me "Little Girl-man Kozu" and I'd really prefer to leave that as my forum nick.
Aro: I think that should be Loki's name.

Yes, this morning I had a little adventure. My glasses, which usually rest in a shelf attached to the head of my bed, took a little trip. Under my bed, which, for those who don't know, is so messy it probably harbors a tribe of pygmies, which would explain why I keep losing socks. Anyway, since my eyesight is something like less than 20/200 (making it illegal for me to drive w/o glasses), trying to find them is a labor in itself. Well, thinking I was screwed, I strmed into the bathroom in hopes that maybe I'd left them there during the night on a bathroom run. No luck, but I noticed that my temporary contect lenses were theere, so I spent the better part of the morning trying to get the damn things IN my eyes, and then another half an hour tearing my bed apart to find them, which I did frankly. But with all the hell I went throughi decided to leave the contacts in, which would explain why the first post we did went South.

Loki: Couldn't see the right command keys....XD

Yes, well, now I can see, now that they've been in for awhile. So we won't have to do a repeat performance of the above.

Aro: Or RanLune Post Going South: Part Deux.

Other than that, for lack of a post, that may be it. Um, I've gotten questions about what's going to happen to everyone's favorite source of random lunacy during the break.

Loki: Well, the answer is, we don't know, and we don't care because we don't love you.

*dropkicks Loki* Um, well, while we don't know, its certainly not because we don't care that posts may slow to a crawl. With all of us going to Vallejo and then Manteca for the holidays, we don't know when the next time it will be before the next post. We're not sure how Blogger's "post by phone" thing goes, but it probabaly couldn't support more than 1 member of RanLune at a time. Or Ryochan may bust in with her mad skillaz and her brand of lunacy. Either or. So we'll try to keep you updated, though this may be the last post until we get to a reliable, internet-ready comp. So try to bear with us, and keep checking back for a new post, okay?

And now, for the arbitrary holiday greetings:

Aro: Merry Christmas!
Rya: Happy New Year!
Loki: Happy Hannukah, especially to Aise, Poe-chan, Jonathan, and Ryuutchimalfoy.
Rya: Um.....well, we don't know anyone who celebrates Ramadan directly, but have a great one nevertheless.
Kozumi: *reading paper* Um, happy Boxing Day.....Kwanzaa.....Life Day....the Apocalypse....and for you Geeks, Kurt at the Pope.org. I think we got most of them, at least the ones we know off the top of our head....
Loki: And Yule, don't forget Yule, though I may be the only one actually celebrating it.
Rya: Life Day....?
Syndelin: Well, I'm celebrating it, so yeah.
Aro: XD Syn's partying down with the Wookies.
Kozumi: Loki, you mean Winter Solstice?
Loki: Yeah, that too. I'm using every holiday as an excuse to party, get drunk, and basically have a great time this winter.
Aro: Amen, brother. *high fives*
Rya: Its a season for Pagan Deities this year.....and religeious holidays.
Kozumi: And please don't flame us for forgetting one.
Loki: Ah, flames, so nice to warm yourself by. And spam, the gift that keeps on giving....
Syndelin: So, Happy Life Day, Yule, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Kurt the Pope, Boxing Day, New Year, Apocalypse.

*Happy Holidays, Lunies!*

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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Um....Cuz Somethings Are Better Left Unpornolized.....

I just ran Random Lunacy through Pornolize.com.....and all I can say is Oh. My. God. There are some things on there I'm not willing to say or type....XD

So for the curious (AND THE OVER 18), here it is. I'm not linking it, I'm just putting it here. If you REALLY wanna see it, just cut and paste.


Ah...wait, some of this is in....well, for your Scandinavian/German/whatever readers, yeah.... I'm sure SOME Nordic entities here really get what some of this really sez......

Loki: O_O Ok, that's even farther than I like to go. I'm really sorry I can read this.....

So ya. Pornolize.com: cuz you're bored, and we can. Thank You.

*Till next time Lunies....if I haven't scared you all off, that is.....*


Creme Savers Will Kill Us All!!!

Clio's Word of the Week:
Oi (interj)-- Japanese word for Hey!

What's on Dez's Desktop: Kain of Defiance kicking ass w/ the Soul Reaver; The G-boys of Gundam Wing posing on a red couch (yum); Raziel at the various Reaver forges of SR2.

