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Monday, April 26, 2004

How About This Heat?

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"I don't give a monkey's testicle...I'd give 2!"
--K-man's response to some odd quote or another.

What's on Dez's Desktop: Loki getting fawned over by high school girls; Kain leering over a building (BO2); Yami no Matsuei pancakes; Mio and Mayu at the lake.

Ack....how about this heat, Lunies? I know I said I love the heat...but holy cow.
Lex: Mooooo...
.....Thanx Lex. Know what heat means? POOL TIME FOR DEZZIE! ^^ I need a new swimsuit....

Costumes for Fanime are slowly getting done....I'm hoping that banking on my friend's seamstress was a good idea...I really hope I'm not overtaxing her. ^^;;; I really wish that either my sister or I sewed cuz that'd make cosplaying so much easier.

I've somewhat welcomed yet another Loki into the fold, this time cocky, stubborn and female.... Yes, this makes calling the lil norse god incredibly difficult when you have like 3 of them running around in the 3 hundred ring circus of my mind. So, Loki-chan, introduce yourself and come up with a new alias quick before I dropkick you too.

Loki-chan: Who's dropkicking who?? I'll be the one administering them, thank you very much.
Loki (Ragnatropolis): Riiiiiiiight. -_-6
Aro: Hey, cutie, wanna see which pantheon I'm in? I can really show you what being a god's like. *cue lecherous grin*
*Aro gets the crap beaten out of him*
Loki-chan: *dusting off hands* Anyone else want to hit on a Norse God?
Loki: I would but that might be considered narcissism. ^^
Sun Wukong: Um...Loki-chan?? Put that knife down....

Oooooohhh-no, I am NOT harboring the Monkey King in addition to a smart-mouthed female trickster god. He can go and live elsewhere.

Sun: I feel SO loved.
Lok-chan: Exactly. Everyone hates you anyway.
Loki: And people say I'm rude.

.........Right, well, I'll be working out the mechanics to this for awhile.... All you Lunies stay cool, ne?

*Till next time Lunies!*

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Side Effects May Also Include Overuse of the Word "Crunk"

Clio's Word of the Week:
Shikigami (n): Summon beast/familiar.

Summer's coming, Lunies. Get ready to break out the suntan lotion and scraping together $$ for a Wow Card cuz you're too cheap for a season pass at Great America. ^^ Those coasters are callin' me Lunies, as well as promises for the Tower of Terror at California Adventure.

Rya: Its time for fun in the sun, kiddos!
Aro: AKA Fanservice for all.
Rya: *kick*

As Final Fantasy 11 becomes more and more addictive, I decided that if I had the money and the time, I'd actually try it out. Only I'm not sure who'd I be, or what race. Being a sexy Mithra sounds fun, but gamers do say that Tarus have more fun.... Elvans are hot, and Humes are pretty well-rounded from what i hear. Eh, 6 o' one, 1/2 a dozen of the other, you know? I'm already up to my neck in RPGs so I think I'll have to sit this fantasy out. On the other hand...well, what do you Lunies think? Which race and sex? XD

Rya: There better not be any Britishing in this game.....
Loki: XD The party leader's a tory scum.

Riiiight. I'm short one girl for my photo project. Help on that will be needed.

Hot girls and Hookahs kick ass. Just so you know.

Anime club tonight so I'm cuttin' it short. BTW, I'm auctioning off a few of my "spare" Norse Gods, so anyone who'd like, say, a quick little messenger or a perhaps a fertility god can step right up. I'm starting out small, so who wants Vidar, son of Odin and destroyer of the wolf god Fenris? I start the bidding at a buck and a half and a 1/2 pound of chocolate. ^^

Loki: Ah~~ A woman after my heart.

*Til next time Lunies!*

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

May Cause Uncontrollable Bitchslapping

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"Liquid Ice...also known as water."
--Will Weaton, Best Week Ever

What's on Dez's Desktop: The leading ladies of Clamp in bathingsuits; The Ring logo; Mayu and Mio, the album.