Sorry about the not-posting but x-mas shopping is murder. Especially parking. So if you hear about that body in the delta.....

I had a scary death-defying thing happen to me yesterday. I woke up late, per usual, so I decided to stay in bed for a bit.....

Aro: As it was a tid bit nipply, and it was breast to turn up the hooter.
Dio: *kicks him in the shins* Baka.

I had a bag of strawberry Creme Savers and a small pic for Ragnatropolis I wanted to finish. So I put 2 and 2 together and started to draw, feasting on the creme savers. Well, after a bit, I took a break and picked up vol 6 of Star Ocean: Second Story, cuz I needed to look at Leon's costume (sooooo cute! yes, I think I do have a thing for the younger male set ^^;;). So I'm lying back, w/o a care in the world, sucking on this candy, andI accidently swallow it. It was a reletively new piece so it was pretty big. Well, the first thing that strikes my head is: "Shit, you're choking." I sit up, and try to swallow this vile thing, which fortunately was in my mouth long enough to be swallowed whole. It took awhile and a few times I thought it was gonna cut off my air supply, but I stayed reletively (and surprisingly) calm throught the entire affair. All the while, my granny was in the living room asleep. I dunno if that's irony or what.....><
Well, since i'm typing this, you know that I didn't end up dying, but I did piuck up a few bits of valuable info: 1) Eating candy in bed will do more than make you dream about pain-loving psychotic dentist dominatrixes (see vol 2 of Pet Shop of Horros and vol 1 of Matentei Loki Ragnarok for further analysis), 2) Never lie down when eating, 3) Creme Savers are evil and will kill us all, much like cookies (and not the holiday, edible ones), 4) The Gods must be crazy....and laughing like hell, and 5) I am a dumbass. That is all.

Sate! In other news, shopping's a bitch! Hey, for all you who know that I am a) less than a normal girl, and b) a bit of a tomboy or just one who likes to dress as a boy (>.>), you'll be surpised to know I bought something *for myself* at Sephora. For those who don't know what Sephora is, its a make-up store, w/ lotsa hi-priced make-up. NO, I did not buy actual make-up....-_- Hey, just because I'm wearing more pink these days doesn't mean I'm taking to wearing foundation and eye-liner. I dun like it....no sirree. But I did end up in getting some face cleanser and moisteruizer for my face since peple I know cringe at the thought of washing their fae with soap. I gotta really bad complexion and if this stuff helps, well, all power to it. I feel like one of those reformed guys on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. XD

Whelp, that's about it, gotta go work on my Secret Santa stuff and sew.....>.> He he, my fingers are bleeding.....@_@ Maybe I need more sleep. So see ya'll later.

*Till next time, Lunies!*

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I'm So Happy I Could Dance Around Like a Fruit

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"I'm so happy I could kick you in the nuts."
--What a friend wrote in my yearbook, Sophomore year.

What's on Dez's Desktop: Tsuzuki Asato montage; Kain and Raziel whuppin' ass and takin names; Dante, DMC hottie

YA-YAR! FINALS BE OVER FOR MEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Whoo-hoo! No more stressing! I'm so happy I could kick you in the nuts! *kicks Duo in the nuts* I'm on such a high today....so if things are a bit more random this time around, blame the termination of Fall 03 finals....

Bought Kodocha vol 10....T_T Oh my God, it was so sad! But it all works out in the end!!! YAY! ^^ I love Kodocha! Great series and if any of you haven't read it, I suggest you do because its a great roller coaster, tear at your heartstrings, laugh til your stomach hurts manga ride you'll never forget! Whee! I love Sana! And read "Mansion of Water" when it comes out too! With all the hell Sana and co. went through, they'd better do a manga about the movie....XD

Party time!!! Can't wait for this weekend!! Man, its gonna be a rush! PROPS!

Raziel: *pumping fist into air* PROPS!
Aerith: ^^ Now don't go pulling a muscle dear!

*dances around like a fruit* Yatta! Yatta! Yatta!!! *Yatta dance* XD HEY! For those on Tsu.nu forums, check out Tunak Tunak Tun! Its freakin' hilarious! And if possible, find the original video!!! I smell a random skit brewing......

Loki: Nope, its just my poisoned coffee---er, I mean my christmas coffee!
Aelys: If I hear that damned song one more time.....
Syndelin: *puts song on loop and runs*
Aelys: .......There's goes our chirstmas goose!!! *runs after her with katana*
Aro: Let's all do the dance! "Tunak Tunak Tun. Tunak Tunak Tun. Tunak Tunak Tun. Da da da!!!"
Loki: XD XD XD And all you readers are unlucky to not being able to see this..... Shake it, Dead Boy!
Rya: Or lucky as the case may be on our end....XD
Coleco: Could be worse....we could be looping The Penis Song....
Rya: Can we say that on the radio?
Loki: This isn't radio.
Syndelin: Its the INTERNET, dude. We can say anything.
Loki: Its all right, she already said "nuts". No holds barred.
Rya: XD Can we say that?
Loki: YES! We can say that! And that's good.
Coleco: ^^ We're having a good post today....

Well, better wrap up the madness.....XD I'll prolly post tomorrow.... But we're not exactly sure about what's going to happen to everyone's favorite ranting post during the holidays. So keep up to see what may happen....maybe Ryochan'll torure you guys w/ more quiz posts....XD L8r, Lunies!

*Til next time Lunies!*

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Dead Day: Fall 2003

What's on Dez's Desktop: Kamui (X) and Chii (Chobits) blowing bubbles; Aerith Gainsborough summoning Holy.

Clio's Word of the Week:
Facevault (n): Facial expression of shock or surprise; usually involves the lower jaw dropping down several inches, in such a way that is usually physically impossible.

Winter brings Chirstmas longing, depression, and general bitchyness from school, drama or finals. Boy am I glad I don't have any of that now! XD XD Not a complete lie, yet right now I'm feeling pretty chipper, despite I need to finish a speech that's in shambles right now.
Dead Day today and I'm fulfilling that by blogging in my pajamas at 12:30 in the afternoon. =P Whee! Most of the morning was basically reading any and all the mangas within reach of my bed (Star Ocean, Detective Conan, MaLoki, Yami no Matsuei, and Ringu; ha, such aa lovely collection!), stealing x-mas cookies from my granny (waaaaiiiiiii, oishi! It smells so delicious here!), and reading up on various peoples' blogs and forums (wherein the bitchyness reigns, at least in the high schoolers' ones, and the finals whining in the college students' XD). Productive in the social way, ut definently not in the academic. Boku wa lazy. Hai desu.

Working on a small endevour for fanfics, a scintillating romp through anime genres and generally parodying "I Love the 80's" VH1 special. Bring several anime characters together to talk about anime genres and really let it go! Finished transcripts for the following categories may be found on fanfiction.net eventually: Magical Girls, Shoujo Drama, Detectives, the Many-Girls-Surrounding-One-Guy-And-They-All-Want-Him plots, and my personal favorite--Shonen Ai. Remember: if everytime you go out and someone dies, your friends will stop bringing you places. XD

SF trip officially cancelled on the grounds that I bitched enough about it. XD Seriously, the whole thing was far too much strain on all of us and we all decided it was far better to party down at Chou's the 20th, playing Mario Kart/Party. And we're gonna party like its 199---

Aro: Hold up, it already was.
Lex: "Here it comes, another year! New millenium, Will-enium...."
Aelys: Hey Lex c'mere. *Lex obliges, and Aelys kicks him in the shin* That's for the terrible Will Smith impression.
Lex: X_X
Syndelin: ....^^;;; *turns down Will Smith music*

I'm thinking of getting a Deviantart account, but my computer's finiky and refuses to acknowledge a scanner connected to it. So, for those who live in my general vicinity AND have a scanner AND would be willing to scan in some of my art work, I would love you to pieces if you'd help me. No, Aise, not YOUR kind of loving and no, you are not eligable for this. ^^;;;; Don't eat me.

Well, better wrap up. I see good things for you Lunies soon, so stay tuned, ok?

*Till next time Lunies!*


Monday, December 08, 2003

O_o Finals.....~~~

What's on Dez's Desktop: Raziel and...Raziel...Full circle; Loki from MaLoki w/ wings (opening); Lord Kain, Doll Reaver

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"Ah, hentai...sweet nectar of the Gods...."
--Thor, when overhearing Loki talking about the hentai doujinshi he'd bought for Aina.