Aro: Welcome to Random Lunacy.
Loki: Where We're feelin' the sudden urge to dance.....FROM THE WINDOW!
Aro: No more Best Week Ever for you.
Rya: Personally, from the recent week, I'd say that Fatal Frame is having the best week ever. Everything from Shojou Ai fanart, to the sudden popularity in the Linhof 5X7 camera, Fatal Frame is making rapid inroads in the populace.
Loki: We're lying, of course.
Aro: Of course.
Rya: And remember, Lunies: you're fired. *makes vague gestures across breasts like Britney Spears from the Toxic video*

Last night, a marathon reading of Koji Suzuki's "Ring" produced a smidge bit of fear of the TV and mirrors. Book review sometime this week.

Aro: We ph34r the TV. No camera's gonna save us from Sadako.... *shivers*

Quick post today, since "I Love the 70's" is one and I love those "I Love the XX's" shows. ^^ Much love to ya Lunies! Check out Kill Bill!

*Til next time Lunies!*


Sunday, April 18, 2004

I Still Say Daryl Hannah's Still Hot

What's on Dez's Desktop: Mio and Mayu as children; Wet Panto; Tsuzuki poking a penguin toy; Frank, the Sexiest Sluagh XD.

Well, I failed again, but I know what to improve on, so after May 15, I should have the license. ^^;; Soon, Lunies, soon.

So in order to lift mt dragging spirits, my friends and I partok in a warm family film: Kill Bill Vol. 2. ^^ Man, do I love action flicks. My only complaint about this movie was that since Vol 1 had a hell of a lot of action (the Crazy 88 scene alone tops gore, blood and action scenes in most movies), the drama-filled, exposition sequel dragged on just a bit because of all the story that had to be resolved before Vol 2 ended. I'm not saying it was boring, but it had a lot to follow up with after Vol 1, and there was significantly less action. Nonetheless, Pai Mei fucking rocks. Remember that, Lunies; old Chinese martial arts teachers just freakin' rock.
Not to give too much away, but my favorite scene was when the Bride finds out she's pregnant and the action hilarity that ensues. All I have to say is that those pregnacy test makers need to make the instructions more clear. XD
And its odd but this is the first Tarantino flick I've actually cried at. But I cry even at certain commercials, so maybe I'm weird...XD

Aro: I wanna Hattori Hanzo sword....^^

Since Daddy brought home The Princess Bride on DVD, I'm hoping to hear the phrase "As you wish" less often. Any violators of this new wish will be promptly shot and dropkicked.

Loki: For once, its not me....^^;;

Oh, for my new photo project, I need around 6 people to help. Details soon to be fortcoming, but suffice it to say it WILL be Fatal Frame like. ^^

Sate! Who wants to take me to see Hellboy and Van Helsing (when it comes out)? And all you lunies into SciFi keep your peerpers peeled for the new version of I,Robot featuring Will Smith. Feels like a great summer for action flicks. ^^ Can't wait.

*I'm gonna Kill Bill, Lunies*


Thursday, April 15, 2004

Fruit Works Faux Pas

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"Yeah. But no, Dez....I need a penis."
--My friend Tamago, after considering the logic behind my reasons for bisexuality.

Clio's Word of the Week:
SAT (n): (1) Satan's Aggrevating Testing. ^^ ; (2) A modern torture device used against high school students before applying to college.

What's on Dez's Desktop: How to H in Ragnarok Online; Think Different Lain Mac ad; Mio holding Mayu by the lake.

Another week, another dollar....ch, I wish. So, how has the week been going? Normal.....which is odd to say the least...

EXCEPT! For something that happened Monday. It was lunch break for a few of us: Tamago, Inuki, Chou-chan, Lostnomad, Yilan(^^), Monkey King, and myself.... The egg, monkey and I had just gotten back from Subway w/ foodage as usual. Tamago had a Fruit Works (bottled juice for those outta the loop) and I wanted some, so I whined and made my motions of begging to get it. Inuki apparently wanted some too, so when I handed the bottle back to Tamago, I gave it to Inuki first. I turned back to Monkey for some verbal abuse or something along those lines, when i hear this strange sound from behind me and Lostnomad cracking up. I turn back to the 3 behind me (Egg, Dog, and Yilan) to see Tamago wiping off his glasses and Inuki looking quite shocked.

Appreantly what had happened was as Inkuki was taking a drink, Tamago was trying to make him laugh and as he choked, he spit everything he had in his mouth at the egg and Yilan. XD XD XD XD Yilan was hit but good ol' yellow egg took the brunt of it. I was laughing for almost 10 minutes, and that's after I'd heard what happened. Imagine how long I'd be cracking up if I'd actually seen it happen. XD So yeah. Fruit Works is funny now. Ph34r teh Fruit Works.