O_o OMG. I just finished my art final, a 11 page romp through breaking fourth walls and a collection of my comic characters messing with the author (me). I figure it took around 18-20 hours, bleeding calluses, cramped hands, and India ink all over the place to complete. XD But its done, and the last hurdle to clear besides final exams (of which I have ONE XD) is my speech for Thursday. I'm almost done!!! Whee!

In other news, Traykor-san has left the state, all gradumated (XD) and everything, working down in Yuma (unless I'm wrong). I sent her off with a pkushie of Shannon from Scrapped Princess, and funnily enough, her gift to me was an Ecchan plushie. XD I can stretch it sideways and wear it on my head. Its my lil marshmallow demon tentacle shikigami! ^_^ And its PINK, and for those who haven't seen me in awhile, I wear obscene amounts of pink. So it makes me happy.....XD ^__________^ Punyaaaaaan!!

X-mas shopping be hell, but at least Chou-chan's Secret Santa thingy for her party makes the gift buying more easy on us as we're not obligated to buy gifts for anyone else except our secret santa (at least those who are going to the party). My person's getting a chibi, so whee for them. I still hafta get some last minute gifts, for ONE person in particular, and she knows who she is. XD

SF trip coming up, and its gonna be frickin COLD. Oh well, shopping at Kinokuniya and giving them hell is what I'm looking forward to. That and Taiyaki. ^^ No, kiddies, do not feed the shinigami godling. XD

Not much else to write about, so I'd better get back to wrapping--

Aro: When ah was walkin'--
Rya: Aro. You are strictly forbidden from rapping.
Syndelin: Aawwwwww, yeah.
Rya: Syn, however, may rap all she wants.
Lex: C'mon Cho, kick a def rhythm for us.

Riiiiiiight.....Thanx guys for the idiocy. Sate, catch ya all on a later date!

*Till next time, Homies! XD*

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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Caaaaaan You Feel the Looooove Tonight?

What's on Dez's desktop: Osaka from Azumanga Daioh charging Yomi's good-luck-on-exams charm; sugar-shocked cuteness from Mythical Detective Loki, chibis included.

Speeches are close to finished goodness and tonight's the last Tsunami Anime club meeting, pizza and raffle abound. Sakura Taisen movie tonight, meaning that I will be without MaLoki for the winter break, unless my BitTorrent thing starts working.....-_- Ah, saving anime on a 30 gig iPod: that's bliss. XD At least its not my porn. XD XD

For the record, oyaku means parent and child. Meaning the preview for Ep. 9 of MaLoki made sense in a sort of odd way. Even if it was by Mayura and Yamino. Oyaku don. Snakes. Gods. Yeah, it all makes sense in MY head. I think I'm the only one who got that.....

The first 2 4-koma for Electric Boogaloo are finished....in a notebook, for lack of anything to to in geology class, as my poster is done and our presentation is Tuesday. Go Coleco! Go Atari! Whee!

Anyone wanna send me some pics of Shannon Casull from Scrapped Princess before Friday? I'm maming a chibi for Traykor-san, since she is leaving for Arizona after graduation. I need some good ones so I can make an accurate doll.

I just recently saw a video of someone beating Super Mario Bros. 3 in 11 minutes. O_o OMFG, it was incredible! He never got hit once and even scored one hell of a lot of extra lives by just leaping from one enemy to another. Man, it was freakin EXCELLENT! Whoo! And not surprisingly, it was a Japanese gamer. Japanese gamers are, without a doubt, l33t and are the most 31337 of anyone I know. One day, I will be such a gamer---for NiGHTS: into dreams, as I love that game to death! Well, I would but SOMEone neglected to return my cables so I can't play it....T_T I should be getting replacements soon, so here's to a working Sega Saturn in the near furture!

Sate. Gotta bounce, Lunies. I've got a meeting with an advisor to see if I can score anymore art classes (fingers crossed!). So catch ya on a later date!

*Till next time Lunies!*

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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

And You're All Welcome to Bite Me

Clio's Word of the Week:

Angst (n)--Anxiety, heartbreak, agony; usually used when describing what characters go through in some fanfics.

Welcome to another installment of Random Lunacy. Today, we'll be talking about finals. Finals are evil. Ne, Loki-kun?