Last night my father, sister and Tamago and I all sat down for family time to watch a family movie: Kill Bill Vol. 1. XD XD Yes, my family is one that considers Quentin Tarentino movies family movies. Great flick, it was a trip to see Uma Thurman kick so much ass. The time inconsistencies were a bit of a stretch (even to me) but the kick ass fight scenes were enough for me to say it was pretty neat. Syndelin's movie reveiw on it soon to be forthcoming, after seeing Kill Bill Vol. 2 if I'm lucky this Saturday.

Speaking of Sat, wish me luck (again) on the driver's test. This time I'll hopefully pass it. ^^;;

And with a dropkicking of a certain Norse God:

Loki: >< OW!!!

--I bid you all good night. After all, Anime Club's tonight and there's a double dose of MaLoki. ^^ As well there should be cuz its getting angsty as the series closes. That and Scrapped Princess. So, ja ne Lunies!

*Til next time, Lunies!*


Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Pagan Fertility Rites Day

What's on Dez's Desktop: Loki & Ecchan (Mac sided); Miku Hinasaki and the Camera Obscura; Sae and Itsuki chatting pleasantly; Yugi and Yami Yugi on the Moon.

Fisrt off, big Happy Birthday to Tsubasa (Ryori)!! Welcome to the 20's dear!! Hope the party r0x0rd.

Happy Easter/Passover to evryone else. I painted eggs!! Ne, ne, Ostara! Kirei ne?

Ostara: ^^ Kirei.

On another cool note: I HAVE FINISHED THE SPIRIT LIST AND CONQUORED MISSION MODE!!!!!! I have the Gothic Lolita outfits!! Mio has a butterfly tattoo on her chest/neck/clavicle area and has blond hair and blue eyes. Mayu's costume is prettier tho...^^ I love those costumes. And might I say that Mission 21 is a BITCH. Stupid kids....>< Kono gaki. Anyway, just wanted to rejoyce cuz those missions are freakin' HARD.

Well, that's all I needed to drop a line for.... Ne, Koi I mss yoooouuuuu!! Tiga-tiga! >^_^< Everyone have a good holiday, ne?

*Happy Easter Lunies!*

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Wanna Die?

Clio's Word of the Week:
Yurei (n): (dim/hazy/faint spirit) The spirits/souls of dead people who linger on earth because they have unfinished business. In most stories, yurei are female and usually are seeking revenge. Yurei are said to appear between 2am and 3am, usually appear in white, and usually do not possess legs.
--From Beyond the Camera's Lens, Ghost Section

I have eyeball cancer! I love March birthdays!

To my wonderful persocom/AICA Clio, congrats to you and the staff at Psychic Cafe on the A+. But then...you all prolly saw THAT coming, didn't you?

Chester. ^^ Of course.

Nothing much to report, lunies, as things are a mite slow. Oh, for those who've noticed my inadvertant Mayu gimp impression, I'm fine. The bruise is healing fine, and I don't think the toe is broken, like my dear FATHER (><) suggested. Moogle-man, Sano: XP. ^^ j/k

Fanime's coming, so all you cosplaying otaku better get ready!! Its gonna be a hoot! XD XD XD Tho it seems like hell trying to keep a group together, not to mention finishing costumes. I have a total of 2, read it, 2 costumes finished, and its for the same chara! >< If school wasn't in my way, I'd be finishing....bleh. When I learn to sew decently, this should all go smoother. Hopefully.

Whelp, that's about it....gotta get back to the sweat shop of homework...tho that won't be stopping me from chatting at the same time....^^;; Sate! Ikimasho! Or whatever!

*Abenobashi will pwnx0r j00.....ph34r teh 3v!l*

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Monday, April 05, 2004

Ah, Young Love....

Kozumi's Quote of the Week:
"I have eyeball cancer."
--Unless you've seen "My Sassy Girl" and then saw the parody, this will NOT make sense.