Loki (nodding sagely): Ne.

Bethany, our Manga Muse agrees, since she also is going through finals, w/ a project looming in the near future. Thank god she's possessed by an entire manga ring. XD XD Sate! Finals sux0r! Fortunately, my last Geology lab was today, and I'm done w/ that. I still have the lecture, and then there's my speech which needs to be finished by Friday. Good thing it's on something I know well: video games and violence. Woo.

Well, we've put off her arrival long enough, so with out further ado, we present our newest member: Coleco Vison.

Coleco: ^_^ I'm so happy to finally be here!
Rya: Welcome to the team, Coleco.
Syndelin: I even updated the stat bar to include her. ^^ Go me!
Loki: Wow, so you finally got off you ass to update it?
Syndelin: Don't make me hurt you, Loki.
Aro: So, Coleco, tell us a bit about yourself.
Coleco: Well, I'm from a small town called Console where nothing extraordinary ever happens, I can travel through televisions, I like cute things, the 80's r0x0r my b0x0rs, and the comic series I hail from is a 4-koma that's 1 part FLCL, 2 parts Azumanga Daioh, and 3 parts Neo Black 9, the early years.
Rya: And its called Electric Boogaloo.
Diz: O_O She even speaks l33t! I love her!
Loki: She'll fit in nicely.
Coleco: ^_^ And for my first order of business--*dropkicks Loki*
Loki: >< HEY!
Aro: Yeah, she definently fits in.

So welcome Coleco, hope you balance everyone out....XD PROPS!

Whelp, since that sidebar took forever, I'd better wrap up. Especially since about 5 things happened while posting. Joyness. So catch ya on a later date!

*Till next time Lunies!*

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Finals Are Evil......

What's on Dez's Desktop: Tsuzuki Asato and lyrics to Eden

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"I laugh in the face of damnation."
--Loki, on the wrath of Odin, Heimdall, and whomever else was pissed at him at the time.

-_- zzzzz...... Wha~~? Morning awready?? Wah.....too many final papers!!!! Ergh, and my final project for art is due Monday.... Already is looking like 9-10 pages of stright pen and ink on 11X14 Bristol paper. At least now I have a story....its just....odd. Any time the words "Do the Matrix" and "hot pink string bikini" are in a comic, is it cause for worry and wonder. Such is my life. -_-

I was gonna welcome our new member , but we've post-poned the event to a time when I'm not doing homework. She seems to understand...such a sweet girl, unlike SOME people I know.... *incriminating glare*

Loki: Whaaaaat~~? I'm not always evil. XD

Weather sux0rs lately. Too damned cold, and too windy. I'm thinking the big SF trip on the 13th's gonna be absolute HELL. Shopping season, traffic, and its goddamn COLD in SF....and I really didn't enjoy myself on the last excursion.... Yes, I'm bitchy over the cold. Can i help it? I'm a Californian. We're used to nice sunny weather.

Loki: You and your damn sunlight.
Aro: Don't be bitter cuz Scandinavia was cold as all sin. Count your blessings; its snowing in Iowa.
Loki: Yeah, but here....Sunny California.....XP
Aro: Hey~~.... Its not always sunny. ^_^ Sometimes there's wind.
Loki: XD, yeah and sometimes there's a lone cloud whisping by, and then the Air Force fighter jets are dispatched to shoot it down.
Aro: XD True.

I'm glad someone can be all patter right now. Boku wa hating Geology. Well, one week or so till the end of the semester so Woo-hoo. Pleh, I wanna party down before I freeze to death. Oh! While I'm still thinking of it, a HUGE congradulations to Traykor-san for graduating! And then she's off back to Arizona where its prolly a smidge warmer and she doesn't have to deal with Ah-nold. XD XD I think its safe to say that the other states are laughing at us, especially cuz they think now we're all gonna falll into the ocean. Which really isn't gonna happen, we're just gonna break off to hang w/ Hawaii. ........Alaska can come too. So yeah, before that tangent gets too odd, Congrats Traykor-san!!!!! =* *glomphuggles*
Warming up a bit, I'm gonna go get ready to talk about mass extinctions and then work on earthquakes till I throw up! ^^ Doesn't that sound fun???? -_- So yeah, catch ya all at a later date!

*Till next time Lunies!*