Aro: And wellllcome to Cafe RanLune, your sweet, mellow place for rants and randomness.
Loki: We're your hosts, Aro and Loki.
Aro: You've just heard the latest single from The Lords of Vallhalla, "I'm Sorry I Saw Your Sister Naked".
Loki: XD And just before that was "Drop Kick Me, Jesus, Through the Goalposts of Life."
Aro: Next up we'll have Dell the Funky Homosapian and quite possibly the bearing of another breast.
Loki: Um, dude, this is...well, we could always link it....XD
Aro: Possibly pix of a recent wardrobe malfunction.
Loki: OMG, Dio's gonna have your head for that. ^^;;
Aro: Its a PG-13 rated segment today...I guess. XD
Loki: In local news, stuff happened. And now to weather. Rya?
Rya: Look forward to pleasant weather all this week. Unless you're at home, then the weather's gonna suck. Loki?
Loki: LOL Thanks Rya. For sports, we go to our sprots correspondant, a quadrapeligic midget on a pony.
Aro: WTF?
Quadrapeligic Midget on Pony: Baseball season opened today, so all you gun crazy hunters better keep an eye out for the lil buggers. Back to you guys in the studio.
Aro: ........WTF? XD
Loki: And now, more random lunacy. Have a nice day. And die.

Love.... Straight from Tsu..nu, a love affair that make your love life seem perfect. ^^;; Click Me...u kno u wanna!

I own around a hundred manga volumes....that's bad. ^^;;

So, if anyone would like to send me tasty pix of random bishonens, I'd really appreaciate it! ^^ Catch ya on the flip side, since I forgot what i was gonna write about...^^;;;

*Til next time, Bunnies!*


Sunday, April 04, 2004

More Fun Than Your Obligatory Monkeys

What's on Dez's Desktop: Sae, the Repentence; Loki & Heimdall; Aro & Kage; those yummy Shinigami from YamiMatsu.

What's Spinning in Byakko: Hi-Ho, by Hide; real Emotion, by Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi; some Final Fantasy remixes, including Celes' Theme, Aerith's Theme, and Cid's Theme; Its the End of the World As We Know It, by REM; various anime openings, including Hikaru no Go, Matantei Loki Ragnarok, and Ranma 1/2; Fatl Frame sound bites (creepy o_o).

*snuffles* Bah, I hate allergies. They make me feel all "bleh". >< If any of you were trying to reach me and didn't, its cuz I felt bad all weekend, and I was at a friend's house Friday, jamming to Karaoke Revolution, which BTW, was recently purchased by my lil sisters this weekend as well. Fun game, if you don't mind watching your virtual audience hold thier ears in pain...XD Not that I was the one doing the inflicting of said terrible voice, but yeah. I want to say that REM's End of the World is friggin' harder than Dee Laytner trying to get into Ryo McClean's pants...XD Same goes for One Week by the divine Barenaked Ladies.

So yeah. That was my weekend.... And to a certain Monkey King...if you're reading the blog, leave a comment, willya? Makes me feel fuzzy when I get comments. Lookit Aise. ^^;; So yeah. Comment, damn you!

The greatest and best song in the world is Tribute. Feel the power, meat.

And to finish, Syndelin's Lyrical Checkpoint!

Syndelin: Hey kiddies! Let's check out some lyrics from Jimmy Eat World's "Sweetness", off their "Bleed American: album! Please forgive the unusual format, as all we worked off of was the track itself, sans booklet or otherwise. ^^;; Lyric Checkpoint!


Are you listening?
Sing it back
(and oh)
String from your tether unwinds
(string from your tether unwinds, oh oh)
Up and outward
To bind
(But only to bind, whoa oh)

I was spinning free
With a little sweet
And simple numbing me

Are you listening?
Sing it back
Tell me what do I need
(tell me what do I need, whoa oh)
When words lose their meaning
(when words lose their meaning, whoa oh)

I was spinning free
With a little sweet
And simple numbing me
Stumble until you crawl
Sinking into sweet uncertainty

(Oh oh oh oh ooh)

(are you listening)
(are you listening)
If you're listening
(if you're listening, are you listening)
Sing it back
(if you're listening, are you listening)
I'm still running away
(i'm still running away, oh)
I won't play your hide and seek game
(i won't play your hide and seek game, oh)

I was spinning free
With a little sweet
And simple numbing me (yeah!)
What a dizzy dance
This sweetness will not
Be concerned with me
No, the sweetness will not
Be concerned with me
No, the sweetness will not
Be concerned with me

*Til next time, Lunies!*

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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Now Make Loki and Zozo Proud, Lunies!

April Fools R Us

Curses! Foiled again!

And if you need ideas....just don't pull the ones I'm pulling.

*Happy April Fools, Lunies*

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